This is the one and only original hit Hand-Clap-App Available to you on all your IOS Devices Have you been to a party or special event where you needed to make some noise? Now you can Select the hand clapper of your choice and then choose a thumbs up (for a clapping sound) or the thumbs down to booo NOW YOU CAN EVEN STREAM THE AUDIO TO A BLUETOOTH SPEAKER The best part about this app is that it is 100% FREE Hand Clap App Instructions:Shake or tap the screen and prepare for the noise Hint: The faster you shake/tap, the louder the sound. Connect to a Bluetooth speaker and really stand out in a crowd

Hand Clapper App alternatives

Funny Sound Effects and Noises Prank + Alarm

If youre looking to entertain, prank or simply put yourself in a good mood the next time you wake up then The Funny Sound Effects Horn is made for you. This app is designed to provide you with endless hilarious situations any time of the day or night. Just customize it - any way you want it

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Slow Clap - Applause Simulator

Shake the app to hear it clap. Slow Clapp allows you to simulate a funny slow clap using your devices accelerometer to detect clap motion. The app features over 30 different studio recorded sounds providing an enriched applause experience.

  • size 3.6 MB

WAHOO! Button

Let everyone know how excited you are by yelling WAHOO with the WAHOO Button. Unlock the addictive WAHOO Game by pressing the WAHOO Button 100 times Features- The Awesome WAHOO Button- The Addictive WAHOO Game- Unlock the game by pressing the WAHOO Button 100 times- Also includes the OOWAH Button for added excitement

  • size 24.3 MB

Applause Sounds Effect - Applause Noise , Applause

Its the moment every actor, musician, comedian and politician lives for the grand round of applause after a job well done. Now you can hear and use various applause sounds anytime with this simple app Whether its a concert, recital, theater show, TV sitcom, or speech, nothing shows approval and appreciation like the roar of clapping hands. Round of applause You can even give yourself a round of applause just be sure to take a bow Some of the great features: High quality Applause sounds Simple and beautiful design Timer - so the app turns off automatically Beautiful background imagesListen to applause sounds and share them with your friends You can even use these sounds as unique ringtones If you like comic noises, comedy, cheering sounds and pranks you will like this funny noise app at last If you have any comment or suggestion please let us know so we can make this app better.

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Applause !

There are situations that just require applause Tap the button and get applause sound. Tap faster for louder applause. Start applause from Apple Watch.

  • size 32.0 MB