With the free Fronius Solar.web Live App you get a fast and easy overview on the latest data of your PV system with Fronius inverter(s):- Clear visualisation of current data and the daily graph - Archive data of the last 5 days- Visualisation of the total values of your PV system- Supports the setup wizard for the Fronius monitoring- Intuitive, easy-to-use interfaceTo use the app for viewing your own PV system data, your system has to be registered at the online portal Fronius Solar.web (within the setup wizard of the app or on www.solarweb.com). After installing the app on your device, you can constantly keep an eye on the current energy yield, CO2 savings and earnings of your PV system. The demo mode provides you with a sneak peek at what the app can do.


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Fronius Solar.web PRO
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Fronius Solar.web Live alternatives

Hydrawise Irrigation

Control your Hunter irrigation system(s) remotely using this app or using a web browser from anywhere in the world (note: internet access required).The app allows for - Control of multiple Hydrawise/Hunter irrigation controllers Landscape and irrigation contractor management Manually start, stop (or suspend) individual irrigation zones Configure watering schedules and zones Configure flow, rain and soil moisture sensors View watering and rainfall reports View watering schedules and history View forecast and current weather conditions Attach images to each of your irrigation zonesThis app requires a valid account at http://hydrawise.com. An account is free. With a Hunter HC Irrigation Controller you can - Save water by automatically adjust watering schedules based on local weather conditions Control the system from anywhere in the world using your web browser or iPhone app Water more when it is hot, water less when it is cold or has rained Get reports on watering history, rainfall and temperatures Manage multiple irrigation controllers from the one account

  • rating 4.0
  • size 109 MB

SolarEdge Monitoring

Monitor your SolarEdge site anytime, anywhereThe SolarEdge monitoring application lets PV installers and system owners perform remote monitoring, on the go, directly from their mobile device. The app enables users to view real-time, online data to keep them up to speed with their solar sites performance while away from their computer, ensuring maximum solar energy harvesting. Start monitoring your SolarEdge site now

  • rating 4.51525
  • size 35.1 MB

Landwirt.com Marketplace

THE marketplace for farmers and bargain hunters. Find the perfect equipment for your farm in more than 10,000 classified ads and 55,000 offers in our second-hand market with the Landwirt.com marketplace App. Agricultural news Photo competitions Live videosThose who havent found what they are searching for are looking in the wrong place Simply download the Landwirt.com App and benefit from our comprehensive range


This version of the app will be no more updated. Please download the NEW PVOUTPUT PRO version. SYSTEM INFO view- General system info, Inverter data, Panels dataJOIN THE APP TEAM and RATE ITIf you like this app please join the PVOutput iOS app team from PVOutput.org and dont forget to rate it with 5 stars To set your API key and System ID: access Settings screen by pressing the settings icon in the top/right corner of the LIVE DATA view - login to PVOutput.org web site and go to Settings page- read your API key (*) in the API Settings section and enter it in API key field- read your System ID in the Registered Systems section and enter it in System ID field- Press SAVE(*) If you prefer, you can also use the Read Only Key (it must be first added in the Settings page of PVOutput.org web site).

  • rating 4.77778
  • size 4.6 MB

More Information About alternatives

Fronius Solar.web PRO

With the Fronius Solar.web PRO app you get a professional, comprehensive overview on the data of your PV system(s) with Fronius inverter(s).Features of the PRO version:- Watch the current values and the complete archive data of your PV Systems- Visualization of own consumption*- Keep the overview by visualization of several systems at a glance- Compare your systems with each other- Show pictures of your PV systems to your friends- Locate your systems on the map- Get extended information about the PV systems - Intuitive, easy-to-use interfaceTo use the app for viewing your own PV system data, your system has to be registered at the online portal Fronius Solar.web (within the setup wizard of the app or on www.solarweb.com). After installing the app on your device, you can constantly keep an eye on the current energy yield, CO2 savings, earnings and the archive data of your PV system. * In order to use the visualization of own consumption a Fronius Smart Meter is required.

