Inspired by the simple fact that our schedules inevitably revolve around other peoples schedules, FollowUP is the smarter way to manage appointments, call-backs, projects, to-dos and more. FollowUP is a simple solution that lets you focus your activities based on a combination of filters and sorting options. Move on up to FollowUP


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Easy List - Simple Checklist
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Daily Notes + Tasks
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What could be kinder than a friendly RE.minder? Is your To-Do list app full of To-Didnts? Add-On Packs Add 20 new musical sounds Add 22 new fun sounds Get some extra volume from 17 extra loud sounds Fun and Games Icon Pack (media, sports and transportation) Home and Office Icon Pack (medical, food and drink, office and social) Miscellaneous Icon PackIf you want all of the above for one low price, check out RE.minder PRO+ and save a few dollars So when youre ready to turn those To-Didnts into Dones, download RE.minder for free

  • size 42.2 MB

Contact Hero: easy, affordable CRM

Organize an unlimited number of contacts, calls, notes and tasks for free on your iPhone or iPad then sync to the ContactHero web app so no business opportunities can slip through the cracks. EASY CONTACT MANAGEMENTDesigned by salespeople for salespeople, ContactHero is a CRM designed to improve your follow-through so you can generate more sales for your business. ContactHero is a registered trademark of The VDG Group.

  • size 20.9 MB

Less Meeting - Meeting Minutes, To-dos, Scheduling & more

Revolutionize the way you meet Change your teams meeting culture Voted - Lifehackers Top 5 Best Meeting Minute Services Less Meeting is a refreshing new approach to running your meetings. Regain control from unwieldy agendas and endless discussions. If youre ever seeing anything less than that, reach out to us at

  • size 164 MB

Always Be In Contact - Mobile CRM Sales Follow-Up

Description:Always Be In Contact Simple, Fast, Follow-Up This app allows you to organize your contacts in 3 categories (Lead, Prospect, Sold) and automatically reminds you to follow-up. Import your iPhone contacts or create new ones. Easily move contact from Lead Prospect - Sold Categories Set a custom alert for next follow-upiCloud App uses Apples iCloud to store and persist all your data No username/password login required because the app uses your iCloud account Local data storage is available if you do not use iCloudUser Feedback We want to hear from you Send us feedback requesting new features through the settings menuCustomized Enterprise Edition Available for sales organizations Includes a management dashboard for all activity from the app Easy to track all users activities from app usage Please contact use for further information on the enterprise solutionWebsite:http://www.alwaysbeincontact.comKeep it Simple Technologies, Inc. presents Always Be In Contact Mobile CRM and Sales Follow-Up

  • rating 4.8
  • size 58.5 MB

Braintoss - Your thoughts straight into your inbox

Whenever you have a thought that you dont want to lose - speak, snap or scribble it into the Braintoss app and it will be sent to your inbox for later use. If you enjoy using Braintoss, please leave us a nice review. - by Dutch TV personality Jack van Gelder via twitterUse Braintoss to capture stuff and send it to your inbox with one tap:- for any thought/idea/task- for Business Cards- for QR Codes- for receipts- also from your Apple Watch

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Easy List - Simple Checklist

How do you manage most of things to do everyday? Easy List++ is a to-do list app with multiple to-do lists that helps you do everything more quickly, effectively and successfully. Features:- Bulk input (new line - separated)- Swipe left to choose options: Move tasks/Delete/Done or Restore.- Swipe right to choose Color- Double tap to edit- Sorting- Sending emailIts simple & quickly.

