Workout, log, and improve your body with Gym Log Plus, the top workout tracker for any fitness routine Why Gym Log Plus? Look better - Lose weight, build larger muscles, and develop a firm, toned physique Feel better - Intense exercise increases levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine to help improve ones mood Increase health - Stronger muscles improve posture, provide better support for joints, and reduce the risk of injury from everyday activities Rehabilitation - Strength training for weak muscles is a key factor to optimise recovery Sports performance - Stronger muscles improve performance in a variety of sports, from football and wrestling to basketball and hockeyFast and Easy Loads fast with an easy-to-use interface - Just tap the one big log button to record your workout sets No account registration needed - Use the app immediately without having to sign up with a username, password, or email address Just swipe with your finger to switch exercises while logging a workout Both your current and past workout sets are shown side-by-side, encouraging you to match or exceed your last workout Rest timer autostarts after logging so you know when to perform your next set even if youre checking your text messages between sets Autofill option automatically fills in the next set from your last workout after logging your current set Rest timer notification shows your next workout set so you dont even have to switch back to the app or unlock your phone to know what to do next Workout dates and sets can be changed after logging, letting you enter any past workouts or switch over from another appTrack Your Progress Body tracking lets you log body weight, body fat %, pulse, and blood pressure - It even calculates your BMI Body measurement log tracks your progress for each body part, like your waist and bicep sizes Photo log feature tracks your before and after pictures, so you can see the difference Graphs plot your progress visually by charting your max, min, and average reps and weights per set and your total reps and weight across all sets Statistics show your min, max, average, and total reps and weight for each exercise Workout comparison tool lets you compare workouts set-by-set to show your improvement One rep max calculator shows your 1RM and several percentages of your 1RM along with a suggested rep count for each weight amount Calories burned are calculated for each workout Cardio workouts are also loggable for those warmups on the treadmill Share your workout data with the Health appCustomizable Includes over 400 exercises, 20 workout plans, and 3 individual routines to help get you started, or add your own custom exercises and routines Rest timer has customizable times and sounds and notifies you even outside the app Supports both imperial (pounds) and metric (kilograms) units Customizable appearance lets you change the background and foreground color, or set your own photo as the background wallpaper Share your workout data between your iPhone and iPad by storing your back ups in iCloud Workout data can be exported and imported via email Supports advanced bodybuilding techniques like supersets, drop sets, and giant sets Multiple user support: more than one person can track their workouts on the same device - Great for personal trainers or families that share an iPad International support: can log workouts in almost all languages Organize and group your workout routines into foldersWorkout with Apple Watch Log your complete workout with the companion app on Apple Watch View your workout summary directly on Apple Watch after you end your workout Workouts add to Activity rings Your workout routines, data, and settings are synced to Apple Watch Notifications show your next set and conveniently let you add additional rest timeWorkout now with Gym Log Plus

Gym Log Plus Lite alternatives

GymBook - Strength training

Here is GymBook, your fitness app to efficiently create, log and analyze your workouts at the gym - all in a beautiful and innovative user interface. MANAGE YOUR WORKOUTS Create your workout with your own exercises or choose from the 50 simple exercises with animated images and visualizations of the affected primary and secondary muscle group Group and sort your exercises within a workout Define the sets, weight and reps you want to perform for each exercise Define different settings for your sets of an exercise (e.g. for warm up sets or pyramid training) Archive workouts you dont actively use and keep them for statistics or for later useMANAGE YOUR EXERCISES Edit the preloaded exercises Create your own exercises (cardio exercises also supported) Assign a region, a primary and secondary muscle group and write down notes for your exercises Add a photo to your exercisesWORK OUT Fast logging and tracking of your workout Log your workout on your wrist with GymBook for Apple Watch Extend your logs with notes to add additional information Immediately see how you did last time Use the pre-filled picker views for fast logging and Quick-Log for super fast logging Quickly access logs from within a workout, including the graphical statistics Change the workout date (if you want to log previous workouts) Immediately see your exercise statistics in a configurable, interactive line graph Move automatically to the next exercise of your workout after saving a log (configurable) The workout screen immediately shows a detailed overview about todays workout The innovative Workout Matrix gives you always a detailed overview about your current workout After completing a workout, a summary shows your performance as well as your heat map and lets you analyze your progress compared to last time Completed workouts are saved to the Health app (with date, start time, end time, duration, name and optionally active calories)MORE Time your rests with the adjustable timer which also works when you set your iPhone/iPad to sleep or close your app: you can configure your preferred timer duration, have a primary and a secondary timer (even specific to an exercise), choose between a classic or a graphical timer, have different timer sounds and more Receive a detailed analysis of your performance thanks to the interactive line graphs and/or pie charts Export your logs as XML and CSV file and export a backup as a database file Track your body measurements (such as weight, body fat percentage or body circumferences) and analyze your progress in interactive line graphs Change the appearance of GymBook and choose from one of 7 great designs*Some special functions can be purchased via in-app purchases. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Many thanks go to Everkinetic ( from where we have some of the exercise images and inspiration for the others (the enrichment of the images by the affected muscle group is not part of the material provided by Everkinetic).

  • rating 4.58065
  • size 75.6 MB

Gym Hero - Fitness Log & Workout Tracker

Over 10.000.000 workouts logged with Gym Hero so far Making it one of the hottest fitness tracker in the app store No more getting lost in long lists of workouts and exercises Log your routines and keep track of your progress. Select sets, weight and repetitions in seconds. We will listen to every single user in order to improve Gym Hero for you

  • size 50.8 MB

Workout Log: Track Training Progress & Get Strong

ironGAINS app is built in a way so you would be motivated to push yourself forward and make progress. Every single workout. What could grant even more safety than Apple?Here is what ironGAINS app users say:It automates what I wrote down on paper for years No more excel spreadsheets and clipboards The build in timer is your personal trainer telling you its time for the next set It helps me push myself more when working out Keeps me on top and ahead of my schedule I recommend this to all of my friends when I get the chance.I use this app religiously.Just give a test ride, ironGAINS app is free for the first 5 workouts.

  • rating 4.0
  • size 51.5 MB

Fitlist - Workout Log & Fitness Tracker

Track your workouts more easily than ever with Fitlist for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Join our fitness community to connect with others who use Fitlist daily to track their workouts and achieve their fitness goals. Like us on facebook at amazingly simple, or simply amazing?

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  • size 53.4 MB

Easy Gym Log

Quickly and easily log your weights and cardio workout at your gym or in your own home so you can track your progress and know what weights to lift or distances to run or cycle etc. next time you work out. This app is totally customisable to your own workouts.