iPhone 3GS(ARMv6)iPhone 3GS, iPod touchGlueMotor2 http://itun.es/i6xd4BB Warning: Please use GlueMotor2 if your device is iPhone 3GS or newer, iPod touch 3rd gen or newer: http://itun.es/i6xd4BBThis version still remains for old devices such as iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2nd gen (ARMv6 devices).This application is for controlling hobby servo motors with simple modification so you can connect to iOS devices headphone jack. Basically, this app will generate appropriate PWM signal as audio, then controls two servo motors.


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GlueMotor alternatives

Audio Signal Generator including Sweeps & Noise

This is the highly recommended and praised Function Generator App - an amazingly great and powerful tone generator. Enriched with a vast amount of features yet it is extremely intuitive and designed for simplicity. The Function Generator is AMAZINGLY INTUITIVE and SIMPLE AND THESE ARE THE ADVANCED SETTINGS/FEATURES (upgrade to PRO required):=> Extending The Frequency Range=> Extending The Sweep Times=> Changing Min/Max Slider Frequency Ranges => Changing Max Sweep Time Slider Range=> Changing Signal Amplitude=> Enabling Of The Sweep Repeat / Wobble Function=> Frequency Slider Setting to Linear or Logarithmic=> Left/Right Channel Individual Selection=> Permanently Saving Custom Presets=> Saving Of Endless Number Of Audio Configurations=> Phase Out Setting (Phase shift of 180 of the generated signal)=> BPM (Beats per Minute) Feature=> Dual Function Generator=> Background Theme Selection (Light/Dark)

  • size 18.9 MB

BLE Controller

This App is designed to work with our BLE boards for Makers and Developers, please visit www.redbearlab.com for more information.

  • size 2.6 MB


Electronics is a powerful all-in-one toolkit for engineers, hobbyists and anyone interested in electronics. Supports Apple Watch Now you can calculate 4 band resistors, inductors and view chip pin outs right on your wrist. Electronics key features: Resistor colour code calculator SMD resistor code calculator Ohms law calculator LED current limiting resistor calculator Axial inductor color code calculator Reactance and resonance calculator Potential / Voltage divider Capacitor charge & energy calculator Wheatstone bridge calculator Pin-out reference for common 4000 series CMOS and 7400 series chipsMore features will be added in forthcoming updates, stay tuned

  • rating 4.2
  • size 3.5 MB

Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect

Wirelessly connect your iOS device to Adafruit Bluefruit LE modules for control & communication with your projects. Features: Send iOS sensor & GPS data wirelessly over Bluetooth LE (Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life) Control Pad for simple directional control of your projects Control Arduino Digital, Analog, & PWM pin input & output Send & receive messages via UART monitor in Hex or ASCII format Control NeoPixels individually with an interactive color picker Scan & list nearby Bluetooth LE peripherals with RSSI and Advertisement data Connect & List peripheral Services & Characteristics in Info mode Serial Plotter to plot numeric data graphically Multiple simultaneous connections (UART and Serial Plotter only) Update your Bluefruit device to the latest firmware version from within the app Use Apple Watch to control Bluefruit with Color Picker & Control PadLearn more about Adafruit Bluefruit LE at:http://www.adafruit.com/bluefruitle

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Blynk - IoT for Arduino, RPi, Particle, ESP8266

Control Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ESP32, Particle Photon and Electron, and many other microcomputers with an iPhone? Building a smart home or robot? Happy Blynking

  • size 31.8 MB

More Information About alternatives


This application is for controlling hobby servo motors with simple wire connected to your iOS devices headphone jack. Basically, this app will generate appropriate PWM signal as audio, then controls two servo motors. GlueMotor.com/ or an article SMARTPHONE Servo in Make: magazine Volume 34 https://makezine.com/projects/make-34/smartphone-servo/ for more details.This application does not work with old devices such as iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2nd gen, however GlueMotor version 1.1 is still available for such old devices at here: https://itun.es/i6xd3VW

  • size 1.0 MB
  • version 2.2.0


Unique technology transfers on your screen what you are experiencing at next gen consoles. The R.O.B.O.T. Works on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3rd generation, iPod Touch 4rd generation, iPad, iPad2 and iPad3 and newer.

