Fusionetics Pro!

Fusionetics is developing a new class of products to support its expanding user base as it extends relationships across performance healthcare and the various settings and environments where services are delivered. The new products are intended to support providers and extend their reach and capabilities in delivering evidence-based solutions to help people move better, perform stronger, and recover faster. Fusionetics Pro App Features include: Access accounts including Facilities, Teams and Clients Add new Clients on the fly View Client Profiles & Dashboards Access Client Training Calendars for daily activities and monthly game plans Perform Tests for Movement Efficiency, Range of Motion, Performance, and Recovery Generate and view reports & analytics based on test data Generate and edit recommended Movement Efficiency Programs Select, edit and assign Programs from the Program Catalog Management of training calendars and client schedules View program exercises and techniques with HD video instruction All data syncs in real-time with the Fusionetics Sports Science platform

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Throw Like a Pro 2.0: A Baseball Injury Prevention App by Dr. Jim Andrews and Dr. Kevin Wilk

World famous Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. James Andrews and his lead Physical Therapist Dr. Kevin Wilk, the men who perfected the Tommy John Surgery and recovery process, are proud to announce the launch of Throw Like A Pro 2.0, the worlds first and only baseball overuse injury prevention application With the recent epidemic of overuse injuries like Tommy Johns plaguing baseball from Little League to the Pros, the baseball community is desperately searching to solve the problem. FINALLY, THERE IS A SOLUTION. If you dont get hurt, youre in a really small minority.

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CoachMePlus provides professional strength & conditioning coaches and fitness trainers with a web-based solution for managing, scheduling, tracking and reporting the efforts of the athletes they train. CoachMePlus empowers coaches with the ability to customize fitness programs for individuals or groups with an easy-to-use interface. Use the CoachMePlus Video app to quickly add exercises to your account

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Halo Sport

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Train with PUSH

Paired with a PUSH Band, this app is a revolutionary way to measure athletic performance in the weight room and track your progress over time. Worn on the forearm, the PUSH Band provides real-time feedback for the velocity of weight room lifts, so you have hard data to validate your coaching instincts. Everything you need, from workout history to performance analytics is available through PUSH.Join other professional strength coaches such as Dan Baker and start training with PUSH For more details visit www.trainwithpush.com

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VERT app for VERT Classic wearable jump DEVICE and G-VERT performance & intensity tracker measures your performance data wirelessly in real-time. With VERT Classic you can see all your JUMP measurements on the VERT wearable jump device and simultaneously on an iOS Bluetooth 4.0 compatible smart phone or tablet. All you data is synced on myvert.com for historical analysis Coaches: visit our VERT coach and G-VERT Team system technology on myvert.com

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Whether you are a professional athlete or simply want to improve your performance or prevent injuries this app delivers personalized programs that will help manage your performance healthcare and unlock your potential. Used by leading professional and collegiate sport organizations to deliver performance healthcare solutions to their athletes. Additional Fusionetics Sports Science features: New Account Profile App Tour Calendar: Monthly Training Calendar for programs and activity Daily Training Schedule Dashboard: Score, trend, and report progress data across Movement Efficiency (ME) Range of Motion (ROM) Recovery & Readiness Daily (R&R) Training Load (TL) Programming: Custom exercise programs with HD video instruction Program Tracking: compliance and status Testing & Monitoring: User input with real time sync to Fusionetics Sport Science Recovery & Readiness Daily (R&R) Training Load (TL) / Daily and cumulative training load Program Compliance / Program Complete Tracker & Countdown

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PFT mobile trainer

View your training programs and demonstration exercises. Log your workouts. A must have app for clients of Performance Functional Training to get the most out of themselves and their program.

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GymCloud is the online fitness-training platform. GymCloud has changed the online fitness training environment by allowing fitness professionals to quickly edit exercises, program workouts, assign workout programs to clients, and follow up with clients who are performing the workouts in real time. If youre ready to experience online training at the next level, experience GymCloud.

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  • version 3.6

Liquori Fit

THE LIQUORI FIT APP2017s Revolutionary Personal Training AppOnline Personal Training Starting @ $50/MonthBecome a Client Clients Receive: - Client login to a private & personal homepage with your information, goals, programs and access to client content.- Customized Training Program & Meal Plan- Weekly/Monthly Check Ins With Matt- Custom Notifications- Full access to all client content including the exercise library and cook book Life changing results just got a little closerDownload The Liquori Fit App & See For Yourself

