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Heart Stream Yoga and Wellness alternatives

Baby Names by Nametrix [Free]

Fun, unique, and powerful - an incredible baby names app View origins & meanings Hear pronunciations See recommendations based on your favorites View countries where each name is most common 100-year popularity graphs Name rankings by year Names for brothers/sisters Name variations Tags (e.g., Unisex, On Fire) See similar names (e.g., you might like Sophia if you like Isabella) Interactive popularity heat map Political party leanings Profession leanings Stripper name or not? Save and sort your favorites Share on Facebook and TwitterNametrix is chock full of real-world, data-driven analysis unrivaled by any other app, website, book, or anything else. A sampling of what youll find:Emma Emmas most commonly found in Sweden, the UK, and Australia In the US, popularity peaked in 2003, but its peaking again now Its currently the most popular name for girls in the US Its a vintage name, first popular in the early 1900s Other names you might like: Hannah, Abigail, Olivia, Lily Potential names for brothers: Samuel, Aiden, Noah, Marcus Variants include Ema, Emmah, Emme Its currently most popular in the southeastern part of the US Emmas have historically gravitated to creative professions such as Singer-songwriter Emmas have historically tended to be Democrats in the US Emma is not at all a stripper nameTop names for plumbers:#1 Casey#2 Salvatore#3 Vernon#4 Clifford#5 VincentTop names for playwrights:#1 August#2 Hannah#3 Jules#4 Anton#5 DuncanAs for other professions, can you guess what Lexus, Stormie, Chastity, and Bambi have in common?Featured on Good Morning America,, New York Times, Babble, Mashable, Disney Baby, Babyology,, CafeMom, USA Today, The Daily Dot, and many more.

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Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

The Down Dog App provides a studio-like yoga experience in the comfort of your home. Each time you practice, Down Dog creates a brand new vinyasa yoga sequence so that you never run out of content. Down Dogs terms and conditions can be found at Dogs privacy policy can be found at

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Lasting - Marriage Health App

Lasting is your personalized marriage health plan and the #1 healthy marriage app. The app gets to know your relationship and creates a program to help you grow and maintain the health of your marriage. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to visit

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Take your training to the next level by accessing all of your TrainHeroic workouts directly from your personalized calendar. Get familiar with your workout before you hit the weight room with our Points of Performance and Instructional Videos. Download the free app now and discover what youve been missing.

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