HiByMusicFree lossless HiFi audio player. Easy to use, clean and clear. 10 band graphic EQStay tuned, more professional function will be added continually email: [email protected]: www.hiby.com


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Pure Player
Starling: lossless, equalizer and more
Music Flow Player
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Edity-Music & audio editor pro
Lossless Plus - High Quality FLAC Player
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HibyMusic alternatives

A high resolution music player - NePLAYER

NePLAYER is a music application which comes from an ease of use concept allows users to replay Hi-Res music in just a touch. Not only listen to music by hearing, but also enjoy Hi-Res audio visually. Please confirm supported models.


foobar2000 mobile is an advanced audio player for mobile devices. Main features:* Supported audio formats: MP3, MP4, AAC, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Musepack. * Appearance can be customized with skin files (basic black and white themes inlcuded with the app).

  • rating 4.65385

A high resolution music player - NePLAYER Lite

NewiPhoneXiOS9.0NePLAYER NePLAYER Lite()NePLAYER LiteNePLAYER() (1) iPhone()iPhoneNePLAYER LiteiPhone48kHz(2) iTunes(3)NePLAYER LiteDAC//appleLightningAL-LCH11AL-LCH21AL-LCH81AL-LCH91HP-NHL11HP-NHL21AL-LCS11/12(4) AirDropiPhoneAirDropMacMaciPhoneMaciPhoneOKiPhoneAirDropiPadiPod touchLightning(5) DSD11.2MHz()11.2MHzDSDDSD5.6MHz / DSD2.8MHzDoPPCMDSD11.2MHz352.8kHzPCMPCM32bit / 384kHz3(6)(AL-LCS11/12)32GB/64GB64GB4008,000AL-LCS11/12DAC(7)morae-onkyo musicOTOTOYNePLAYERWebNePLAYERNePLAYERmoraNePLAYER LiteApple Watch32bit/384kHz()11.2MHzDSD()()AirDropiPad11 2Air PlaySNS3DSD(.dff.dsf) (1bit/~11.2MHz) 4ALAC(32bit/~384kHz)FLAC(32bit/~384kHz)WAV(32bit/~384kHz)MP3 / AAC / HE-AAC(16bit/~320kbps)OSiOS9.0/watchOS3.0iOSiPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 PLUSiPhone 7/iPhone 7 PLUS/iPhone SEiPhone 6s / iPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6 / iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 5 / iPhone 5c / iPhone 5siPod touch 5gen/iPod touch 6geniPad mini / iPad mini 2 / iPad mini 3 / iPad mini 4iPad Air / iPad Air 2 iPad ProiPhone4/4SCPU1:High Reso2:High ResoiTunes3:DRM4:DSDDSD11.2MHz352.8kHzPCMDSD11.2MHziPhone5SDSD5.6MHz2.8MHzDoPPCMDSD5.6MHziPhone5DSD2.8MHziPod touch 5thWeb

  • rating 4.05128

Onkyo HF Player

16,000HDFIRiTunes EQ HDHDFLACDSD192kHz/24bit WAVHF PlayeriOS7Lightning - USBiPad Camera Connection KitUSB DACDSDPCMDoPiPhone/iPad/iPod touch88.2kHz44.1kHz HD1. (16,384FIR) HD(64) (1/)()/OnkyoHDiPodDSD (iPhone 5s64bits CPU)AirDropiOS 8 iOSMac OS X YosemiteBluetooth 4.0BLEMace-onkyo(iOS8)2. iPodMP3/AAC/ALAC/WAV/AIFF (48kHz)DRMHD+iPodDSF/DSDIFF2.8MHz/3MHz/5.6MHz/6MHz/11.2MHz PCM/DoPFLAC/ALAC/WAV/AIFF(384kHz)OggVorbis (192kHz) iTunesAppHDDSD11.2MHziPhone5SHDMP33. iPhone4HD DSFDSD-IFFDSDDoP(/) iPhone4S /iPod touch/iPad2(iPad mini)/iOS6OS

  • rating 3.43478

More Information About alternatives

Pure Player

Pure Player supports more than 20 lossy and lossless audio formats. Full supported format list:- Opus( .opus )- MPEG audio( .mpa, .mp1, .mp2, .mp3 )- Ogg Vorbis( .ogg, .oga )- Musepack v7, v8( .mpc )- AAC( .mp4, m4a )- HE-AAC( .mp4, m4a )- Windows Media Audio Standard( .wma )- Windows Media Audio Professional( .wma )- Speex( .spx )- Waveform Audio File Format( .wav )- Audio Interchange File Format( .aif, .aiff )- Free Lossless Audio Codec( .flac )- Apple Lossless Audio Codec( .m4a, .m4b )- WavPack( .wv )- Shorten( .shn )- True Audio( .tta )- Monkeys Audio( .ape, .mac )- Cook( .rm, .ra, .rmvb )- RAAC( .rm, .ra, .rmvb )- CRI ADX( .adx )- Module Music( .mod )- Commodore 64 Music( .sid ) - Super Nintendo Music( .spc )- Atari SAP Music( .sap )Features:- Designed to be as simple as possible.- Optimized for low CPU usage and low power consumption with good sound quality.- 10 bands equalizer with 17 presets and 1 custom setting available.- Adjustable stereo enhancement and playback speed.- 4 playback modes.- Simple but intuitive file manager.- External cue sheet is supported.- Upload and download music files using WiFi and built-in FTP server.- More format supports will be added in future versions. But it is planned to add AirPlay support in the upcoming versions.

