All White pieces DRAG AND DROP.Get a response for each move. Illegal. Every white piece that is movable can be touched.


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101 Chess Checkmate Puzzles - 15 Chess Puzzles FREE alternatives

SOF Olympiad Trainer

SOF Olympiad Trainer aims to help the young learners prepare for their SOF Olympiad (IMO, NSO, NCO, IEO) exams in a much more interesting and interactive manner. The SOF Olympiad Trainer helps the student stay connected to his study material from anywhere as the student has access to his content even in offline mode. It has worksheets and question bank which is tailored to the SOF Olympiad test format and is a non curriculum study material carefully prepared to improve and work around the concepts.

  • rating 4.0
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Chess Openings by

Companion app for ChessOpenings.comCheck out video explanations for all the major chess openings from national master Dereque Kelley. There are 10 hours of the video lectures. (Press and hold video tile to manage a particular video).

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Badmephistos Rubiks Cube algorithms This application contains nicely color coded algorithms for the Rubiks Cube, as used by Badmephisto. Inside you will find:1. Notation pageFor more detailed information on how to use any of these algorithms visit my website.

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Chess - Learn Chess

6 . Learn Chess Learn Chess , e-book , , . :- 118 - 91 - Learn Chess iPhone tChess Lite Pro .

Dinosaur Chess: Learn to Play! 97/100 EDITORS FAVORITE Previously nominated for a BAFTA (Best Interactive Media) Featured by Apple in its New & Noteworthy section No Ads. No In-App-Purchases Universal App optimized for iPad, iPhone. *Ideal For kids - by Kingkot This game is ideal to teach the kids in the chess.

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202 Chess Mate in TWO - 101 Chess Puzzles FREE

101 puzzles are FREE enjoy MATE IN TWO. All White pieces DRAG and DROP.Just TOUCH THE PIECE and move it Get a reaction for every move. 101 Times

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  • version 1.1

Picture Swap Puzzle

Picture Swap Puzzle is a fun puzzle game. Solve the puzzle by arranging the shuffled pieces Its so simple to play Just drag on a puzzle piece to move it and complete the picture. * You can ON/OFF the outline of each piece of puzzle from the settings (use i button on the top left of the title screen).

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  • version 1.5

Cube Puzzle 3D

Put all pieces together to solve the puzzle.- Swipe to rotate puzzle or piece up, down, left, or right.- Drag to move piece to the correct position.- 3D Graphics and animation. Donations available for Ads removal.

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Jelly slice!

Tap and drag over the jelly blob to slice it into multiple pieces. You have a limited number of slices that you can make. Make sure that each piece has only one star Free for limited time.

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Fraction Circles Manipulative

Fraction pieces can be moved, rotated, and snapped together. Each piece displays the value it represents (as a fraction, decimal, or percents). Dividing Fractions

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Jigsaw Puzzle Pro

Dont be fooled by imitations. Jigsaw Puzzle is the only app in the App Store made by the jigsaw puzzle experts GAME OPTIONS 1024-piece puzzles (iPad) 400-piece puzzles (iPhone 6 Plus) 225-piece puzzles (iPhone/iPod Touch)FEATURES Play from our collection of over 14,000 of beautiful, high quality images A new FREE puzzle every day FREE downloadable puzzle packs New puzzle packs released each week Turn your personal photos into your own custom puzzles You can play on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad Play large puzzles Music soundtracks Move pieces in groups Scatter pieces out of the puzzle area with a single command Optionally rotate pieces for a greater challenge Challenge yourself with the special Tournament Pack Randomized pieces no two puzzles are the same Work on more than one puzzle at a time Saves every puzzle youve ever solved Share completed puzzles with your friends Game Center leaderboards Compete with your friends 40+ distinct achievements to unlock

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Small Apples - Never Satisfied

Small Apples - Never Satisfied is a puzzle casual games. Our goal is to eat all little apples - on the map There are white pieces of road obstructions and black pieces of road on the map~ Note that each black pieces can only step once Eat all little apples will be able to successfully pass Abundant levels waiting for you to challenge an apple a day,keeps the doctor away.

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Chinese Chess (Xiangqi)

Xiangqi brings you Chinese Chess like youve never seen it before A unique traditional Chinese watercolour inspired look compliments this exciting, full-featured game. A variety of difficulty levels make Xiangqi perfect both for beginners looking to learn how to play Chinese Chess and experts looking to keep their skills sharp. Unfamiliar with the rules to this classic game?Check out Xiangqi features: - advanced AI with positional play - AI honors prohibitions against stalling tactics involving repeated positions - original (optional) soundtrack and sound effects - animated piece movement and special effects - show available moves when pieces are touched - indicate which pieces have no available moves, due to general safety or blocked movement - multiple difficulty levels, from novice to expert - custom setup: start board from any position - choose Westernized or traditional Chinese pieces - unlimited undo/redo with algebraic notation - supports both tap and drag gestures - automatic game save/restore - chess clocks - onscreen feedback for available/illegal moves - automatically rotated pieces in head-to-head gameswith a pleasing soundtrack and a beautiful calligraphic style to the pieces and game

  • size 12.4 MB
  • version 2.0

Rotate and move puzzle pieces. Lite

Toys. Educational puzzles. The picture will be going when every part will be in its place;- combined game, when pieces need to be placed at a right angle and each piece will be installed in its place.

  • size 63.2 MB
  • version 3.0


A mind blowing puzzle game that challenges your spatial abilities. Simple shapes are spread apart in pieces floating in a 3D space, and there is a camera angle that aligns all pieces and builds each shape. Avoid piling up too many pieces or the game will be over, use all white power-ups strategically to keep on scoring, and compare your score on baKnos Top Players list.

  • size 53.6 MB
  • version 1.0.1