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LIFT Session

A LIFT session allows anyone to connect and train with top fitness professionals online, from anywhere through iPads and Smart TVs. Clients train via live video sessions, and track their workouts & progress towards their goals through the LIFT Session iPad app. Trainers can also share programs with other trainers who are part of the same fitness club Flexible Program Builder for Trainers: o Create customized programs with combination of time-based exercises, rep-based exercises and rest time o Use pre-loaded exercise library or add customized exercises o Add/remove/edit exercises on the fly during session o PDF export of programs to share with client o Create new programs from previously completed sessions Ability to connect to TV and support for AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV French language support based on iOS default language

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  • version 4.0.2

Gym App Pro Workout Log for Fitness

A simple and easy training diary for fitnessIt contains a variety of training programs with detailed descriptions of each exercise and exclusive photos and videos. GymApp helps you choose the training program that is right for you based on your fitness level. Main functions:- 144 professional training programs- More than 200 exercises with descriptions, photos, and videos- Log of training results- A calendar view of training days and workout stories- The ability to edit workout stories- The ability to create your own exercises with photos and descriptions- The ability to create your own training programs

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Gym App Workout Log for Fitness and Bodybuilding

A simple and easy workout log for fitnessIt contains a variety of training programs with detailed descriptions of each exercise and exclusive photos and videos. GymApp helps you choose the training program that is right for you based on your fitness level. Main functions:- 144 professional training programs- More than 200 exercises with descriptions, photos, and videos- Log of training results- A calendar view of training days and workout stories- The ability to edit workout stories- The ability to create your own exercises with photos and descriptions- The ability to create your own training programs

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Coachlete - Client App

Coachlete Client App is a supplemental tool to be used in sync with the Coachlete online website app. Coaches use coachlete.com to add their own exercises, create custom programs and integrate custom calendars for their clients. * Real-time Syncing: If client is connected to an internet connection, automatic syncing will report logging to coaches automatically in real time (If no internet connection is available, clients can sync their log data once a connection is found).For any questions or comments, email: [email protected]

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ReWello App

ReWello with is range of technological products aims to power wellness service providers by engaging their existing clients and generate new business opportunities for their business at the same time. Enhance Existing Client Experience Generate New Business Opportunities Overall Business Operations

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ACSM CPT Test Questions & Answers

Based on ACSMs Resources for the Personal Trainer 4th Edition. AccelPrep has been in the App Store since 2009, helping more than 600,000 students prepare for professional careers and standardized tests. Features: - 445 total practice questions- Explanations for each question (except Acronyms) - Pages numbers to the answers - Preview answers to all practice questions - Bookmark questions for later study - Study mode has immediate answer checking and explanations - Share any question on Facebook to get help from friends - Questions are not repeated until a topic is complete Questions are organized by these topics: - Basics- Career Path for Personal Trainers- Anatomical Positions- Joint Movement- Skeletal and Muscular Systems- Biomechanical Principles of Training- Exercise Physiology- Nutrition and Human Performance- Behavior Change- Adherence to Exercise- Counseling and Coaching Techniques- Initial Client Consultation- Screening and Risk Classification- Client Fitness Assessments- Program Design- Resistance Exercises- Resistance Training Programs- Cardiorespiratory Training Programs- Flexibility Training Programs- Personal Training Session Components- Advanced Program Options- Special Populations- Business Basics and Planning- Legal Issues and Responsibilities- AcronymsMade in U.S.A.

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IBR Fitness

Our online training service provides tailored training and nutritional support to help you achieve your goals.8 week programs based on either fat loss or muscle gain that will also give you more energy, strength and a healthier approach to life. This app that allows you too:-View your Training program with videos and descriptions of every exercise. And the ability to fill in a food diary or adherence chart.

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Dave Werner Fitness

Welcome to the Dave Werner Fitness App This app allows you to view class schedules, enroll in class and manage your account. We offer group classes and a wide variety of personal training programs including fat loss, strength gain, back and shoulder rehab, getting in shape and many others. Helping our clients understand the value of quality movement is our job.

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Athos is developing a new class of products to help every athlete reach their optimal level of fitness. We offer performance apparel measuring quality and intensity of movement to deliver a tailored coaching experience based on individual goals and performance. To learn more, visit liveathos.com

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PowerTrainer is designed to enhance the user experience and maximize training performance while using Powertecs equipment. Initially, the app will provide exercise information based on the muscle you want to work on and the machine you have selected. Future app iterations will utilize PowerTrainer sensors to track your movement data, count your reps, and optimize your workout to maximize your result.

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OD on Movement is an educational organisation that creates to enhance trainers and clients to achieve their goals. OD on Movements philosophy is based on helping health & fitness professionals and clients to move, feel and perform better through observation of the body; facilitating change not fixing. This app is designed to keep you informed of videos that we release so we can help support you wherever you are.

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  • version 3.0