Gero App is for people who want to understand how different habits affect their body. Using the data of over 100,000 people, machine learning, and science, our researchers have developed a way to connect lifestyle with life expectancy through motion activity. Be healthy and dont forget to carry your phone with you;)


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Body Culture Coach
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Gero Lifespan alternatives

Gyroscope Health

Gyroscope integrates with HealthKit and many other data sources to show you the complete story of your life See beautiful daily, weekly and monthly reports of your life, and easily save them as images or share them with the world. Beautiful visualizations and a super useful app VictoriaThe insights I get using Gyroscope are priceless. Learn more about our terms, pricing & privacy policy at or contact us at if you have any questions

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Lose weight, build muscles and get rewarded with real prizes Turn your wellness into a game with real rewards from your friends, partners and family members. This FREE APP connects you with your closest relatives for increased inspiration and motivation. Enjoy the prize All you need is to enjoy a customized workout plan scheduled in your iPhone calendar.

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Dry January & Beyond

The Dry January & Beyond app is for those who want to cut down or cut out the booze throughout the year, while seeing the impact it has on your health and wallet. The app has been developed to help you beyond Alcohol Concerns Dry January campaign, should you wish to keep track of your drinking, cut down or carry on Dry Continue using the app throughout the year and maximise the benefits of staying dry with personalised tips and tricks. So, join us, download this app and reap the rewards

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Note: to use this app, you will need Lapka Personal Environment Monitor and iOS 7 or above. Learn more: mylapka.comLapka is a tiny, beautifully designed personal environment monitor that connects to your phone to measure, collect and analyze the hidden qualities of your surroundings. Theres a mobile version in the app and a desktop version at map.mylapka.comThe most beautiful science ever.

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Addapp Insights

UNDERSTAND YOUR HEALTHAddapp helps you understand your health and well-being by using your health data from apps and fitness trackers like Apple Health, Fitbit and Jawbone. GET PERSONAL & ACTIONABLE TIPSAddapp doesnt only analyze your data, but we also give you personal, easy-to-understand recommendations for how to improve your health, fitness and well-being. Addapp integrates with: Jawbone Up, Fitbit, RunKeeper, Apple Health, MapMyRun, MapMyFitness, MapMyHike, MapMyWalk, MapMyRide, Moves, Withings, Misfit, Swarm by Foursquare, Bodymedia, iHealth, Strava, FatSecret and Uber.

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More Information About alternatives

Body Culture Coach

Download the Body Culture Coach app to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level with the help of your personal Body Culture Coach Connect with your coach and work together to build healthy lifestyle habits that stick with you beyond the gym, and get the personal support you need to make sure you reach all of your personal fitness and wellness goals. Heres how it works* Download the app and create your account. The NOTES section may also have custom items your BC Coach wants you to track

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  • version 1.2.0

Herbal Magic

Download the Herbal Magic app to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level while you benefit from the weight loss system that can help you lose weight and keep it off. Connect with us and well work together to build healthy lifestyle habits that stick with you beyond any wellness program, and get the personalized support you need to make sure you reach all of your personal health and weight goals. * Sync the Herbal Magic app with your favorite fitness tracking apps and devices and automatically sync data from Fitbit, Apple Health, Garmin, Jawbone, RunKeeper, Strava, Withings, InBody, MapMyFitness, Moves and more * Dont forget to check the CUSTOM TRACKERS section, it may have personalized items that the experts at Herbal Magic recommend you track

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  • version 1.1.0

Trilogy Game

The Trilogy Game: Makes creating healthy habits funJoin our community of like-minded people all on a journey to create Optimal Health and Well Being. The Trilogy represents the 3 key areas of optimal health; healthy body, healthy mind and healthy finances. The coach version of the app is $4.99 / month or $50.00 / year and gives you access to business building tools, training and support on becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and behind the scenes access to the master coaches each month.

