FretBud shows you many scales and chords on the guitar, bass and ukelele fretboards with many tuning choices and ability to create custom tunings as well. You can even create 7 string guitar or 8 string bass tunings Also, you can customize the fretboard and change the fret count, starting fret, showing fret numbers, string names and note names. Check them out at: Scales:- Major- Minor- Harmonic Minor- Melodic Minor- Pentatonic Major- Pentatonic Minor- Pentatonic Blues- Pentatonic Neutral- Ionian- Aeolian- Dorian- Mixolydian- Phrygian- Lydian- Locrian- Dim half- Dim whole- Whole- Augmented- Chromatic- Roumanian Minor- Spanish Gypsy- Blues- Diatonic- Double Harmonic- Eight Tone Spanish- Enigmatic- Leading Whole Tone- Lydian Augmented- Neopolitan Major- Neopolitan Minor- Pelog- Prometheus- Prometheus Neopolitan- Six Tone Symmetrical- Super Locrian- Lydian Minor- Lydian Diminished- Nine Tone Scale- Auxiliary Diminished- Auxiliary Augmented- Auxiliary Dim Blues- Major Locrian- Overtone- Diminished Whole Tone- Pure Minor- Dominant 7thSupported Chords:- maj- min- aug- b5- 5- dim- 6- minor 6- 6add9- minor 6add9- Dominant 7th- Major 7th- minor 7th- minor Major 7- aug7- dim7- 7b5- m7b5- 7#5- m7#5- 7b9- m7b9- 7#9- 7#5b9- sus4- sus2- 6sus4- Major 7sus4- 7sus4- 9sus4- Major 9 sus4- 9- Major 9- minor 9- minor Major 9- add 9- minor add9- 9#11- 9b13- 11- Major 11- minor 11- minor Major 11- 7add11- Major 7add11- minor 7add11- minor Major 7add11- 13- Major 13- minor 13- minor Major 13- minor Major 7add13

FretBud - Chord & Scales for Guitar, Bass and More alternatives

Jamn Player - Unlimited tabs & chords

Jamn Player *Best of App Store 2015* Used by more than 1 million people, Jamn Player, is the only TOTALLY FREE and ultimate app to provide unlimited guitar (acoustic guitar and electric guitar), piano, bass and ukulele chords catalog. Boost your music experience by jamming along your favorite tracks from your personal music library or iTunes with real-time interactive chord changes. Jamn PlayerWebsite: http://getjamn.comTwitter: Get JamnInstagram:

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Piano Chords and Scales

Chords and Scales lets you explore chords, scales, chord progressions and compose songs in intuitive and interactive way. It helpful for musicians from beginners to experts and allows you to understand musical structures and find inspiration. It also sounds the chord or scale.

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Join Jellynote to play and learn your favourite songs and meet other musicians who love playing music together. We offer over 400,000 songs that you can play to learn through original artist video master classes, video tutorials, sheet music, tabs, chords and instrument view for a wide range of instruments. Please go to and for more information.

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Guitar Master - Tuner and Chords Toolkit

EUMLabs Guitar Master is an all-in-one toolkit for aspiring guitar players:1. Professional tuner.2. Write us: [email protected]

Achording - Guitar Tabs and Chords

Achording is a meta-search engine of guitar chords and tabs. Main features:- Search for tabs and chords on some of the best, top quality tab sites. The JamonApps TeamDisclaimer: Achording does not host any files and it is neither responsible for the content on the sites nor the multiple versions of a song that can be found.

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