This app provides more than 100 most common food words in Russian language. Using this app, you will have much better knowledge on Russian vocabulary. Also, check our other vocabulary learning apps which teaches you word sets on vehicles, colors, fruits, animals, occupations, numbers etc.

Food in Russian: Learn & Play Words Game alternatives


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Fluve Basic Russian

The Galactic Legion has a policy to destroy any planet they cannot communicate with. Now its earths turn: with human language so difficult to learn no communication is yet possible. Fluve, a member of the Legion yet a peace activist, starts a quest to prove that communication is possible by learning human languages help Fluve learn Russian using Champolu Bilingual Minimal Pairs Method

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Russian Bubble Bath: Learn Russian Vocabulary

Learn Russian and have fun doing it with the Bubble Bath of Knowledge. People from all over the world come to this bubble bath to learn the art of language. Please try the game and give us your feedback.

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LinguPinguin LITE - English Russian

Language-learning app for preschoolers Make language come to life This intuitive and colorful app for preschoolers is easy to understand through the combination of image and sound. Educational studies have shown that children of a young age are highly receptive to language learning and articulative expression. [ 08/2011]* * * * *

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