A first of its kind, easy to use, on-the-move solution for traders, investors, retailers, wholesalers and individuals interested in keeping in touch with the real-time prices of precious metals, base metals and currencies from Indian and Global commodity markets including London and Dubai as well as Local Indian Markets providing physical buy and sell rates. Note - Requires username and password to login. Includes Real time commodity market prices for * Gold* Silver* Aluminium* Copper* Nickel* Tin* Lead* Zinc * Over 15 different currencies with rates in USD and in INR including USD Euro Pound Sterling Japanese Australian Dollar Singapore Dollar Chinese Yuan United Arab Emirates Dirham Swiss Franc Malaysian Ringgit Omani Rial Qatari Rial Saudi Riyal Taiwan Dollar Mauritian Rupee Provides Real time Hazir Bhav or Local Physical buying rates for Gold 995 and Silver 999 from * Mumbai* Ahmedabad* Nagpur* Sangli* Pune* Chennai* Hyderabad* Solapur* Kolhapur* Jalgaon* Nashik* Delhi* Agra* Meerut* Bangalore* Jodhpur* Jaipur* CoimbatoreProvides Real time Hazir Bhav or Local Physical buying rates for :* Copper Armeture Scrap Mumbai * Copper Armeture Scrap Delhi* Copper Cabel Scrap Mumbai* Copper Heavy Scrap Mumbai* Copper Utensil Scrap Mumbai* Copper Sheet Cutting Scrap Mumbai* Copper Cathode Mumbai* Copper Cathode Delhi* Copper CC Rod Mumbai* Copper CC Rod Delhi* Aluminium Ingot CG Grade Mumbai* Aluminium Ingot CG Grade Delhi* Aluminium Wire Scrap Mumbai* Aluminium Utenstil Scrap Mumbai* Aluminium Utenstil Scrap Delhi* Brass Utensil Scrap Mumbai* Brass Sheet Cutting Scrap Mumbai* Brass Vilayati Scrap Mumbai* Brass Vilayati Scrap Delhi* Lead 4% x 4% Mumbai* Lead Ingot 9999 Mumbai* Lead Ingot 9999 Delhi* Nickel Inco Canada Mumbai 4x24* Nickel Inco Canada Mumbai 4x4* Nickel Inco Canada Delhi 4x24* Nickel Inco Canada Delhi 4x4* Nickel Russian Mumbai 4x24* Nickel Russian Mumbai 4x4* Nickel Russian Delhi 4x24* Nickel Russian 4x4* Tin Ingot Mumbai* Tin Ingot Delhi* Zinc Ingot SHG Mumbai* Zinc Ingot SHG Delhi * Zinc Dross Delhi


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GLive - Bullion + Metal Live alternatives

Surabi Bullion

Surabi Bullion app is a B2B application which brings you real-time live streaming rates for Coimbatore Gold Bullion market, International gold and silver rates. Jewellers No more call waiting to book your gold bar requirements, Surabi Bullion App enables you to place BAR / FT gold bullion orders in click of a button. Our app helps Gold Jewellers,Gold Whole Sellers and other gold related business owners to get live Coimbatore and international bullion rates.

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Commodity Live Price on MobileMCX Live, NCDEX Live Free Features List: MCX Live by DIGIPLUS1. Create Custom Portfolio of your required Scripts2. Application is used for Educational and Training Purpose Only, Real time data provided here are from freely available resources from Internet.

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AndroMcx* Andromcx App brings you real-time streaming rate for NSE-MCX-NCDEX-COMEX. * THIS APPLICATION ALLOWE MARKET >> NSE(F&O)-MCX-NCDEX-COMEXFUTURE IN APPS* Real Time Access* User Friendly Interface* Market Depth* Real Time Chart * Get alert Massages* Refresh Timer Setting * One Time Add Script* Move Any Script Up & Down. ANY TIME & ANY WHERE USE.DEMO USER : TEST3PASSWORD : 1234

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Metal Prices

Metal Prices by Tim Kabel gives you information about copper and aluminium prices. The prices are given in accordance with closing LME price for copper and aluminium plus published DEL stock exchange quotation +1% acquisition cost for copper. Settings

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Cell Data

Cell-Data International Mobile: Thanks to this application you can display on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Real-time LME (London Metal Exchange) non-ferrous prices. A simple, easy and intuitive way to be always updated on price trends of non-ferrous metals and on foreign exchange. and F.X.,-Cash Prices, lowest price in /tons,-LME Stocks in US$/ tons and Warrants,-Monthly Averages settlement in US$/tons: copper, zinc, nickel, aluminium,-Monthly Averages settlement in US$/tons: aluminium alloy, lead, tin, / US$,-Monthly Averages settlement in /tons: copper, zinc, nickel, high-grade aluminium,-Monthly Averages settlement in /tons: aluminium alloy, lead, tin, /US$,-Economic and financial news-Real Time Historical Charts of all non-ferrous metals and /US$ trend

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Daily Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminium, Lead, Zinc, Nickel and Scrap News & PricesMETALSUPDATE is the premium intelligence service for metals professionals. It was launched on July 23, 2015 with an aim to provide business critical information, including prices, on ferrous & non-ferrous metals and bullion, with a special focus on India. It aims to become one of the largest global metal industry information providers.

