Buy both our apps together and save 20%- PD Meter is the App Stores top PD measurement App. It is super easy to use and is highly accurate thanks to our advance algorithms.- Lens Thickness is the only app of its kind which shows you eyeglass lenses thickness in real-life size for your Rx in different lens materials. Know before you buy

GlassifyMe - PD Meter and Lens Thickness alternatives

PD Meter | Pupil Distance Measure by GlassifyMe

GlassifyMe PD Meter App is the perfect tool to measure your PD quickly and accurately. Measure your PD in minutes and order your next pair of glasses at for less. Get exclusive discounts for shopping at Watch the full video tutorial at

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Lens Thickness by GlassifyMe

Visualize life-size eyeglasses lens thickness based on your actual prescription with our Lens Thickness app. Professional level precision Based on your actual prescription (Rx) Use actual frame size or let the app use approximate frame size View right and left lens individually Choose from all commercially available Lens Materials and Indexes and compare possible lens thickness yourself. Disclaimer: Actual lens thickness may slightly vary due to variation in manufacturing process.

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