  • size 6.5 MB
  • version 1.1.2


If you are using your iPhone together with external loudspeaker or even a HiFi-System then this app provides the next level of sound quality by applying a smart room frequency response equalization technology. Your loudspeaker and amplifier combination may have a perfect frequency response within limits of +/- 1 dB over the whole frequency range but the listening room is the most critical component in the HiFi audio chain, causing amplitude peaks and dips of more than +/- 10 dB. Use the auEQ internal audio player to playback music through your HiFi-System via dock-connector, cable or AirPlay.

  • size 2.0 MB
  • version 1.0

Starling: lossless, equalizer and more

Starling the most advanced desktop-class audio player which allows you to listen to hi-res 24/32 bit lossless audio in ALAC, FLAC, APE, WavPack and much more formats. Lossy MP3, M4A, MusePack are still available. All these features presented in modern user interface: smooth scrolling and animations, flawless looking player screen, convenient gesture-based interface for content management, landscape mode and many moreStay tuned for future updates: more features are planned, including cloud sources, YouTube, Spotify and so onSupport: http://starling.audio/#supportEmail: [email protected]

  • rating 4.5
  • size 50.8 MB
  • version 0.3.0

Music Flow Player

Music Flow Player is an exclusive HiFi wireless audio app of LG.You can use Music Flow Player to listen to music which you listened to using your phone through LG HiFi wireless audio. You can integrate and control to play different or same songs from various places around your house such as smart phone, tablet, PC, etc. Easily enjoy and share your songs at any time and any place through Music Flow Player.

  • rating 1.72973
  • size 41.5 MB
  • version 1.9.67

Ethereal Audio Player

Ethereal audio player is a lossless music player for iOS. It supports .flac .ogg .wav and more with a very special look and feel. NOTE if you upload your music, you need to restart the app in order for the new files to be loaded.

  • size 64.4 MB
  • version 1.31


The audio player that can speed control, pitch control, and equalizing. You can play tunes with effects in iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. Regular version is limited below) Changing the playback speed* It is possible ON / OFF function* 0.25 times to 2.0 times Changing the pitch* It is possible ON / OFF function* -6 To +6 semitones* The switch can be adjusted in increments of one cent or semitone A / B loop* You can play any repeat intervalsHelps you to practice a specific phrase or copy Equalizer* 8-band* To-24.0dB ~ +12.0 dB for each band* Adjust total gain (-20dB ~ +20 dB)* (To prevent cracking sound) auto gain adjustment limited free edition* There is a display advertising(Genuine Version button will be added)* 4-band equalizer* Playback speed will be limited to 0.75 to 1.5* Pitch is limited to -3.00 to +3.00

  • size 15.8 MB
  • version 1.14


Does not work with DRM songs or iTunes Match enabled. The tuneQ app has been designed to work with numerous Scosche earbuds and earphones. Features: Experience enhanced sound as you adjust low, mid and high frequencies Manipulate a 10 band graphic equalizer to match your ideal sound Simply drag the frequency sliders up and down to adjust levels View real-time frequency levels in the stunning graphic visualizer Automatically loads entire music library directly into tuneQ music player Select from 8 professional audio presets Interactive tutorial helps you select the correct ear cushions allowing you to get the most out of your listening experienceCompatibility:tuneQ is recommended for use with Scosche earbuds and earphones.

  • rating 1.09091
  • size 12.5 MB
  • version 4.04

Edity-Music & audio editor pro

Edity - Professional and easy-to-use audio editor and recorder. You can work with files from the library or with the recorded sound.- Just editMake a smooth entry or fading effect? Change the key or place the sound in a large room?Use creative audio effects: Pitch and speed control, Delay effect, Reverb, EQ- RecordWant to record voice or sounds?The recording function easily solves this problem- Enjoy high quality soundTired of audio editors and dictaphones with low-quality sound and clipping audio signal?Save audio files in wav format, without losing quality - ShareWant to share with friends and the world?Send audio tracks using share function to anyoneA clear, simple interface and animations, pleasing to the eye, will make the application more comfortable for you

  • size 18.7 MB
  • version 2.0

Lossless Plus - High Quality FLAC Player

Just a simple and elegant Lossless Music Player for your iPhone. Lets enjoy your favorite songs with Lossless Plus in a whole new experience Features:- Lossless files FLAC, ALAC, WAV & common codecs M4A, MP3 supported- Simple & Clean Design- Extremely easily to use- High-quality audio output up to 24bit- Background mode (Multitasking) support- Lock screen artwork and metadata support- Lyrics viewer- Schedule time to stop playing- Manage your favorite songs collections by playlist- Import songs from iPod Music- Copy music by Wi-Fi transfer & iCloud Drive- Optimized for low power-usageMore than 5000 users are enjoying Lossless Plus Its so simple and so neat. I love it The best alternative for the native Music app I downloaded your App and think its nice so far I am really loving the app with my FLAC files Thank you all for loving Lossless Plus.

  • size 60.8 MB
  • version 1.7.7

jetAudio Hi-Res Music Player w/ HD Audio Enhancers

jetAudio is a music player with 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and various sound effects. Sound Effects plugins * Crystalizer* AM3D Audio Enhancer (http://www.am3d.com)* Bongiovi DPS (http://www.bongioviacoustics.com)(Sound effect plugins will be sold separately through in-app purchase. )jetAudio is the highest rated and most downloaded media player on CNET.COM and now you can listen to same high-quality sound on your iOS devices using jetAudio. (If you want to localize jetAudio for your language, please contact [email protected] for more information)

  • size 21.4 MB
  • version 7.1.3