Free version of HelloWorlds app. Identical except limit of 2 saved worlds. Support of iTunes file sharing lets you share worlds with other people.


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HelloWorlds Lite alternatives

Whoscall - Caller ID & Block

hoscall App 5000 10 Apple Store 2015 App TechinAsia App 165 [ ][ ][ ][* ] *, ,, , , , , , , , WhoscallFacebook [email protected]:// - 20 - - - 200 24 iTunes

  • rating 2.76515

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CHM HD Lite - CHM Reader

CHM HD is the easy to use CHM file reader for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This free version can only display one chm file, full version has no limit. (WiFi connection and web browser required)- File management with iTunes File Sharing - Support open chm file from other app- Use other app to open files - Universal app=SUPPORT= - Email to: [email protected]

  • size 4.9 MB
  • version 3.20

PSD Viewer for Photoshop

* Free Lite version of PSD Viewer. This version doesnt include all features from full version. * Show off your PSD files and transfer them to your device using either built-in HTTP server or iTunes File Sharing* Thumbnail or list view for all files* Organize your PSD files into Folders, move or delete files* Share rendered PSD files using AirDrop, Messages, Twitter, Facebook or by printing them* Convert any PSD file to JPEG/PNG and share it using E-Mail or save it to Saved Photos Album* iTunes File Sharing support for files uploading from your computer* Landscape view* Histogram view* Canvas position and scale preview

  • rating 3.33333

UnArchiver (zip/unzip/unrar)

BEST FREE UnZip/UnRAR tool for iOS8 UnZip / UnRAR files from many other applications:+ In Mail: long press attachment+ In DropBox: press [->] button.+ In Safari: simply press on link to zip or RAR file.+ And in all other. Features+ File Manager - Folders support - Refresh, Rename, Copy, Move, Delete files- Create new txt file- Create new photo file from Photo Library- Save image to Photo Library (from archive)- Supports Zip, RAR and many other formats+ Inter-app document interchange (iOS 4.x) - Other apps can save their files to app - Other apps can open their files with app + File Sharing - USB File Sharing via iTunes - Email Files as AttachmentsUnArchiver (zip.unzip/unrar) is a must-have utility for software architect or other people who need decompress files in iOS device and the perfect companion to any iOS fanatics toolbox. We greatly appreciate feedback FOR SUPPORT: [email protected]

  • size 7.5 MB
  • version 4.1

Easy Transfer - File Transfer from/to PC thru WiFi

Easy File Transfer:- Easy, quick, and unlimited file sharing using local Wifi, iTunes File sharing or share files from any other sharing apps using share extension. Send your photos and videos and musics and any documents in original size to/from your PC, share them with your friends, transfer your music files to your iPhone. Please email us on [email protected] with any issues or suggestions.

  • size 55.5 MB
  • version 1.1

File Hub Pro by imoreapps

- Millions use File Hub every day to manage their files.- Full support of iOS 11.- AV streaming from various cloud storages and SMB/FTP/SFTP server has never been easier. File Hub helps you accessing files on your iOS Device, Cloud Service and Remote Computer. TV-Out support- File Sharing Supports iTunes USB File Sharing Supports Wi-Fi Bluetooth & AirDrop transfer Send files as attachments (size under 20MB)- Other Multiple themes support Universal app And much more

  • rating 4.70755
  • size 99.1 MB
  • version 6.2


MusicFans features:1. Support FLAC(Free Lossless Audio Codec), APE(Monkeys Audio), PCM WAVE audio file playing, also support MP3 Audio file playing.2. Does the MuscFans support single(unpaired) FLAC or APE playing?YES, just import the single FLAC or APE audio file into the application by iTunes file sharing.

  • size 131 MB
  • version 2.7.2

SecureDrive Mobile

SecureDrive Mobile is a storage appliance. With SecureDrive Mobile You will have a secure and simple way to store, sync and share your files. Other features - Web application access - Desktop clients - Mobile applications - File synchronization - File encryption - File sharing & sharing expiration - File version control - Disk quota management - AD & LDAP supports

  • size 30.1 MB
  • version 3.3.2

PastePad Template Notebook

This is a memo application specialized for using with the pasteboard(clipboard).Able to copy/paste with a single touch, you can save template texts and copy them to the clipboard immediately when you want to use them, you can paste(or share) to various applications. Paste from other applications is also one touch and recently used notes are automatically displayed on top so you can quickly access frequently used notes. -> Hello Mr. Tanaka,How are you?.- 2 kinds of placeholder(:String/$$$$:Number(New))- Sharing to another apps(Sliding to right)- Accepting sharing from other apps- Able to add into a single note from other applications contiguous sharing(New).- AirDrop support- URL opening- CSV export/import by file sharing folder in iTunes

  • size 54.5 MB
  • version 1.1.1


Download and browse your documents on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Cloud Manager File Manager with folders support iTunes File Sharing support Wi-Fi Transfer Passcode Lock

  • rating 4.41378
  • size 29.4 MB
  • version 2.0.1

ShareFile: File Transfer, Sharing

Now file transfer is very easy through ShareFile APPShare File the better than best app for your file sharing needs Share any type of files in any places at any time No USB No data usage No internet needed 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed Supports cross-platform file transfer and sharing between iOS, PC/ Mac and other devices No need for USB connection and PC software installation Play all music and videos Wifi file transfer master Send Itunes songs to other mobile

  • size 53.6 MB
  • version 1.0.2