Free for a limited time Gravity combines music, art and science in one relaxing experience. Use all your fingers to guide the star flow. * Ability to save and load option presets * Multiple play modes: default, drawing, tranquility and user defined * No ads

Gravity - Light Particles Manipulation App alternatives

Fission Lite - Half Life

Welcome into the fantastic world of the subatomic Take a journey inside one of natures most powerful phenomenons - Nuclear Fission. This app presents an artistic interpretation of atomic collisions in a nuclear fission reaction. If you enjoy watching fireworks and explosives or the satisfying feedback of a domino style chain reaction you will love this app.

  • size 18.0 MB

Scenic TV

Beautiful nature scenes 24 hours a day. The easiest way to a world away.

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 11.9 MB

3D Shape Shifter 2 HD

3D Shape Shifter II HD is a brilliant morphing particle simulator Watch with awe as you witness colorful particles morph between different 3D geometric objects with a touch of your finger Fun for kids or anyone else in your family Features: - Optimized for iOS 10 - A dozen different 3D objects - Choose from four different textures - Adjust color saturation and number of particles - Pinch to zoom.- Rotate the shapes.- Adjustable blur.

  • size 5.0 MB

Triple A - Touch Visualizer

What is Triple A? Triple A is a highly complex, kinetic, and interactive visualizer app that is a montage of three other digital art applications also made by SungLab, Art Wave, Art Particle, and Art Gravity. [email protected]/

  • rating 4.88889
  • size 22.5 MB