GOM Remote LITE is a GOM player remote controller for iPhone/iPod/iPadIt controls Your media in comfort of Your home wireless network. YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrIf-rhTj5kINTRODUCTIONGomRemote LITE application lets You control media files on Your PC computerruning GOM player (for Windows) remotely. Copyrights to GOM Player are owned by Gretech Corp. www.gomlab.com

GOM Remote controller LITE alternatives

PC Remote

Please install PC Remote Receiver on your computer before using PC remote. Download the PC Remote Receiver at our official site for free: http://www.monect.com/pc-remote/Here are features: Devices simulation - Turn your device into a keyboard, touchpad, gamepad and more. And many moreNote : If cannot connect, please make sure the phone and the pc are in the same network and check the firewall setting on PC.

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  • size 24.7 MB

Mouse Kit (Presenter + Keyboard)

Ultimate Wireless Mouse + Keyboard + Presenter + Control AppMobile Buddy (Server) Download: www.yooiistudios.comOne-Click ConnectionMulti-Touch Gestures & GyroscopeMouse Kit is compatible with Mac and WindowsHow to Use: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ1H9P_lhNQWireless Mouse - Your phone becomes a wireless mouse for your computer. Control all computer functions from your phones touch screen. *Hotspot (tethering) would be a good alternative for Mouse Kit to connect between PC and smartphone Mouse Kit app is designed and developed by Yooii Studios () - Team of Morning Kit and Galaxy Falcon.

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  • size 7.3 MB

Remote : Mouse/Keyboard/Presentation/Trackpad Free for PC/Mac

Fully emulated Mouse/Keyboard/Trackpad for your PC/Mac Support 3D touch enabled devices to emulate mouse single and double click. Redesign and compiled for iOS9 SDK Thus making the best efficient use of arm64 architecture. We promise to be quick to help.

  • size 33.0 MB

MyTelenor Bulgaria

MyTelenor - MyTelenor. :- , - - - - , / - , - - - , . MyTelenor now supports two language versions - Bulgarian and English.

  • size 65.0 MB

MonkeyMote Music Remote Lite

MonkeyMote Music Remote Lite is a wireless Winamp / MediaMonkey / AIMP / JRiver Media Center remote control for your iPhone or iPod touch. It connects to your PC via your WiFi network and allows you to view information about currently playing tracks and control every important playback feature. In case you run into problems when setting up the app and plug-in, please visit the support page at http://www.monkeymote.com first, as it is not possible to reply to questions or issues raised in app store reviews.

  • size 6.8 MB