GPS & Maps is a simple, yet powerful GPS app for supporting navigation and outdoor activities like geocaching, sailing, skating, trekking, biking or traveling by airplane. It measures your position, height and acceleration with accuracy information and in different units like feet, meter, miles and kilometers. Compass and heading information are only available on devices with magnetometer (iPhone3 GS or newer and iPad).


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MapTool - GPS, Compass, Altitude, Speedometer, UTM, MGRS and Magnetic Declination
Tactical: GPS
Runtastic Altimeter GPS PRO
Altitude - Map Elevation
iMariner Offshore

GPS & Maps: Track Coordinates, Compass + Waypoints alternatives

Travel Altimeter Lite: GPS Altitude, Map Elevation

View your altitude or elevation on stunning landscapes that adjust with the time of day. The barometer lets you track your altitude changes based on the change of pressure. However, the altitude shown is potentially subject to large inaccuracies and this app should NOT be used as a primary device for determining altitude for medical reasons.

  • size 30.5 MB

Commander Compass Lite

Commander Compass is an essential offline GPS app for outdoors and off-road navigation. Packed with tools it serves as a hi-tech compass with maps, gyrocompass, GPS receiver, waypoint tracker, speedometer, altimeter, Sun, Moon and star finder, gyro horizon, and coordinate converter. DEMO & HELPVideos:

  • rating 4.83951
  • size 23.1 MB

Altimeter GPS with barometer

Outdoor barometric altimeter with four open source maps specially designed for trekkers, compass with places search, weather and step counter. Determines the altitude of your current location based on the GPS tracking, Aster or barometric ( iPhone 6 or > )DISCOVER WHY ITS DIFFERENTMany other altimeter for iPhone must have internet connection enabled for working but in mountain, desert or other places, you dont have it This altimeter read the accurate iPhone GPS and barometer data directly with proprietary refined algorithms. Altimeter GPS iis a great app for all enthusiasts of outdoor activities such as hiking, walking, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking

  • size 46.0 MB

Where Am I At?

FREE again for a limited time only - get it while it lasts Where Am I At? is a Top 25 Free Navigation App on the U.S. app store For the moments when you have to ask yourself, Where am I?, the Where Am I At app is there to help Simply open the app to have your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device instantly zoom in on your position. Key Features:- See your location automatically just by opening the Where Am I At app.- View your exact coordinates, approximate address, county information, and altitude.- Scroll around the map and keep track of your position while moving.- Zoom feature lets you take a closer look or get a birds eye view of your location.- Choose between Map, Satellite, and Hybrid view.- Easily copy your longitude, latitude, and address to the clipboard to paste elsewhere.- Share your location on Twitter, by email, or through text/iMessage without leaving the app. Average 4 out of 5 star rating with nearly a thousand 4 & 5 star reviews f60d9e0298

  • rating 4.72727
  • size 5.6 MB

Maps 3D - GPS for Bike, Hike, Ski & Outdoor

Enjoy exploring the great outdoors? If youre a fan of biking, hiking and running then Maps 3D is the ideal app designed for planning your outdoor adventures. Well try to answer you within 24 hours Thank you for using Maps 3D

  • size 27.0 MB

More Information About alternatives


You want to know your cars braking distance, braking time, acceleration, speed, kinetic energy, maximum power, heading, altitude, lattitude and longitude then CarScope is the right application for you. OVERVIEW:CarScope uses the GPS-Speed to compute the overall braking distance as well as braking time depending on the set street condition (dry, wet or snow).Furthermore, it measures the acceleration in driving direction and the centrifugal acceleration. Any tilt of the car (e.g. driving up a mountain) already creates gs the driver has to endure.

  • size 0.1 MB
  • version 1.1

MapTool - GPS, Compass, Altitude, Speedometer, UTM, MGRS and Magnetic Declination

A must have toolkit for every outdoor enthusiast: climber, hiker, off-road driver. All the essential tools for navigation are integrated seamlessly in one app. MAP GridHigh precision grid combined with predefined scale values for both metric and feet/miles (click Scale button)BATTERY FriendlyTurns off GPS in compass only and browsing modes to improve battery savings

  • size 17.7 MB
  • version 1.3.0

Tactical: GPS

Designed specifically for tactical use, this app contains all essential GPS / Location data needed. Features include;- Designed to be worn on wrist for ease-of-access - Contains location based data including; - Decimal Longitude / Latitude - Analog Longitude / Latitude (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds) - Date / Time - Compass heading / direction - Interactive Road / Satellite maps - Air Pressure (in kPa, Bar, Psi) - Altitude data (in Meters and Feet)The ideal tactical solution for any outdoor activity.

