i-Spy Car is a APP for telecar control via WiFi protocoli-Spy Car function:1.Remote control telecar by iPhone/iPad/iPod.2.Display the real-time video which taken by the camera on the telecar,video data transmitted via 2.4G WiFi protocol.3.Take the photo and video record on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

i-Spy Car alternatives

VLC Streamer Free

Sit anywhere in your house and watch movies or TV shows on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. VLC Streamer streams movies from your computer to your iDevice. Enjoy

iSpy Cameras (Ad Supported)

iSpy Cameras allows you to view and control thousands of public video cameras from around the world in real-time from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Thank you for making iSpy Cameras one of the Top Paid Apps around the world iSpy Cameras has been a #1 Paid App in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Korea, and Croatia as well as the #1 Paid Entertainment App in Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia.iSpy Cameras was also one of the Top 10 Bestselling Paid Entertainment iPad Apps of 2010 Yes, the cameras are all LIVE Nothing is pre-recorded Check out this thread in our discussion forum for our responses to some of the more recent iSpy Cameras reviews: http://skjm.com/forum/index.php?topic=504.0 We have thousands of cameras in our database, with frequent updates to remove any cameras that may have temporarily gone offline. If you are looking to connect to your own private webcams and network cameras (and receive notifications on your iOS device when motion is detected) then check out our other applications, iCam Pro and iCam - http://skjm.com/icam/

  • size 25.2 MB

Rover 2.0 Wireless Spy Tank by Brookstone

NOTE: This app can only be used with the Rover 2.0 Wireless Spy Tank available at Brookstone stores and Brookstone.com. MAKE STEALTH YOUR MISSION. (Not really.)

  • size 5.8 MB