  • size 38.0 MB
  • version 3.2.4


We believe that PV Plant monitoring plays an important role in our belief in revolutionizing access to solar energy. It saves you time and money by reducing PV plant downtime. Features Cloud based monitoring system Key system data on one page for easy viewing Easy and convenient performance reporting Centralized management of all plant data Rapid event and yield report by email Locate your PV plant on the map (app version)

  • size 16.0 MB
  • version 2.0.2


With the new Discovergy app you have access to all the information about your power consumption and production at your finger tips. Along with the live readings you can also get an overview of your daily, monthly and yearly power data. In case you are not a customer of Discovergy yet, you can get a sneak peek by having a look at our demo meters.

  • size 45.9 MB
  • version 2.2.1

Bond inTouch

Experience the freedom of mobile recruiting with Bond inTouch. Fast and easy access to your Adapt data, on the move. A services setup guide, further documentation and an overview video are all available online:https://m.adaptondemand.com/intouch/resources/Archive/v2_2_0/Documentation/Streaming%20video/inTouch%20V2%20intro%20video.mp4

  • size 15.6 MB
  • version 2.2.7

My Sneak Peek

My Sneak Peek provides a set of online tools to design and build web and native apps for iPhone and iPod touch, and iPad. Using this WYSIWYG preview app helps you streamline design process of your iOS apps. Edit your iOS app on the My Sneak Peek website and instantly see how it looks on your iPhone or iPod touch, or iPad.

  • size 90.4 MB
  • version 1.17.0404

Ampard UI

The AMPARD application shows you whether the energy you are consuming is coming from your solar rooftop, your storage system or the grid. All the electrical current flows in your household are represented with real-time data on the overview page. For instance, your contribution to the environment is simulated by the number of kilometres travelled by a medium-sized car, which is equivalent to the Co2 pollution you prevented with your green energy production.

  • size 45.8 MB
  • version 1.0


GeneralThanks to the PIKO Solar App, the monitoring of your PV system is easily and very comfortably possible via your smartphone or tablet naturally free of charge. In the graphical representation of the live data (Live view) you can check the important details from your PV system. In the following, an email will be sent to the KOSTAL Service through your e-mail program.

  • size 17.3 MB
  • version 1.70

Maersk Tankers 3PS

The Maersk Tankers Third Party Services App provides product tanker vessel owners with a simple way to collect data to make informed decisions to join Maersk Tankers pools. The app includes seven distinct features:Pool Point Calculator: Allows owners to estimate pool points and earnings that any particular vessel would receive in our poolsValue Proposition: Provides an introduction to our Company, Pool Concept, and StrategyPool Agreement: A search tool for vessel owners to look up key clauses in the contract between owners and the poolEarnings Figures: Historic Earnings figures by month, by quarter, by year of the pools since 2015Fleet List: An easy overview of the vessels and their features within each poolVideo Archive: An archive of all Maersk Tankers publicly released videosNews Archive: Latest press releases and news shared to the market from Maersk Tankers

  • size 31.6 MB
  • version 201701.06MaerskTankers3PS

Freshloc Virtual On-Demand

View your: Temperature reading Environmental measurements for particle, pressure, CO2, water level, door-open shut Measurements graphed automatically Calibration certificate including its statusFreshLoc Virtual On-Demand gives you full visualization of measurement at any of the equipment of interest. And not just the current measurement but a high graph of the day or week. Convenience: Instantly view measurement or added views Added views: One day graph / Seven day graph / Calibration certificateInstantly View: Measurements Graphs CertificatesFreshLoc systems are compliant with CDC Guidelines.

  • size 1.3 MB
  • version 1.1


This free application allows for remote control of the LI-COR LI-8100A Automated Soil CO2 Flux System for long-term or survey measurements of soil CO2 flux. You can perform any action from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch that is available from the LI-8100A Windows Application Software. After connection, simple menus provide for setup and configuration of the LI-8100A measurement protocols, data collection parameters, manual control over soil chamber opening and closing, starting a measurement, and real-time viewing of output variables, among others.

  • size 6.2 MB
  • version 1.0.7