From the Makers of Varsity Learning Tools - Best Education App - 2016 Appy Awards The science of physics is highly relevant and applicable to every aspect of students lives but that does not mean that it is easy to understand. However, the Varsity Tutors High School Physics app for iPhone and iPad helps students understand introductory physics and learn to approach solving its problems. In short, the free Varsity Tutors High School Physics app for iPhone and iPad can make studying for your physics class a breeze.

High School Physics Practice alternatives

Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering by GoLearningBus

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Physics X: College, AP, SAT and MCAT

Physics X is the most effective study tool for AP and intro college physics. It integrates free response questions, concise videos, quizzes, formula sheets, scratch pad and references to make the study process efficient, easy and mobile. Basically this app is helping me pass physics Sincerely pre dental-App Store Review

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Physics is a physics calculator which allows you to find:- Force, Mass and Acceleration- Momentum, Mass and Velocity of a moving object- Period and Frequency of a Pendulum- Distance, Time and Gravity- Pressure, Area and Force- Potential Energy- Kinetic Energy- Velocity, Wavelength and Frequency for Waves The app uses SI units. There is a pro version of the app which allows you to calculate everything in this version, as well as: - Universal Gravitation - Work, Force and Distance - Power, Work and Time - Rotational Inertia - And more. Also, check out Geometry for all your geometry formula calculations.

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GCSE Physics Prep Flashcards Exambusters

Choose from: GCSE Exam JUMBLE, GCSE Exam REVIEW, and GCSE Exam QUIZ. EXAMBUSTERS GCSE prep flash cards . Reviewing GCSE flash cards is the first step toward more confident GCSE exam preparation and ultimately, higher GCSE scores

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Newtonium - Physics Simulator

Newtonium is a powerful tool to solve physics problems. For those of you, who are having difficulties understanding and solving classical mechanics problems, this app is a huge help. Features:- create, load and save your models- change gravitation, friction, resistance or behavior during collisions- specify real world physical properties of all objects- use tools like springs, struts, and pulleys- units are converted automatically- set initial and final conditions- forces and velocities are displayed as arrows for each object- forces are described in detail- use the simulator to animate your model- display diagrams for objects in motion- verify conservation of energy or momentum

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