FutureCalc is an ergonomic calculator, possibly the first of its kind, specifically designed for single-handed use. All buttons are accessible for the thumb without repositioning the phone or supporting it with the other hand. Enjoy your numbers

FutureCalc: ergonomic calculator for single-handed use alternatives


Have you ever noticed that your phones calculator isnt any better than the ones invented back in the 80s? Do you find yourself using Google or Excel to calculate something like this: (80*200)/29+56 ? It works seamlessly in your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and helps keep everything in sync.

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Unicode Converter - Between Symbols and Unicode

Unicode Converter enables you to convert Unicode Characters into their Unicode and convert Unicode into their Unicode Characters easily. Unicode Converter supports UTF-16 encoding and UTF-32 encoding.

  • size 3.3 MB

Good Calc Pro - Focusing on the most basic calculation system!

Focusing on the most basic calculation systemThis calculator is focused on the most basic calculation system than other calculator apps. Excluded engineering calculations. Good Calc Pro - Brown Edition- No Add- Calculation history- Universal app- Intuitive design- Able to see present modificationsThink HumanDesigned by SuperDG

  • rating 4.875
  • size 23.6 MB

KittyKey - Cat Keyboard, Stickers, Sounds, Emoji & Kaomoji

KittyKey, the iPhone and iPad keyboard that purrs, includes 10 cat themed keyboards with cat sounds like purr and meow as you type, Kitty Chat Stickers, Cat Kaomoji & Jumbo Cat Emoji.- 10 designer cat keyboard themes inspired by our favorite furry friends Includes English Autocorrect and awesome spacebar cursor control. - Select from 12 different cat sounds while you type, including purr, meow, hiss, and even roar Switch back to the regular keyboard click sound at any time. - Over 50 original Kitty Chat Stickers to send in messages, emails, and most social apps They are SO Fun Just click the paw on the keyboard - Cat Kaomoji (Word Pictures): We love Japanese Kaomoji but hate how hard they are to type Now you can quickly insert Cat Kaomoji without having to remember - Jumbo Cat Emoji are just a paw click away KittyKey is purr-fect for all ages Dont wait, download today

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  • size 31.8 MB

Hieroglyphic Keyboard

Write like a Pharaoh Have you tried to write Hieroglyphic text before? Hieroglyphic Language is the language used by Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago, now it is on iOS.Install Hieroglyphs Keyboard and enjoy writing hieroglyphic letters and numbers for the first time on iOS.

  • size 61.6 MB