Finally a clock that can really be used at night without lighting the entire room Helios Clock lowers the brightness of the screen of your iPhone at launch. Just enough to be readable in total darkness. * To be able to know the time of sunrise and sunset, Helios Clock needs the GPS coordinates of the iPhone.

Helios Clock alternatives

Bedside Clock - Digital / Analog

ColorClock - RGB Hex Clock

Simple yet beautiful clockBackground color is reflected by RGB value in Hour:Minute:Second. Resulting in smooth color transition between the times. More feature will be added soon

  • rating 5.0
  • size 7.1 MB

Quick Alarm: Classic Analog Clock

Simple and stylish analog alarm clock designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Give a touch of elegance to your dock station FEATURES: Alarm Clock (alarm works even when the screen is locked) Background Alarms: you will receive sound notification alarms even when the app is not running Simple and effective analog clock Automatic fullscreen Black and White themes Retina display support Customizable Brightness 12 built-in alarm sounds: Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells, Kalinka, Drinking Dog, Vintage, Good Morning, Digital, Feel Good, Sirtaki, Spring, Summer Camp, Digital.

  • size 14.0 MB

Clock IT Free - Digital Nightstand Alarm

Transform your device into a gorgeous digital alarm clock Features of Clock IT include: - Unlimited alarms featuring ten different alarm tones, personalised labels & repeat alarm options - Gently fade in alarm - Gorgeous theme moderno - Snooze feature with a snooze time countdown - Energy efficient - screen turns off when device is kept face down - Alarm icon indicates alarm is ON/OFF - Digital clock- Current location - Current day of week - 12 or 24 hour time format - Set screen auto-lock on/off - Designed for efficiency - low battery consumption - Swipe to control brightness - useful especially at night- Automatic portrait & landscape modes - 64 bit devices supported - Free to download Time to enjoy setting your alarm clock. Its simplicity can be truly appreciated in the night at your bedside as a modern nightstand. Remember that we can solve most of the problems, but we cannot respond to comments on the App Store.

  • size 14.7 MB

Qualisys Viewfinder

Qualisys Viewfinder allows you to stream real-time marker and image data from a running Qualisys motion capture system directly to your phone. FEATURES Compatible with both Miqus and Oqus cameras. For more information about Qualisys and their latest technologies, please visit

  • size 294 MB