[Notifications] iOS 9.0.2 Error -> Settings -> Notifications -> FHP App (Off)This application helps you check your neck posture by measuring the degree of your cervical spine based on the side view of your upper body and provides corresponding exercises to improve your neck posture. F.H.P Neck Exercises Center is the application that informs you of your neck posture by measuring the degree of your neck based on the picture of your current posture. Improve your neck condition NOW by downloading Forward Head Posture Neck Exercises Center (Headaches, Neck Pain, Strained Muscles,Shoulder Tension, Arthritis, Disc Disease, Degenerated Joints, Fatigue, Joint Pain, Chronic Pain, Spine Disease, Irreversible Damage)

Forward Head Posture (FHP) alternatives

Posture - exercises for training straight back & poise static correction

Training of this application will give you strong straight back, posture and self-confidence for a long time.8 - week training program for straightening postureTraining are suitable for women and men of any ageMore than 20 functional exercises for straightening postureEach exercise has a detailed description and video instructionsAthletic equipment is not needed. You can train wherever and whenever convenient. We wish you a productive and successful training

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Posture Aware

Improve awareness and develop new habits for pleasant and healthy body positioning Posture Aware contains several features to help improve your posture, including step by step instructions for numerous exercises, examples of correct and incorrect posture positions, an alarm to motivate and remind you to correct your posture, the ability to track your progress over time through photo analysis and more Therapists can save time using the embedded printable prescription that tailors an exercise program specifically for your clients. Designed with input from physical therapist professionals, Posture Aware helps to improve your awareness, strength and mobility, all within one application.

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A posture picture is worth a thousand words, and PostureZone can reveal structural imbalances and asymmetries causing back pain and stress. Plus, poor posture can make you look older and impair athletic performance. Covered entity users of the PostureZone free and Pro versions are responsible for compliant practices including storage and transmission of names, email addresses, images and other protected health information (PHI).COPYRIGHT NOTICE: PostureZone app, model, wall grid & images are copyright and protected by intellectual property laws and treaties.

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Lumo Back: Real-Time Posture Feedback

Lumo Back is a posture & movement feedback system. Use the Lumo Back sensor and app to: - Get real-time posture feedback delivered directly to your back and to your phone - Track your posture and reduce slouching over time - Track the number of hours you sit each day - Track the number of times you stand up each day - Track your steps walking, running, distance traveled, and calories burned - Track the hours you sleep and your sleep positionsThe Lumo Back sensor gently vibrates when you slouch from your lower back and the app gives you real-time feedback on your posture as you sit and stand. Find out whats happening under the covers with Lumo.

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