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  • version 1.5.6


AtlantiCares mission is to build healthy communities. We support your healthy lifestyle through Well 4 Life, your AtlantiCare wellness resource. With our app you can:- Access our free wellness activities, events and support groups- Connect over 100 different activity apps and devices including Health app, Fitbit, Runkeeper, Nike + and much more- Share your health data with your providers, family and friends- Set health goals and watch as you achieve them- View a list of all AtlantiCare providers and contact them easily- Set up your care team and have one central place for all the people who help you stay welland much, much more.

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  • version 6.0.1

This Is Healthful Inc.

Welcome, Download the This Is Healthful Inc. App Today for FREE TIH wants to keep you informed and support your Healthful Journey Dont Miss Out This Is Healthful Inc. is committed to being a trusted source for Healthy Habits, Mental Hygiene, Essential Eating, Physical Activity and Healthful Education. TIH is a guide to connect users to nation wide community services across Canada We provide a wide range of different types of Personal & Corporate Health Services and Coaching Support. It is time to Live Life In Your Body First and Download the App Today

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  • version 3.8.1001

U of Chew

Good health never goes stale Exciting animations using fun characters, videos, games, stories, tips, and recipes increase your childs awareness about healthy food and fitness. Designed to battle childhood obesity and teach healthy habits for life, the U of Chew teaches children how food and lifestyle choices affect their bodies and emotions. Please email us at [email protected] and well be happy to help Privacy Disclosure Does not collect or share any location and/or personal data Does not contain any ads Does not collect location information Does not contain In-App Purchases Does contain links to the AppStore (rate), to our other childrens apps, and to our website

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  • version 1.00.08

Health Coach Howie

Health Coach Howies philosophy: There are 3 parts to overall Total Health. Activity, Whole Food Nutrition, and Effective Supplementation. Without BALANCE in the human body, there can be no LONGEVITY Our Mission is to teach all who care, that are interested, simple practical solutions to living a happy healthy lifestyle You will find useful features like:- Ability to set appointments- Events Calendar- Community Forum- Exclusive in app ONLY deals

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  • version 1.0

Mood Runner

Use Mood Runners scientifically proven mood scale to identify your emotional home and emotional patterns over time, track your diet, exercise, sleep, stress, energy level, sex drive and menstrual cycles. Set goals, develop new health habits and move up the mood scale, one day at a time all on a fun and simple to use touch screen. Features:- Track moods and watch your mood patterns over time - Record lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress, energy level and sex drive- Track menstrual cycles and symptoms- Understand how various factors affect your mood- Set mood and lifestyle goals, develop new habits and stay on track- Take notes for more details- View charts based on any chosen timeframe and any chosen factor in relation to your mood- Upload data to website to view, export and print- Edit or delete your entries with our simple touch screen design- Passcode protection- Reminder for data entry- Developer support

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Award Winning App to help People who Stutter - in Real World ScenariosNiNiSpeech enables people who stutter to take control over their day-to-day speech, using unique technologies. Research shows 84% of people who stutter will lapse back after treatment. * Speak with people who stutter, who share your ambition to improve speech* Enjoy entertaining speech activities* Receive objective, quantitative, real-time feedback about your stuttering* Measure performance & track your progress* Enable your therapist to monitor your real-world performance* Sharpen learning curve & maximize success rateThe app was developed by top-notch researchers in the fields of speech therapy, signal processing, biofeedback, interaction design, and gamification.

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  • version 1.1

PI! for Weight Loss

PI for Weight Loss (also known as Picture It ) is a weight loss app exclusively for people enrolled in the specified program at St. Lukes University Hospital Network that offers around-the-clock-support in your weight loss journey towards a healthier you. PI for Weight Loss is an easy-to-use, personalized app that helps you create healthy new behaviors by encouraging food logging, physical activity, regular weigh-ins, health education, and positive communication with other program members to keep you motivated and inspired. FEATURES+Visualize your weight loss goals by selecting a personally motivating image+Collect virtual rewards as you build and track healthy habits+Connect a smart device (Fitbit) to track your diet, physical activity, and weight+Complete challenges that motivate healthy habits through Daily Quests+Receive helpful reminders to keep you on track+Access your support network through built-in social community features +View your progress charts to keep you on the road to success+Receive encouragement from your class instructor

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  • version 1.2.0