GEEKEY is the unique, best and ultimate keyboard, made just for you, geek Bazinga Geekey contains 67 crazy text effects, 10 beautiful themes and over 250 of the best emojis specially made for geeks. You can beautify your message using special text effects, funny fonts, stunning kaomojis and share photos as ascii art. Privacy first Stop waiting, boost your geek attitude Support: [email protected] news, engage with us on:Twitter: @geekey_ioFacebook: credit:Crush At Maracas Bar (CC 3.0 by Rolemusic)

Geekey - Ultimate Keyboard for Geeks alternatives

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KittyKey - Cat Keyboard, Stickers, Sounds, Emoji & Kaomoji

KittyKey, the iPhone and iPad keyboard that purrs, includes 10 cat themed keyboards with cat sounds like purr and meow as you type, Kitty Chat Stickers, Cat Kaomoji & Jumbo Cat Emoji.- 10 designer cat keyboard themes inspired by our favorite furry friends Includes English Autocorrect and awesome spacebar cursor control. - Select from 12 different cat sounds while you type, including purr, meow, hiss, and even roar Switch back to the regular keyboard click sound at any time. - Over 50 original Kitty Chat Stickers to send in messages, emails, and most social apps They are SO Fun Just click the paw on the keyboard - Cat Kaomoji (Word Pictures): We love Japanese Kaomoji but hate how hard they are to type Now you can quickly insert Cat Kaomoji without having to remember - Jumbo Cat Emoji are just a paw click away KittyKey is purr-fect for all ages Dont wait, download today

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Early Game Alarm

Play a game to wake up. We added some all-time favorite games to shake you up first thing in the morning. Join us on Facebook or Instagram, where we are developing a supportive community of early morning lovers.http://earlyapp.io

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FutureCalc: ergonomic calculator for single-handed use

FutureCalc is an ergonomic calculator, possibly the first of its kind, specifically designed for single-handed use. All buttons are accessible for the thumb without repositioning the phone or supporting it with the other hand. Enjoy your numbers

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