BEST NEW APP BY THE APP STORE Foodvisor helps you eat smarter and healthier by instantly analyzing the nutrients in your food, just by taking a picture of it. THE EASIEST WAY TO TRACK YOUR DIET- Just take a picture of your food and Foodvisor will identify each food item on your plate, estimate its serving and give you key nutritional facts : calories, proteins, carbs, fats, fibers, cholesterol- Scan barcodes among a database of hundreds of thousands of products- Add your favorite meals to save some timeTRACK YOUR WORKOUT- Connect to HealthKit so your steps and workout from your fitness apps will automatically be added to Foodvisor- Add manually any sport- Compare the calories you consumed with the calories you burned and the calories leftREACH YOUR GOALS- Set up a goal of weight or of musculation- Enter your weight and check your progress- Benefit from advice and health tips to reach your goal- View charts of your progress over time and gain insights about your dietFoodvisor makes you more aware of your eating habits with the pictures of your meals and their nutrients so you can learn to make better food choices on the long term. Start today and join our success stories Barcodes source : Open Food Facts Terms : need iOS 9 or later to be able to use Foodvisor on your iPhone.


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Foodvisor - Calorie Counter alternatives

iFood Lite: Calorie Counter

iFood Lite accompanies you throughout the day to help you track what you eat, track your progress and make small changes to your habits that will lead to a better life and achieve your goals. NUTRITION TABLESSee the nutritional charts of thousands of foods available. Follow us on Facebook

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101 Fitness - Workout trainer

A Tailor-made program just for you, designed by professional coaches, with over 200 sessions and healthy recipes, pictures and videos; healthy eating and exercising have never been this easy This is the most efficient way to lose weight, get fit, improve your muscle tone, with exercise training and diet coaching. Intensive and efficient 10-15mn training sessions designed around body weight. Write us at [email protected]

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Decathlon Coach training plan

Measure all your sports, track your progress from one session to the next, and find the right training session to fit your goals: starting to run or getting back on track, losing weight and keeping fit, gearing up for a race. TRACK YOUR SPORTS SESSIONS IN REAL TIME:Decathlon Coach is a multi-sport mobile application (for Running, Biking, Sport Walking) to measure your speed, distance covered, calories burned, difference in altitude etc. Information : Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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FizzUp - Workouts & Nutrition

FizzUp is the only online fitness trainer and nutrition coach thats both personalized and free. FizzUp is an actual fitness trainer and nutrition coach that fits in your pocket. Terms of Service: Policy:

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Zenfie Mindfulness Meditation

Learn and practice mindfulness meditation with Zenfie, available in several languages (English, Spanish, French )Use Zenfie to discover or rediscover mindfulness meditation: rest, relax, better manage stress, zen, be more present and improve concentration on a day to day basis. The discovery programme offers you ten different ten minute sessions, completely free of charge. You can even meditate on public transport - Monthly (2.99 USD) and yearly (21.99 USD) subscriptions are available, charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase, providing access to all sessions- Renewal is automatic, charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period (same price as initial subscription)- Auto-renew can be turned off at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period, from the settings on your device- Details on

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Vegan Smoothie Maker - The caveman goes green

Lots of healthy green vegan recipes. Based on who/Users/klaaskremer/Desktop/4.pngle food & hunter gatherer (caveman) style. Nutrition facts for every possible smoothie included: - Calories (Kcal)- Carbohydrates (carbs)- Fats - Proteins- Pro Points (for weight watchers based programs)

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Macro Counter and Water Tracker

Macro Counter Fat Alien ProAn easy-to-use calorie counter with embedded food database. Fat Alien App is the useful app for everyone who wants to lose or gain weight. - Calculate your daily water intake on the basis of 4 parameters, including coffee intake; - Create your own volumes; - Get notifications to dont forget drinking water; - Watch your progress with beautiful graphs in the Health app Integration with the Apple Health App enables you to sync your personal data about consumed calories, proteins, fats, carbs and water between Macro Counter Fat Alien Pro, Water Tracker Plus and the Apple Health App.

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Easy Calorie Counter for your meals - Lose and track your weight with the biggest nutrition data set.

