The ultimate HVAC reference for all HVAC professionals and engineers. This app includes 100s of equations and tables for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and noise. - Air Conditioning tables and equations for: Air Conditioners Ammonia - NH3 - PropertiesCooling LoadsChilled-Water SystemCooling and Heating EquationsFreon PropertiesFruits and Vegetables Optimal Storage ConditionsHeat Gain LightsAir HumidityRectangular and Circular HVAC DuctsRefrigerant R22 - PropertiesRefrigerants - Environmental PropertiesSensible Heat RatioThermodynamic Properties of Refrigerant - R22Water Evaporator and Condenser Equations- Heating tables and equations for:Air Heating SystemsBuilding ElementsExpansion TanksChimneys and Fireplace SizingClassifications of Coal, Gas Oil, Boilers and Hot Water Heating SystemsDowtherm AFittings Flow Rates in Heating SystemsFlow Temperatures in Hot-Water Heating SystemsFood and Foodstuff Greenhouse TemperaturesHeat Carrying Capacity of Copper TubeHeat Emission Heat Loss Heat Sources Hot Water Heating Systems Overall Heat Transfer CoefficientsSafety ValvesSizing Swimming Pool HeatersSnow Melting SystemsStatic Pressures in HVAC SystemsThermal ExpansionUnits of Heat - BTU, Calorie and Joule- Ventilation tables and equations for: Air FansFiltersFriction LossHeat RecoveryHeaters and CoolersHydraulic DiameterMajor and Minor LossesSTP and NTPScrubber BasicsDuct SizingEfficiency- Noise/Sound tables and equations for: DecibelsBlade Dampers and Pass FrequencySilencersDecibel A, B and CDirectivity Coefficient and Sound AttenuationDuctsFans and Noise Power GenerationNoise Attenuation and Rating CurvesOutdoor Ambient Sound LevelsPropagation of Sound IndoorsPropagation of Sound OutdoorsRotary Heat Exchanger - Noise AttenuationSound Absorption Coefficients for some common MaterialsSound Attenuation Sound Frequency, Wavelength and OctaveSound Power, Intensity and PressureSound Transmission* All Content is Searchable* All Content is available offline (no need for WiFi or Internet Connection) * Please send us any questions, comments or suggestions using our website

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning alternatives

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