Is it your dream being surrounded by beautiful, fairy scenes with lovely Hamsters? Dont imagine it. MAKE your own hamster collection and share with friends HAIL 32+ kawaii pet flying on the cloud to help you a hand CHALLENGE with the cat kings, the lord of paradise bay BUILD up 30+ beautiful floating island PLANT the beanstalk grow up over 40+ level and enjoy the fruits harvest SUPRISE with Greek Musician, Angel hamster and other hundreds of bonus PRESTIGE for to gain even more builder power and unlock more paradise area COLLECT 10+ chipmunks to enhance your island building speed Have fun with cuteness mini-games such as rat race, bounty hunter, lucky wheel BEAT your friend score on leader-boardJoin and share your cutest Hamster Collection with Friends on Twitter &

Hamster Islands - Cute Clicker game for pet lovers alternatives

Feed The Hamster

SOS There are some hungry hamsters that are in need of your help. Your knowledge is needed to help guide these starving little critters to their nibbling delights. Your goal is to have the hamster eat all the food in each level.

  • rating 3.975
  • size 46.3 MB

Hamster Collector Game

Virtual Pet Hamsters are extremely cute & cool But these cute hamsters are from a different planet. All the magic happens when you send them out and when they return back with mysterious things. Even if left on its own, it wont die.- Hard to stop once you get started- Develop affection as you take care of them- A casual pet life for your smartphone- You get to see lots of adorable hamster butts- Adorable hamsters are waiting for your affectionA game you can relax and play at your own leisureFollow us on Facebook for updates / suggestions / feedback -

  • size 440 MB

Hamster Restaurant

The hamster restaurant is a free game where you can cook with cute hamsters and create your own restaurant. How to playLets create a cuisine with a cute hamster. *When you send mail to us, please let us know which device you are using and your mail address.

  • rating 4.875
  • size 195 MB

Hamster Land - Cute Pets Hamsters Column Matches Up Games

Welcome To The Challenges Of The Cute Hamster Land In the world of the hamsters, there are many rows formed from different color of hamster, tap the same hamster buttons will clear rows of hamster. Lets see how fast your reaction is 60 seconds is all you have to complete the game,How many rows can you clear in a minute ?Seems easy right ? Try for yourself and challenge both game modes Get a good score and challenge players and friends on the leaderboards

  • rating 4.0
  • size 41.5 MB

Hamster Universe

Hamsters are critters that spend all their lives eating, sleeping, occasionally going for a run and not much else. But one hamster decided that there is more to life than just that. In fact, your gnawer friend has a whole fleet of hamster-piloted spacecrafts in support.

  • rating 4.11111
  • size 360 MB