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Market Insights : Financial Advisors

Market Insights, One of the finest mobile application available in AppStore which must be downloaded by every Indian trader who trades in BSE, NSE or MCX. ONE app for all type of traders, whether if you trade in Equity Cash, Commodity, Future & Option or looking for BTST/STBT Calls. Free MCX Commodity Tips, Intraday Commodity Tips, Free MCX Tips, MCX Bullion Tips, MCX Energy Tips, MCX Base metals Tips, Free Nifty Tips, Market Insights, MCX Tips, Commodity Tips, MCX Intraday Tips, Crude Tips, Gold Tips, Silver Tips, Gold Tips ,Silver Tips ,Copper Tips,Nickel Tips,Zinc Tips,Lead Tips,Aluminium Tips,Crude Tips, NaturalGas Tips, Stock Tips, Nifty Tips, SENSEX,NSE Tips,BSE Tips,Share Tips,Stock Market Tips, Sure Shot Intraday Tips, Live Stock Quotes, Stock Futures,Nifty Future, Bank Nifty Future, Nifty Call Put Options, BTST/STBT Tips ,Bank Nifty Tips, Option Call Put Tips

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Properties of Materials - Metallurgy Engineer

Material Properties contains hundreds of useful material properties tables. The tables contain thousands of properties (Specific Heat Capacity, Melting Points, Boiling Points, etc.) Table of Contents: - Acetylene- Acids - pH Values- Aluminum - Melting Points of Binary Eutectic Alloys- Aluminum Alloys - Mechanical Properties- Ammonia- Argon- Arsenic- BHN - Brinell Hardness Number- Bases - pH Values- Benzene- Boiling Points of common Fluids- Bulk Modulus - Metals and Alloys and Fluid Elasticity- CPVC - Chemical Resistance- Carbon Dioxide Properties- Carbon Monoxide- Ceramic Material Properties- Chemical Resistance Polyethylene - PE- Chemical Resistance of Rubbers and Elastomers - Coefficients of Linear Expansion- Comparing Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol- Compositions of Steel- Compressed Water Properties- Compression and Tension Strength- Concrete Mixtures- Concrete Properties- Copper - Melting Points- Copper Zinc Tin Alloys- Cryogenic Fluids- Densities of Various Solids- Density Converter- Density of Wood- Density, Specific Weight and Specific Gravity- Dielectric Constant- Dimethyl Propylmethane - Ditch-Filling Materials - Densities- Dry Air Properties- Drying Temperature and Time- Dust Explosions- Dynamic Viscosity- Dynamic, Absolute and Kinematic Viscosity- Earth or Soil - Weight and Composition- Elastic Properties and Young Modulus- Emissivity Coefficients- Engineering Materials- Epoxy- Ethane - Ethanol Freeze Protected Water Solutions- Ethylene - Ethylene Glycol Heat-Transfer Fluid- Fibers in Polymer Composites- Flash Point- Fluids - Kinematic Viscosities- Fluids - Latent Heat of Evaporation- Food and Foodstuff - Food and Foodstuff - pH Values- Freezing Points- Freon Properties- Fuels - Densities and Specific Volumes- Glycerine - Boiling and Freezing Points- Gold - Melting Points- Helium- Human Body and Specific Heat Capacity- Hydrogen- Hydrogen - Specific Heat Capacity- ISO Grade Oil Properties- Ice - Thermal Properties- Ice - Thickness and Safe Loads- Identification Tests for Stainless Steels- Industrial Lubricants - Viscosity- Iron - Melting Points- Isopropanol based Water Solutions- Latent Heat of Melting- Lead - Melting Points- Liquid Water Properties- Liquids - Densities- Liquids and Fluids - Specific Gravities- Liquids and Fluids - Specific Heat Capacities- Magnesium - Melting Points- Mercury - Properties- Metal Alloys - Specific Heat Capacities- Methane - Specific Heat Capacity- Methanol - Thermophysical Properties- Methanol Freeze Protected Heat-Transfer Fluids- Mineral Density- Molecular Weight - Gases and Vapors- Molybdenum - Melting Points- Nickel - Melting Points- Nitrogen- Nitrogen - Specific Heat Capacity- Oils - Melting Points- Oxygen - Specific Heat Capacity- Oxygen Solubility in Fresh and Sea Water- Particle Sizes- Polyester - Chemical Resistance- Polymers - Physical Properties- Polypropylene PP - Chemical Resistance- Propane- Propylene Glycol based Heat-Transfer Fluids- Radiation Emissivity- Refractive Index- Refrigerant R22 - Properties- Refrigerants - Environmental Properties- Refrigerants - Physical Properties- SAE Multigrade Oil Properties- STP and NTP- Saturated Ice and Steam- Silver - Melting Points- Slurry - Density- Soft and Hard Water- Softwood Lumber Standard - Solids - Specific Heat Capacities- Solids and Metals - Specific Gravities- Speed of Sound in Air- Stainless Steels Classifications- Surface Tension of Water- Thermal Conductivity - Liquids- Thermal Conductivity - Metals- Thermal Expansion Metals- Thermoplastic Pipes- Thermoplastics- U.S Standard Atmosphere- UNS - Unified Numbering System- Vapor Pressure- Vinyl Ester - Chemical Resistance- Viscosity Converting Chart- Wood Densities- Wood Species- Wood and Combustion Heat Values* All Content is Searchable and available offline

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