More than likely your team didnt make the big game. But hey, what better way to troll your friends than to use Football Animations to remind them of how last year wont be better than next year. Send your Football Animation suggestions to [email protected] and we will make them & update the app ASAP Also check out our Basketball Animations sticker pack

Football Animations alternatives

Creatures by Cesca

Creatures by Cesca a part of the Stickers by Cesca series. Enjoy these fun iMessage stickers designed by Cesca. Including: Dog Cat Fox Mouse Rat Bird Owl Chick Butterfly Frog Snail Squidoo

  • size 1.1 MB

Maps of States in U.S.A. stickers for iMessage

Maps of States in U.S.A.This sticker pack is delivered to you by ebnem zkanem and MojiLaLa. Maps of States in U.S.A. stickers are designed by ebnem zkanem in Turkey and powered by MojiLaLa. New original designs from your favourite artists are always being added, as well as local and trending topics in your community.

  • size 36.9 MB


Here are the juicy meat stickers for all the meat lovers Even if you like vegetables better, just have a look and enjoy the taste of meat with these

  • size 20.9 MB

Watermelon Willy

Coming at you straight from your local farm, Watermelon Willy is a friendly watermelon who wants to help you express your feelings. Happy? Watermelon Willy is organic and GMO-free so what are you waiting for, download Watermelon Willy today The Watermelon Willy sticker pack features:- 7 high-quality original stickers- Hand drawn designs- Free future updates (more Watermelon Willy stickers to come )

  • size 1.4 MB