The Honeywell HRDP-Fusion HD application will allow users to connect to their Fusion or HRDP H.264 to view live video, search recorded video and control PTZ cameras from the simple interface of the iPad. Supported Products: HRDP Rev A (v1.0.1.86 and later)HRDP Rev B (v1.0.0.49 and later) HRDPX (v1.0.0.36 and later)HRDPH (v3.0.1.10 and later)HRDPHX (v1.0.0.14 and later) Fusion 4 Rev A and B (v4.50.10808 and later) Included Features: Live and Search video monitoring PTZ Controls (Directional, Zoom and Preset modes)Megapixel IP camera supportMultiple channel views (1, 4, 9, and 16)SnapshotsRelay activation/deactivation Digital Zoom for Live and Search

HRDP-Fusion HD alternatives

Honeywell Security

Heres your professional reference to security technology on the iPad and iPhone. This helpful, convenient resource, including whitepapers and casestudies, is perfect for security dealers, integrators, architects & engineers and anyone who specifies security equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Please tell us what you would like to see in future updates.

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Product selector

The Product selector is a handy product feature comparison guide from Axis Communications, the global market leader in network video. Specially designed for use on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, this selector gives you an overview of the features and specifications for Axis entire range of network cameras and video encoders. The application also lets you view the complete product pages from and helps you to easily get in touch with an Axis representative for more product information.

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OnVu360 is a worlds first - A mobile application, that enables users to fully experience high resolution 360-degree video. It is a truly groundbreaking experience that you need to see and touch, to believe. Features: Oncams advanced dewarping technology, providing the ultimate 360-degree experience List and playback recorded clips that are stored locally on a camera mounted SD Card Access to demo cameras from real customer sites showcasing Oncams award winning 360-degree cameras in action Custom list of camera profiles to monitor all of your Oncam IP cameras Grouping of cameras to provide easy navigation Support for up to 9.6MP camera streams on Evolution 12 and 5MP streams on Evolution 5 Support for Oncams full line of IP cameras Touch command based 360-degree experience Shake to reset current dewarped stream iPad and iPhone compatible with support for MJPEG and H.264 camera streams Support for either the primary or secondary stream through camera profile creation Requirements: iOS version 8.0 or higher iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, 4th Generation iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus Oncam IP 360 degree camera (Evolution 12 or Evolution 5)Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G/LTE data

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