Get It, Got It is a quick, easy and simple app designed for you to quickly capture your thoughts, ideas, concepts, quotes and notes. TaggingTag each note to categorize or create connections between multiple notes.iCloud and Evernote SyncSyncs with Evernote or use iCloud to always have your notes with you across all of your iOS devices. ExportEmail single notes, multiple notes or your entire Get It, Got It library.

Get It, Got It alternatives

24me Smart Personal Assistant

Best of App Store to manage your calendar, to-do list, notes and personal accounts - Apple.24me is a Smart Personal Assistant - The award-winning app that helps millions of people all over the world to boost their productivity. Its an easy-to-use and yet super powerful app that puts everything related to your schedule in one place: your CALENDAR, TO-DO LIST, NOTES and Personal Accounts. Our Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: more about 24me at

  • rating 4.70492
  • size 69.4 MB

ThinkBook - Todos, Notes, Projects, Outlines

Imagine the next step up from a todo list app. It has todos, sure, but it also lets you take notes, organize them into outlines, make projects from them and track your progress. Follow us on Twitter (@bitolithic) for news and sneak peeks.

  • rating 3.75862
  • size 40.1 MB

MyScript Memo

MyScript Memo,,, EvernoteFacebookTwitterGmail /MyScript Memo 31 () ,MyScript Memo , AppAdvice.comMYSCRIPT MEMO : , FacebookTwitterEvernote Gmail /: :, / :() MyScript cloud 63 () () ,, : FacebookTwitterEvernoteSMS : MyScript , Mac PC iTunes : 9 : 63 : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : MyScript Memo , MyScript ,, : :

  • rating 3.625

Swipes - To do & Task list. Plan & Achieve goals.

Swipes has been voted as one of the worlds top 5 productivity apps with a Best New Startup prize by Evernote and a nomination for a Webby Award. Swipes helps you automatically collect all your tasks in one place, organize them according to your personal priorities and then work on a single task at a time to achieve better focus. Heres our Terms of Use: our Privacy Policy:

  • rating 4.6875
  • size 36.8 MB

SuperNote Notes Recorder&Photo

NOTES + RECORDING + PHOTOS + REMINDERSAuto-organized with color code / categoryPerfect for Lectures, Meetings, Conferences, Interviews, Debriefings, Brainstorming, Quick notes, To-Do Lists, Planning, and more. Awesome for Work, School and Daily Life. just drop us a mail to [email protected]

  • rating 4.5
  • size 44.4 MB