Play a scary prank on your friends with this ghost radar detector. The app acts like it can detect ghosts with a realistic looking radar and when activated the radar will start to go crazy with paranormal activity and creepy sounds and voices and then all of a sudden you hear a loud haunting scream and a terrifying face burst on screen to scare the victim This hoax works on a timer. Fool your friends with just the radar Forget other fake ghosts detector apps with bad radars and silly camera effects, get a funny and fun prank one that will scare your friends half to death

Ghost Radar Detector Prank: Scare your friends! alternatives

Ghost Detector Camera - scary paranormal activity sensor & spirit detector radar tool

The #1 ghost detector app of 2016 Download now Get scared if you dare This FREE Ghost Detector Camera will tell you exactly if there is a ghost or spirit nearby FEATURES - ghost detector using real EMF waves- use your devices video camera to detect ghosts- awesome animated HD graphics - high quality sound effects INSTRUCTIONS Start the detection sequence and start walking around slowly - we recommend to do this in a haunted house for best result. Pan your device from left to right and keep an eye on the ghost proximity indicator. You might run into a real ghost and see him or her on the screen Dont wait any longer and start scanning

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Real Ghost Detector

Detection colors guide:Each dot or blip on the radar is colored to represent the strength of a single observed entity and its readings, and if a detection goes outside of maximum radar range, then later that same detection returns within the observation range, the same color should be shown, or if it is a different, unique detection, and a unique color should appear although it is possible it will be close to the strength depending on what the sensors read. Each color is graded on the strength of the signal from any one radar blip across ROYGBIV color spectrum, and as dots enter and exit the sensor range their strength is graded based on the magnitude of the readings. Thanks for using the app

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Ghost Sensor - EM4 Detector

Find ghosts and places of other paranormal activities with EM4,The most accurate sensor for iOS devices. New algorithm - EM4 is finally stable, its much more accurate and sensitive than any of its counterparts and additionally enables us to measure nature of paranormal entity, whether its state and impact on surroundings is positive or negative at a given time. App is for fun and entertainment purposes only * Sensitivity may vary from device to device.

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Ghost Locator

This ghost locator is based on a detection method dating back to the Middle Ages, which remained secret for a long time. It enables a precise localization of ghosts and gives you a lot of useful information. Follow us on Facebook : us on Twitter :

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Ghost Detector - Ghost Finder Fingerprint Scanner HD Pro +

Great prank app for ghost hunters and ghost finders. This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true ghost detecting, radar or scanning functionality. The app will randomly tell you how many ghosts are near you.

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