  • size 4.6 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Runtastic Altimeter GPS PRO

Turn your iPhone into an altimeter with this outdoor app and enjoy additional features like compass, weather information, exact position and sunrise & sunset times Ideal for trekking & hiking fans. The app calculates your altitude via GPS while providing a compass feature to make orientating yourself easy when hiking in the mountains. Runtastic Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

  • size 77.6 MB
  • version 2.0.4

Altitude - Map Elevation

Altitude Map Elevation app will help you to determine the altitudes of your current position above sea levelIt can be useful for climbers, mountaineers, airplane pilots, travelers and everyone who wants to know its current elevationAmazing Tool app for hiking on mountainsAccurate GPS determines you positionVery help app in outdoor activities for touristsIt measure height above sea level in altitude units of feet and metersIt also shows current, average and maximum speed, distance, timeshare altitude/elevation details with everybody through instant messaging clients and emailDisclaimer:App is not for navigationApp needs a fast Internet connection 3g,4g or wifiAccuracy is subject to device, location, and signal strengthUsers must periodically recalibrate their altimeters when they reach a known altitude

  • size 17.3 MB
  • version 1.0


Turn your iPhone into a speedometer and track recorder with iSpeedX iSpeedX can display and record your traveling speed, AND can point to you direction with its compass feature. Whether you are running, biking, riding motorcycle, driving, or even sailing on a yacht, iSpeedX is your best sporty accompany Features: * Compass * Angle* Maximum speed * Current speed * Average speed * Traveled distance * Traveled time * Current location Longitude and latitude * Current location Elevation * Destinations directions * Location Manager * Data export * Multi-function Flashlight* Track Records* background Track recording, switchable to other APPs* Track Review* Track records exporting as standard KML file* Add a new location coordinates from a map point* Landscape mode* Pocket mode (More saves power of cell phone and dramatically reducing the heat of the cell phone)* Compass (magnetic north and true north)* Battery level indicator* Approximate Slope* Voice* Track complete voice reminder* Stage real-time reporting* Shadow Partner* Speed limit reminder* AB Speedometer* Speed Pace* HUD* more Interchangeable speed units: m/s,km/h,mph,nm/h (knots) * Requires iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6+ or iPad WiFi+3G and later devices * Requires iOS 6.x / 7.x / 8.x and later iOSNOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. iSpeedX iPhone iSpeedX iSpeedX * Compass* Angle* Maximum speed* Current speed* Average speed* Trip distance* Trip time* Longitude and latitude of Location* Location altitude* Multi-function Flashlight* * APP* * KML * * * * * * - APP* AB* * * * - * - * HUD* * iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/6/6+/iPad WiFi + 3G* iOS 6.x / 7.x / 8.x / 9.x * iPad wifi+3G wifi GPS -

  • size 11.1 MB
  • version 1.5.3


Roadbook is a simple and efficient app to navigate and move precisely to pre-set GPS points (waypoints). Follow the guide and enjoy the ride Designed for fans of outdoor activities such as:Walking, road and mountain biking, geocaching, motorcycling, all-road, friends trips and more, this all around the world Roadbook is a complete navigation system for iPhone, iPod-Touch* and iPad* which combines the features of a roadbook paper to the power of mobile technology devices from Apple. Roadbook management Compatible with any GPX and KML files Open KML and GPX files from Safari and Mail Displays the details such as the number of waypoints and the path distance Sends roadbooks by email Transfer of roadbooks via iTunes (import / export)Roadbook creation Create from your device new GPX roadbooks Simple and intuitive interface Manual mode with positioning waypoints on the map Automatic mode using the current GPS position (recognition) Add a name, a description and comments for each point of interestNavigation 3 intuitive modules to follow your path Navigation module Arrow to reach the next waypoint Compass to keep a view of the north Display of course following the true North Orientation Module Arrow orientation to turn to the next waypoint Display information about current waypoint Display information on the current GPS position Measures module Displays the distance between the user and the waypoint Display partial (distance between two waypoints / distance done) Display partial of the entire path Display of the instantaneous velocity Route displayed on a map (requires internet connection, or with downloaded maps) Display the summary of your current ride Ability to easily switch from one landmark to another Intelligent GPS moduleConfiguration Display units (metric, imperial, nautical) GPS accuracy required Distance to switch automatically points of interest Energy saver modeThe app now handles navigation in background mode (you can close the app in navigation mode, the navigation continues to follow your position).Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

  • size 2.3 MB
  • version 2.0

iMariner Offshore

Prepare your navigation and your landings : includes GSHHS shore lines, major lighthouses, GPS, AIS, magnetic variation, position of Sun and Moon, logbook. Note : AIS display requires an AIS/Wifi gatewayAIS : AtoN, MOB, shipsWayPointsAlso embedded are the USCG database and NGA database of all marine lights around the world, that have a nominal range of 10 or more Nautical Miles. This application will be updated in a regular basis.All major ligthhouses (landing) that have a distance at least 15 NM for the following countries :Full world coverage. based on the NOAAs GSHHS Shoreline Database Version 2.2.0- world coverage from 75S to 75N (poles excluded)- zoom in and zoom out : automatically selects between the 5 GSHHS databases : full, high, intermediate, low, crude- mercator projection- Precise positioning of your boat and other vessels (NMEA GPS and AIS frames)- you need a NMEA Wifi connection (TCP or UDP) with a NMEA repeater like Digital Yachts iAIS- log book (date,time,latitude,longitude,COG,SOG,Heading,Log,Water Depth, TWA,TWS,Leeway,Stream Set, Stream Drift and your comments- log book organized in passages- log book export via email (csv format)- NMEA protocol debug window- magnetic variation computed with the algorithms from the NOAAs World Magnetic Model- distance to coast- distance to others vessels- goto boat function- double tap for full screen display- integrated solar compass : the rose displays the sun and moon positions in real time

  • size 310 MB
  • version 3.4