HTML Writer makes it easy to create or edit HTML files on the go with color syntax highlighting. You can customize your own tag, element, and snippet toolbars. Features include:-Customizable three toolbars with unlimited tags, tag attributes, and snippets.-Hide the keyboard for even more HTML viewing area.-Preview your your HTML page.-Upload to an FTP server or email your new or edited page.-Download HTML files using FTP or HTTP.-Upload / Download all files in a directory.-Create new directories on server.-FTP server history, can fill in your login info for you.-File management to organize your local files.-Open and edit any text based file ( HTML, Javascript, PHP, PERL, CSS, )-Find and Replace-View downloaded videos, mp3s, imagesMake quick web page edits or build whole new pages on the go.

HTML Writer alternatives

Adobe Capture CC

MediaPost Appy Award 2016 Creative Cloud Capture Typekit ()Adobe Sensei : Illustrator CCInDesign CCPhotoshop CC 3D : Adobe Dimension CC : Photoshop CCIllustrator CC : After Effects CCComp CCDreamweaverAnimate CC ( Flash Professional CC)Illustrator CCIllustrator DrawInDesign CCMusePhotoshop CCPhotoshop SketchPremiere Pro CC : After Effects CCComp CCDreamweaverAnimate CC ( Flash Professional CC)Illustrator CCIllustrator DrawInDesign CCMusePhotoshop CCPhotoshop SketchPremiere Pro CC : Illustrator CCPhotoshop CCPhotoshop Sketch Creative Cloud Creative Cloud CreativeSync Adobe CreativeSync Creative Cloud 2 GB Creative Cloud 2 GB ()Creative Cloud 20 GB 1.99 iTunes 24 13 Cloud ( Adobe ID )

  • rating 4.76094

Nitro HTML

Nitro HTML is a programming editor for HTML and Javascript source files. You can visualize how the resulting HTML page will be displayed in compliant Web browsers. Features:- Runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - Portrait and landscape orientations- Graphical output (SVG) support- Split view to edit HTML source and visualize page at the same time- HTML view- Page view- Save / edit files- Examples provided: clock, fibonacci, pythagoras, svgrainbow, jqueryanimate, geolocation

  • size 36.3 MB

Assembly - Art and Design

App Store Best of 2015 Create stickers, icons, scenes, and other graphics using a fun and novel building-block approach. Assembly is a revolutionary new vector design tool that lets you imagine and produce quality work in half the time. Privacy Policy of Use thanks for their work and inspiration:Daniel Britt - ( Instagram @drybom )Harvey Beynon - ( Instagram @yourpalharvey )Alison Chambers - ( Instagram @wingolamo )Rob Edwards ( Twitter @raabedwards )Davis Evans ( Instagram @daveisevans )Cayce Garrison ( )Ricardo Geraldes - ( Instagram @shine3y3 )Lyn Hurring - ( Instagram @lynhurring )Joel Julian - ( Instagram @joeljayjulian )Peter Komierowski ( )Alana Mandel - ( Instagram @alanamandel )Nino Marmaladze ( ) ( Instagram @burning_chalice )Lee John Phillips - ( Instagram @leejohnphillips )Stephen Pine - ( Instagram @spine72 )Allison Randolph - ( Instagram @ocean_allison )Rolando Del Real - ( Instagram @rolando1977 )Vico Sandoval - ( Instagram )Aaron Smillie - ( Instagram @aaron_smillie )Adam Wittig - ( Instagram @addyfams )Nathan Woods - ( Instagram @nxthxnwxxds )

  • rating 4.63333
  • size 103 MB

Code Master - Source Code Editor

The most downloaded code editor on the App Store, now free. The Code Master Programming Suite for the iOS platform provides a visual interface for creating and editing universal source code of any language, as well as previewing and publishing options for when you are on-the-go. There is always something to look forward to.1e6c5f3933

  • rating 3.22222
  • size 48.6 MB

Duet Display

17iPadDuetiPadiPhoneMacPCAppleDuet- - iPadDuetWi-Fi- -MacPC- APPLE PENCIL - Duet ProApple PenciliPadDuet ProPhotoshopCorel PainterLightroomToonBoomIllustratorManga Studio- -TechCrunch - Time - The Guardian - Forbes - Duet Display The Verge - Lifehacker - Business Insider - Retina - - Apple ~Mat Nightingale iPad ~Isaac Shore iPad : )~Mikkel Gemzoe Duet~Vineet T.DuetiOS 7.0iPhoneiPad10.9 (Mavericks)MacWindows 7PCDuet ProApple PenciliPad Pro10.9 (Mavericks)MacWindows 8.1PC64Duet Pro is an optional upgrade for additional features, and price may vary by location. Manage Duet Pro in Account Settings after the optional upgrade. -

  • rating 3.90351