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MusicFans features:1. Support FLAC(Free Lossless Audio Codec), APE(Monkeys Audio), PCM WAVE audio file playing, also support MP3 Audio file playing.2. Does the MuscFans support single(unpaired) FLAC or APE playing?YES, just import the single FLAC or APE audio file into the application by iTunes file sharing.

  • size 131 MB

A+ Remote

A+ Remote is a full-featured iOS remote for the Audirvana Plus music player on your Mac. Enjoy easy but sophisticated browsing of your entire music library, playlists and now playing queue from throughout your home (within range of your WiFi network).Powerful features within the elegant design include: Albums view: for a quick visual scan through the cover arts Playlists view: to capitalize on your previous sortings in Audirvanas library Artists view: to play the tunes of your favorite artist of the moment Multi criteria filter browser: for any advanced idea. Please note that Audirvana Plus (at least version 2.2, preferably 3.1.6 or later) must be running on a Mac connected to your local WiFi network.

  • size 23.1 MB


Audezes unique EQ is different from all others. This EQ travels WITH your headphones. It will not work with Cipher V2 cable)

  • size 10.9 MB

McIntosh AP1 Audio Player

McIntosh Labs is proud to offer the AP1 AUDIO PLAYER. AP1 offers you the ability to listen to the music stored on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch within the classic McIntosh experience. Wherever you may be, youll enjoy the soothing confidence of the blue meters and the glow of the Legend.

  • rating 3.5


Linn Kinsky allows you to wirelessly control your Linn DS system from an iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch. Linn Kinsky supports all the features of your DS, allowing you to: * Browse your music collection by album artwork * Quickly change the playlist in any room * Tune in to internet radio stations * Play music all over your home in perfect synchronisation. Linn Kinsky works with: * Linn DS systems running Davaar firmware * OpenHome Media Players * UPnP/AV Media Renderers

  • size 46.9 MB