Are you doing 7 minute workout? Do you want to lose weight? Features:- create customized meals with appropriate nutrients- automatically calculate calories- easy to use- database of over 7000 products- detailed information about each product (energy, protein, carbs, lipid, vitamins)- keep history records of your meals- create diet plan in advance- 3 activity modes - ideal with 7 minute workout plan

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Macros Counter NoitaFit: track your calorie, protein, carbs and fats daily intake

Universal calorie counter app for man and woman. For losing or gaining weight. * Count your daily calories and macros and always will keep you aware if you have eaten enough;* Large and trustworthy database that contains more than 6500 food items including sport nutrition of the most famous brands;* No ads, no in-apps, no paid subscriptions;* US/UK or metric units;* No internet connection required;* Integration with the Apple Health App enables you to sync your personal data about consumed calories, proteins, fats and carbs from the Fat Alien App with the Apple Health App.Developed in Finland

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CardioCoach is the only app available to accurately calculate calories your burned during a workout, the types of calories you are burning (fats vs carbs), and the future calories you will burn after a workout. Utilizing VO2 Max data to achieve meaningful results has never been easier Download your results to CardioCoach and you can take advantage of everything this exciting app has to offer:* Utilize pre-designed workouts* Incorporate VO2 Max test results into your workouts* Design custom workouts with the touch of a button* Integration with the Health app to record workout information* Interface with todays most popular apps and wearables* Track calories burned and calories consumed with true accuracy* Determine the TYPES of calories burned: FATS vs CARBS* Help monitor your progress with truly personalized plansWorkouts require the use of a Blue Tooth LE compatible Heart Rate monitor to view all data. KORR recommends the Polar H7, Mio Alpha, MyZones, Ot (Orange Theory), or Adidas Heart Rate monitors for best results.

  • size 80.9 MB
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Lose Weight Pro - Diet Planner, Assistant and Diary

Start eating healthy and losing weight with Lose weight Pro app In the Pro-Version, all nutrition plans and functions are available without additional payments - 11 diet plans, 50,000 foods, 100 exercises- Food, exercise and weight diary- Water consumption trackingLose weight is your personal assistant helping you to achieve your weight loss goals quickly The app has workout logs to keep track of daily physical activity, useful charts of weight and other body measurements, and other tools to facilitate weight control. You enter information about the daily meals and the system gives tips on regulation of physical activities and balanced nutrition. This revolutionary new app will also give you countless hints and insider tricks on how to lose weight in a healthy way Lose Weight App offers the following unique and helpful features:- Daily charts to track proteins, fats, carbs;- Timeline progress of your bust, waist, and hips measurements;- Water consumption tracking;- Reminders to eat and to drink;- Writing notes;- Recipes of popular foods;- Setup your own dishes and exercises;- Scheduling of meals and exercises;- Predefined weight loss plans including foods and exercises.

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Daily Macros - Harris Benedict Formula Based Carb, Protein, Fat Macronutrient ratios and Calorie Calculator

65% OFF Today Select your goal and calculate your daily caloric need And calculate the exact amount in grams you should consume from proteins, carbs and fats for weight loss, maintain or bodybuilding goals. Daily Macros is a result followed by many studies and researches related to nutrition and fitness. And it comes with an Apple Watch app.

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Drag-n-Release Macronutrients TrackingSimply track your daily macros with MacrosTracker. Drag down and release the amount of Calories, Carbs, Protein, or Fats you have consumed. Personalize with select themes

Calories iCare

Calories iCare controls your intake calories by tracking regular meals and exercises. Calories iCare is not only for losing weight calculator but it also maintains and helps you to gain weight too. ()- Easiest and fastest food entry remembers your favorites, add custom food, and more.- A food diary to plan and keep track of what youre eating.- An exercise diary to record all the calories you burn.- A diet calendar to see your calories consumed and burned.- Calories ,weight and BMI tracker.- The articles for healthy and exercise- share your daily food and activities on facebook and twitter.- Support iOS7

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Food & Nutrition: Healthy Facts and Tips App

Best Food & Nutrition Topics include: Antioxidants Carbohydrates Dietary Fats Proteins Dietary Supplements Minerals Vitamins And many moreFood provides the energy and nutrients you need to be healthy. Nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. The creator of this application shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any addition, modification, suspension or discontinuance of this application.

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  • version 2.4.0