The easiest, most intuitive manual camera app for your iPhone. Whats the point of manual focus if you need a magnifying glass? Please note: iPhones are designed with a fixed aperture that cannot be changed.

Prime - RAW Manual Camera alternatives

Halide - RAW Manual Camera

Live Focus

The worlds #1 mobile post-capture focus camera, Live Focus lets you can take a picture immediately and then change the focus point later. From now on, Do not miss your small precious moments. Dual camera support for iPhone 7 Plus Overall haptic feedback experience support for iPhone 7/7 Plus

  • rating 4.63636
  • size 28.6 MB

Fusion - HDR Camera

a new HDR app that pushes the envelope for what is possible on the iPhone camera - Life In LofiFusion sets the bar on all other HDR apps - Combo Apps: Mobile Extreme Editingshows you what truly great HDR photos can look like - iPhone Photography SchoolFusion creates HDR (high dynamic range) photos by capturing different exposures and then combining them into one perfectly exposed photo. The result is an image that overcomes the limited range of a digital image sensor and reflects what the human eye can actually see. Tech SpecsCamera features spot meter manual exposure adjustment histogram display shake detection timer multi-shot session captureEditor features adjustable highlight and shadow bracket fusing auto alignment exposure, contrast and sharpness white balance saturation and warmth cropSession features thumbnail display of the three brackets delete sessions re-open sessions in the editor store up to 200 sessions

  • rating 4.13636
  • size 26.3 MB

Manual Camera - Custom Exposure & Controls

Featured in Apples TV ads. Have precise control over focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and flash level, just by simply moving the slider while taking a photo or video. Tap again to switch back to auto mode.

  • rating 4.23076
  • size 3.8 MB

RNI Flashback

This app is a pretty scientific experiment in photo processing. At RNI we wanted to make our photos look more special with less effort and more fun. To find out more about RNI products please

  • rating 4.57143
  • size 66.4 MB