Turn your iPhone or iPad into a musical instrument RD4 - Groovebox is a music making app with virtual analog synthesizers, drum machines and effects. Compose and arrange your music in real-time. Feature OverviewMixer- 4 channel rack mixer- Instrument selection for each channel- Volume control with level meter per channel- Direct audio effect channel assignment- Tempo control with tap tempo- Channel mute and soloSequencer- 2 banks with up two 8 bars per instrument- Adjustable play modes from 1 to 8 bars and random modes- Song Mode with a length of up to 99 barsChoose between two virtual analog synthesizers and the drum machine for each channel:Analog- Modeled after legendary monophonic synths of the 70s- For fat sounding bass and powerful lead sounds- 3 oscillators with 6 different waveforms- Each oscillator can be tuned precisely and has a warmth control for the typical analog sound- Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release envelope generator- Pitch wheel- Low-pass filter (24dB/oct, 4-pole) with knobs for cutoff, resonance and an Attack/Decay/Sustain envelope generator- Recording of played notes in real-time- Piano Roll for editing recorded notes comfortably- Or compose by drawing notes directly with the piano roll in 1/16 or 1/32 resolution- Piano roll editing features: Transpose Pattern, Shift Sequence and Quantize PatternBassline- Reminiscent of the legendary 303 synthesizer- Create bubbling basslines and screaming lead sounds- Successor of the famous synthesizer Rubberduck from d-lusion- High-quality low-pass filter with resonance, cut-off, and envelope controls- Oscillator with 4 types of waveforms- Real-time step sequencer with accent and slideBeats- Program beats with 10 classic drum kits: 808, 909, 606, CR-78, Linn, KR55, RX11, RZ1, DMX, DPM48- Booming kick drums, snappy snares and throbbing percussions- 8 channels per drum kit- Punch control for volume and envelope adjustments- Accent programmable for each drum channel- Free assignable effects for each drum sound- Channel mute, Closed Hi Hat mutes the Open Hi Hat- Real-time pattern based step sequencerAudio effects:- 5 effects: Reverb, distortion, filter, phaser and delay- Real-time controllable- X/Y control field for each effect- 4 effect sends- Chaining of 2 effectsTechnical features:- Audiobus support- Core MIDI support- Connects to all available MIDI input sources automatically- MIDI Clock Sync support, in/out- Automatic MIDI input focus when switching Instruments- Multi-touch control- Live session recording- Audio loop export feature- Session save capability- Cut/copy/paste pattern

RD4 - Groovebox alternatives

LP-5 - Loop-based Music Sequencer

LP-5 is a 5-track loop launcher/sampler for iOS.Designed for live arranging and remixing, LP-5 allows you to play audio loops from an intuitive launch grid, while automatic tempo synchronization keeps you in time with the beat. Loop recording, real-time stretching, IAA effect hosting, and MIDI connectivity make LP-5 a powerful tool for your studio sessions, live performances, or DJ acts. This app has been Superpowered

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Modular Synthesizer

TAKE YOUR MUSIC TO THE NEXT LEVELModular, the ultimate synthesizer that will revolutionize your sound High fidelity virtual analog synthesis using band limited oscillators and oversampled filters Audiobus and background audio modes CoreMIDI control with external devices or internal sequencers Beautifully rendered graphics Dynamic workspace with intuitive navigation 10 octave keyboard with classically styled arpeggiator Extensive in app help with detailed module descriptions and guides Record and export live performance to Soundcloud, Sonoma Audio Copy, email and iTunes file sharingModular is a powerful sound design tool which allows you to build your own custom synthesizer by connecting different sound modules together. By separating each synthesis process, modules can be connected in any way. Every detail of the audio has been analyzed to provide you the most amazing sound possible such as buttery smooth filter sweeps and resonance so stable you can use the filter as an oscillator Modular goes a step further with connectivity and supports Audiobus, CoreMIDI, as well as AudioShare so that your music making workflow is streamlined and integrated.

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Jam Synth

Jam Synth is a fully featured monophonic guitar synthesizer / multi FX for iOS. If you are going to send it a signal from another app you should use the input FILTER on the input page to filter out any extra harmonics or noise that may be present in an already-processed signal Fat Bass Super Chip Leads Beagle Time Pizza PartyJam Synth is designed to be easy to use even for users who dont have a lot of experience programming or playing synthesizers. When in doubt, just press buttons and turn knobs while plucking a string until you find a sound you like You must AT LEAST have an iPad 3 / iPhone 5 for best performance due to the fanciness of the DSPhttp://www.facebook.com/PrimitiveDigitalSoftware

SynthMaster Player

SUMMER SALE started Pro Upgrade is 50% OFF, expansion sound banks are 30-40% OFF SynthMaster Player for iOS received 2016 Editors Choice Award from Electronic Musician Magazine Its desktop version SynthMaster is voted as The Best VST/AU Synth Plugin by MusicRadar readers and also received Gear of the Year award from MusicTech Magazine for Best Software Instrument category. SynthMaster has received very positive reviews from acclaimed music technology magazines:SynthMaster: The most powerful softsynth you may not have heard of Keyboard MagazineIf ever there was a desert island synth, SynthMaster is it, covering all sonic bases with authority and a superb tone Computer Music MagazineMany developers say that theyve produced the one and only synth youll ever need, but weve always felt that was a dubious claim. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSMinimum Operating System Supported: iOS 8.4Minimum Hardware Supported: iPad4, iPhone 5 and aboveRecommended Hardware: iPad Air and above, iPhone6 and above

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