Run and jump avoid obstacle. How far can you go?

High School Adventure: The yandere girl simulator alternatives

Can You Escape Fate? An Escape the Room Game

When your brother mysteriously goes missing in 2016, its your job to go back and find him, no matter what the cost Can You Escape Fate is a trippy new bullet hell style dodge em up that combines fast paced combat with point & click room escape puzzles. Avoid blood-thirsty claw machines, failed lab experiments, greedy spirits, and befriend insane yandere souls in exhilarating bullet hell boss battles Between battles, solve tricky puzzles and creatively use items to escape the mysterious world of 2016 Will you spare the souls you meet or will you take the genocide route? Set time back in motion and resume the Zodiac Cycle by fighting your way to the New Year Note: Look forward to new characters and more endings in future updates

  • rating 4.78
  • size 46.9 MB

Schoolgirl Supervisor - Saori Sato - Wildlife

You are taking control of the Japanese high-school girl Saori Sato who has just become the Supervisor of Sayama Highschool and is respectful referred as Officer Sato. Enjoy an ordinary Japanese Schoolgirl Life Simulation Game with a mysterious storyline Let the Adventure begin Features Giant High School Map in Storymode (open world style) Amazing Graphics (Screenshots are taken from Real Gameplay Footage) Easy to use Dialogue System Unique Ideas, Briliant Settings, Incredible Storyline customizeable Avatar (+10 Millions of combinations to choose from) customizeable cat customizeable horse ego-mode for exploring and discovering hidden items ability to handcuff/tie up bad students (bullies) survival simulation (eat, drink, go to the restroom, feed sora and clean her toilet) loot treasures Sphere Skill Tree Level System complete unique Story, not just another Yandere Copycat Game and much more

  • rating 4.34426
  • size 463 MB

Ghoul Cosplay Dress-Up Games for Tokyo Vocaloid

Happy ClaSh Jump : The Flip YandERe WheEl DivInG rOYalE

How long can you stay without falling out or touch obstacles?Control characters run and jump overcome all obstacles. As overcome many will be many points.

  • rating 4.0
  • size 47.8 MB

Jimi-Kare : My Quiet Boyfriend

Turn your plain looking childhood friend into an attractive guy with special training What will he confess to you when hes changed?Since starting high school, you have seen your childhood friend who has become quiet and plain. However, you havent spoken to him in a few monthOne day, you and he, by chance, were elected as entrants of a beauty contest.Its going to be fine Trust me You decided to do some special training with him to win the contest Enjoyable factors*Free to download and play *Since this is an idle game, you can play even in short bursts whenever you have time *Your decisions will change the course of the story Included are four different endings *Complete all 14 still images and feel your heart-pound Jimi-Kare is a game for you if you like*Romantic films and love stories. *Please note that although sending emails is available 24/7, if it is sent after 7:00pm on a weekday, Sat, Sun or a Japanese national holiday, our reply will be slower or late.

  • rating 4.8156
  • size 57.7 MB