Design your own labyrinth dungeon Experience both sides of dungeon crawling with the epic multiplayer RPG Heroes of Shadow Guard. FEATURES- Build your Labyrinth - decide the layout, guards, traps, and more.- Raid other player labyrinths in first person 3D turn-based combat.- Embark on epic single player campaigns to unlock heroes and save the land of Shadow Guard.- Equip your heroes with weapons, gear, and items from a collection of over 300 pieces.- Collaborate with other players to form powerful Factions. Please note: a network connection is required to play.

Heroes of Shadow Guard alternatives

Morgul - the endless dungeon

Introduction: Explore the dark dungeons,Fight for equipments,Fight for good Morgul is an engaging roguelike, a game about adventure. Morgul is also a traditional turn-based RPG, a game about development. Avoid traps,Survive for as long as you can If you have any problem,feel free to contact us,Email: [email protected]

  • rating 4.46875
  • size 235 MB

ETU - Expect The Unexpected

StoryIn the lands of Lorhaven, the Gods chose you to carry out the hardest and dangerous task, you must collect the 12 Runes of Power to restore the order. Main Features*Explore 5 Character Classes (Fighter, Archer, Wizard, Druid and Necromancer) *Unlock their specific skill sets, abilities/spells*New events will happen each time you travel *Factions will be either your enemy, friend or neutral, depending on the choices you make throughout the game*More than 100 unique events filled with action, comedy and suspense *Custom your hero*Hire party to help you on the journey*Reputation system based on your actions and choices*Every time you begin a new game, the world will be different *Freedom of choice, you can be either the hero or the villain*If you die, you are sent to afterlife (playable)*Travel from city to city through many pathways fill with life, different random events, deal with pirates, raiders, assassins, animals, traders asking for help, beggars, traps, ambushes, choose factions sides in battle and much more The unexpected journey is about to beginAre you in? Like us on FACEBOOK us on INSTAGRAM us on TWITTER

  • size 171 MB

Elio - A Fantasie of Light and Darkness

Expand your town, customize your party with over 200 classes and charge into dungeons in an epic free to play RPG Ruleria, a world created by the gods. As the God of the Sun, you awaken in order to face wicked monsters that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere.- Evolve Class Souls into superior classes -You can evolve your low-rarity Class Souls into higher-rarity Souls. * The game can be played in its entirety without the need for in-game transactions.

  • rating 4.1875
  • size 66.7 MB

Dragon Lords 2

Join the fight to bring dragons back Five years have passed since the fall of the Dragon Lords left the world in chaos. Dragons are nowhere to be found, and divided kingdoms are fighting for dominance. The game is entirely free to play, though it offers optional in-game purchases.

  • size 171 MB

Endless Adventure - Roguelike RPG

An epic adventure featuring random quests, dungeons generated on the fly, turn-based strategic combat and parties of up to four adventurers. Endless Adventure is what its name implies: An infinite amount of replayability where each adventure is different, and with so many class combinations, it could take forever to go through them all. Ooze portraits by Caroline Nations.

  • size 116 MB