G4S Eyeguard is a service that allows you to monitor your security cameras from your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. With instantaneous access to your security camera, you can view live video, play back video, control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras, trigger relays and activate or deactivate alarms. Feature overview View live video Search and view local video recordings (Bosch cameras only) Control PTZ (Pan, tilt, zoom) cameras (Bosch cameras only) Support for controlling relays on the camera (for example controlling peripheral devices like gates and alarms) Encrypted login and secure connection between client and camera(s) via SSL Please visit our web site: http://www.eyeguard.no

G4S Eyeguard alternatives


ASee+ allows iPhone users to view and control live video streams from cameras and video encoders. Features: iPhone and iPod Touch compatible. If this APP find BUG, you can try to download MEye, in App Store search MEye, or visit the website:https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/meye/id329501794?mt=8

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ASeeProHD is your best mobile surveillance system for iPAD. With your sensitive finger tips you can control camera zoom or PTZ, 4 Channel live camera videos help you grasp important scenes with ease. Something else you want to know more about ASeeProHD please contact with us by:Business Cooperation: [email protected]

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EZeye is compatable for the iphone5.EZeye is a player for surveillance. It has the following funtions: Features include:1.iPhone, iPod and iPad tablet compatible.2.Support Pan,Tilt & Zoom control.3.Support finger touch to control PTZ.4.Support 4G, 3G and Wifi.5.Support Quad view mode.6.Snapshot into your local photo gallery and playback.7.Live video record into phone storage and playback.8.Support for landscape and portrait mode.9.Address book record your devices alias and login information.10.Support DVRs or IP Cameras of different manufactures. If you have any question please contact with us: [email protected] www.myezeye.com Thank you for choosing our application.

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MobileCamViewer client for enterprise local installation - IP cam, NVR, DVR, CCTV, Security, Logitech, Creative, Axis, Sony, Milestone, ONSSI, Dedicated Micros, Nuvico, IC Realtime, Panasonic, GE, Pelco, vivotek surveillance remote viewer and monitor

STOP:This application will only work with Enterprise Installation of MobileCamViewer Server. Enjoy FREE WebView at (Nothing to install, view and control multiple DVRs, cameras):http://webview.mobilecamviewer.comhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMeVWlA6PtMFor more information, please contact us at [email protected] or (408) 716-8347 This application works on your enterprise LOCAL installation of MobileCamViewer Server. Increase Productivity and Cost Savings: View the situation without needing or having to be in front of the computer, such as in a retail store or a construction site or university campus etc.Peace of mind at all timesRemote monitoring, situational awareness, situational readiness and BI (Business Intelligence) with a touch of a buttonHelps to keep environment green.Avoid expensive alarm verification feesFor a complete list of supported cameras, please visit http://www.mobileipcamviewer.com//devices.html?go=camerasFor a complete list of supported Video Servers, NVR and DVRs please visit:http://www.mobileipcamviewer.com/devices.html?go=serwaitingCheck out case studies and more at:http://www.mobilecamviewer.com/solutions.html

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NetcamViewer Mobile

NetcamViewer Mobile is an advanced application for viewing, controlling and managing both small and large collections of network cameras. NetcamViewer Mobile supports a large variety of IP cameras. Please contact us if the manufacturer of your camera is listed but the camera is not supported

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