  • size 46.0 MB
  • version 1.4

Battery Manager FREE

BEST BATTERY MANAGEMENT APPAre you looking for an ALL-IN-1 Battery Management app? iBattery Manager Free, the one you have been looking for, offers you everything you need. Battery Manager supports the following device model- iPhone 2G- iPhone 3G- iPhone 3GS- iPhone 4- iPhone 4S- iPhone 5- iPhone 5C- iPhone 5S- iPod Touch 1st Gen- iPod Touch 2nd Gen- iPod Touch 3rd Gen- iPod Touch 4th Gen- iPod Touch 5th Gen+ If you have any problem, feedback and suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]+ Follow us for latest updates & promotion: twitter.com/tapisfun

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  • version 4.0

BLE Arduino

Control your Arduino board wirelessly. *Requires iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, latest iPad or iPod touch (5th gen) and our BLE Shield. Have funFeatures- Supports Digital, Analog, PWM and Servo pin modes- Plug-n-play with Arduino Uno, Mega & Leonardo (does not support Analog mode for Leonardo.)

  • size 0.8 MB
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Paygistix Mobile

Paygistix Mobile allows you to easily accept credit card transactions on your Apple device and is compatible with 100s of merchant account services providers. HOW IT WORKS1. Compatible Devices: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini w/Retina Display, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod Touch 3rd Gen., iPod Touch 4th Gen., iPod Touch 5th Gen.

  • size 10.6 MB
  • version 1.1


*IMPORTANT* Karateka requires iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 2 or newer, or 5th-gen iPod Touch. Instantly, addictively fun -MacLifeKarateka will charm you with its classic love story set in feudal Japan. Karateka does NOT support earlier devices such as iPad 1, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS.

  • rating 4.21981
  • size 675 MB
  • version 1.02


Got pink noise? SignalSuite adds precision signal generator capabilities to your iPhone or iPod touch. FEATURES- Generate familiar periodic signals, including sinusoids, rectangular waveforms, triangle waves, and sawtooth waves.- Generate two periodic signals simultaneously, with an arbitrary phase difference between them.- Generate three different types of white noise and pink noise.- Generate linear or logarithmic frequency sweeps.- SignalSuite remembers your signal generator configurations between launches.- Pan (balance) controls allow different signals to be sent to the left and right output channels when working with the stereo headphone jack or line out.- All three signal generators can be operated simultaneously.

  • size 1.5 MB
  • version 1.5

Covet Fashion

Love fashion? Come play Covet Fashion, the game for the shopping obsessed Join millions of other fashionistas, discover clothing and brands you love, and get recognized for your style Feed your shopping addiction and create outfits in this fashion game designed to hone your style skills. Privacy Policy: http://www.crowdstar.com/privacyTerms of Service: http://www.crowdstar.com/tosAcceptable Use Policy: http://www.crowdstar.com/aupNotes:- Requires iOS 7.0+;- Compatible with iPhone 4 or newer, iPod Touch 4th Generation or newer, and iPad 2 or newer- This game will NOT work on iPad 1, iPhone 3GS or older, and iPod Touch 3rd Gen or older- This game requires an internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to play

  • rating 3.71429
  • size 109 MB
  • version 3.08.06


Synse is a new interactive Visual Music App It combines controlling music and visuals with Multitouch and creates a unique audiovisual experience. Especially the set PARIS dives into a setting of a parisian street with binaural soundscapes and combines it with an interactive sound-light-installation. QUOTES Control music and non-generative visualsthe first of its kind. All of the three included sets work on iPhone 3GS and 4 / iPod 3rd and 4th gen. / iPad and iPad2 On iPhone 3G and iPod 2nd gen. only LIFETIME is supported

  • size 87.3 MB
  • version 1.0

IceCubes Special Edition

READ: IceCubes SE is a universal app and will run on: iPod Touch 3rd Gen 32GB or newer, iPhone 3GS or newer, iPad 1/2. INSANE SUPER MOVES Thats right. This is most likely the first puzzle game to allow you to perform damaging super moves to clear large amounts of blocks This is the only game on Earth with eye-beam shooting baby seals.

  • rating 3.83333
  • size 15.6 MB
  • version 1.0