GammaGuard is a real, working radioactivity detector. Uses your phones camera to detect radiation. For a more detailed description of the application, please visit the developer website listed below: Icons downloaded from Icons8 so Thanks to Icons8 for the Icons :


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GammaGuard alternatives

Seismometer 6: Vibration Meter

Taking advantage of the built-in accelerometer in your iPhone and iPad, Seismometer 6 detects and visualizes any vibrations and moves of the device. So, why not using this excellent feature to help your iPhone/iPad self-protected like a car when combined with an alarm? Features - Export data via email - Measure vibrations in x-, y-, z-direction or the combination of those at the same time - Selectable sample rates from 20Hz to 100Hz - Linear and logarithmic graph scales - Alarm function with 3 levels of sensitivities - Customizable alarm sounds - Show/hide time-lines - Lock and unlock modes

  • rating 4.4359
  • size 20.8 MB

EMF Radiation Detector

The technologies we use today, from our everyday appliances, cell phones, even our cars, emit electromagnetic radiation & EM radiation that can penetrate and affect us, seriously compromising our health and disturbing our environments. When you come to magnetic radiation, the body is as easily penetrated as air. To ensure the accuracy of the data keep the iPhone away from metal objects, magnets and speakers.

  • rating 3.125
  • size 2.8 MB

Teslameter 11 - Metal Detector

Teslameter 11 takes advantage of the built in magnetometer in your iPhone/iPad, allows you to monitor the strength of magnetic field all around. There are a range of real-life applications for this useful item, such as: metal detector, AC magnetic fields, or finding low-magnetic places for sleeping (especially for babies) and of course, why not fun as well?Features:- Display the raw 3 axes x, y and z magnetometer values and a nice analog meter to display the magnitude - Display the graphical history of magnitude (size, strength) of the magnetic field- Support multiple units: tesla and gauss- Record and export the data to email for further analysis- Define your own threshold alert with audible alarm when it encounters a field (metal, speakers, etc. )- Sensitivity customizable- Start or stop the teslameter at any time- Enable/disable auto-lock screen

  • rating 4.14754
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EMF Detector - Ultimate Magnetometer for You

FREE FOR LAST DAYGet It Now Understanding the sources of negative magnetic frequencies is a key component to an overall wellness plan EMF Detector is an instrument that measures the surrounding magnetic field in units of Gauss or Tesla. With it, you can: Take it close to your day-to-day basis, like televisions, computer, cell phones, alarm clocks, microwave ovens, and so on, the gauge will increase automatically. Use it as metal detectors: they can detect only magnetic metals, but can detect such metals at a much larger depth than conventional metal detectors.

  • rating 3.0
  • size 21.3 MB

Tesla - Metal detector and Magnetic field recorder

Detect, measure and record magnetic fields and metal objects An Electromagnetic Field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects, including those which contain a high degree of iron (Fe) and therefore are considered as magnetic. This free app relies on the magnetometer sensor of your mobile device to transform your phone or tablet into a fun and easy to use metal detector / electromagnetic scanner. The reason that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this app, is that the measurements are fully dependent on the hardware sensor provided by your mobile device.

  • rating 4.17647
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Quickly share your contact info With QR codes, you simply need a camera to get a contact info - no bluetooth, or Wi-Fi needed. You can also generate a QR code based on your contact information so you can easily share it with others. Some icons used in the app are taken from Icons8 (

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Retire Early - your retirement calculator

When can I retire? Can I afford to start working part-time? Additional features in the Premium version of Retire Early:- Save your scenarios- Make lump sum withdrawals- Advanced pension fund settingsPlan for your retirement now * Uses some icons from

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WinRM Pro

Control Windows servers and workstations remotely by a few taps with your fingertips. WinRM is an essential app for system administrators, advanced users and students who are trying to learn some PowerShell scripting by trial and error approach or just experiment over long boring traveling times. Please let me know This app uses icons by Icons8 (

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RadioactivityCounterThis application is a real working radioactivity counter without any extra hardware needed It will turn your phone into a Geiger Mller Counter to measure radioactivity after proper calibration. Attention after upgrading iOS to a higher iOS do the calibrate again, as camera data properties might have changed Disclaimer: The type of radiation picked up by the camera can be dangerous/detrimental to the users health as well as cause damage to the device. * = Attention some phone might not be compatible due the new version of iOS or missing features (gps precision using sim cards)- please try to use an older rev of the App which should be available according to my settings (1.3).

  • size 11.6 MB
  • version 2.2


Want more to music listening experience? This app is for you.- Check the history of what and when you listened. If you have questions or need some help, please contact us at:- e-mail: [email protected] twitter: @iListenedApp* The app contains the icons by Icons8 (

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Been Together(Ad)

[Notice]There was a bug with theme settings, and you can always change to the previous theme from the theme settings. Thank you. * If the number is not showing on the badge, please allow the Badge App Icon notifications of BeenTogether from the iOS Notifications Settings.- This version is Ad-Supported -This app uses icons by Icons8* Special Thanks to *Italian : Thanks to Filippo Perissinotto Hungarian : Thanks to Tams Magyar & Norbert Kis-Szab Turkish : Thanks to Mert Yiitba Dedicated to his lovely Dilara

Find Free WiFi in ZA

Are you are a remote worker in pursuit of the perfect coffee shop to work from?Our app will help you find 2000+ free Wi-Fi spots around South Africa. Please note:This is a community project, so be aware that some data inaccuracies may be present. Awesome icons courtesy of Icons8 (

  • size 12.5 MB
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Mcas Prep - Studying Made Easy

Mcas Prep allows students in Massachusetts study for the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System(MCAS). This app easily allows students to take many test for free and automatically get their score. For more information please visit http://www.doe.mass.eduAll icons provided by

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Miney Mo

Have you ever played Eenie Meenie Miney Mo? Well, this app does that for you. You can even use it to pick who has to drive, or who has to pick up the check Thanks to Icons8 ( for providing some of the icons in the app.

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Big Red Arrow : Mark & Find Places

Big Red Arrow marks locations with a Big Red Arrow. Just tap on the map to create your virtual marker. Please Note: Always pay attention to where you are walking Some art assets have been provided by the marvellous

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