  • size 16.0 MB
  • version 3.0

IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM

IXACT Contact is an integrated CRM, Email Marketing, and Realtor Website solution designed specifically for real estate agents. IXACT Contact provides you with all the tools you need to manage your keep in touch communications, your listings and active buyers, and your online presence with a single, easy to use platform. Download IXACT Contacts mobile app, and youll have the following features at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime:- Add contacts, update all of their profile information, and easily initiate and record all contact interactions- Assign contacts to your Monthly e-Newsletter, Keep in Touch Call schedules, and Marketing Activity Plans- Manage all of your day-to-day activities and appointments- Access all of your current Active Business listings and Active Buyers, and record notes for your customer reports

  • size 10.7 MB
  • version 1.5

iKnock Organizer

A simple and intuitive app that allows Witnesses to keep up with interest found in their area. Includes a unique calendar view to modify activities by reviewing a full months activities at a glance. Simplified Feature List:Month-at-a-glance Calendar View with Quick & Easy Modifications-Daily and Monthly Summaries-Quick Record Association and Interaction to Calls-Add Notes to the Calendar for Appointments or Reminders-Start/Stop/Add Timer*Double-Tap Date to Modify a days activities*Shake to Clear Activities when Editing a days activities*Tap Arrows (Left and Right sides of MonthLabel) to Change Month*Swipe to Change Month*Double-Tap Month Name to Return to Current MonthCalls (Return Visits)-Easily enter information about interest found* Quickly select placements from a pre-filled list* Customize your own Books, Brochures, Tracts and Videos from the same location-Sorting and Filtering-Address Autofill-Call Mapping and Locating Support-Bluetooth sharing to other iKnockOrganizers-Email sharing to anyone-Magazine Route Identification and Filtering-Priority Identification and FilteringReporting-daily, monthly and annual summaries-editing support right in reporting-email supportMapping-priority display modes-sorting-locating-routingBackup & Restore Support

  • size 17.5 MB
  • version 3.3.3

ActiveManuals To Go

The ActiveManuals To Go (AMTG) app provides your entire organization access to the approved version of your operations and maintenance (O&M) information directly on your iPads. ActiveManuals To Go works in combination with ActiveManuals, a simple, yet sophisticated electronic solution that enables users across the network to organize and access key information in your organization, including:Process descriptions and guidanceOperation and maintenance manualsDiagrams and picturesTraining videosEssentially any document or file that your iPad can useInformation management with ActiveManuals To Go on an iPad is a service offered by Hawksley Consulting for our clients and partners. We partner with our clients in Building a Better World, providing a full range of services for projects and programs that focus on water, energy and environmental services.

  • size 58.4 MB
  • version 3.5.14


From simple shopping lists to challenging team projects - organize all areas of life with just one powerful app: Tasks4Life. Heres what the press says about Tasks4Life: The one task manager that does everything right- Users get the best task managing app the App Store has to offer right now- Tasks4Life packs more and better features than its expensive competitors- Companies and teams get a perfect solution to synchronize their team memberss daily agenda- Its hard to recommend any other task manager, now that theres Tasks4Life: Premium task management for a very small price- Great user experience due to an intuitive interface- Tasks4Life is one of the best and most cost-saving apps for the iPhone- Companies get the most advanced alternative to unreasonably expensive so-called pro tools, that often offer less functionality- The fact that Tasks4Life is equally fit to manage your work, school, university and/or everyday life makes it worth every easy-to-use task manager with a lot of features- offers significantly more options than other apps- suitable even for extensive projects- remarkable concept with extended multi-user and team functionality that will be highly appreciated by power - a true iOS App Store gem- terrific - you get all the features at a pay-only-once-price- multi-user and team functionality come at no extra costsSimply assign your tasks to certain areas of life, such as Family, Office, Home, Sports etc. WHATS TO COMEIn early 2017 the iPad version of Tasks4Life will be available and around the middle of the year an Mac OS version will follow.

  • size 16.1 MB
  • version 1.1

Daily Notes + Tasks

Daily Notes is a simple yet powerful note-taking app that lets you create and organize your notes, add and manage tasks, attach photos, PDFs, sketches and even voice recordings to your notes. All your information is synced between your iPhone and iPad via iCloud or Evernote. used by homeschooling moms to keep track of lessons plans, budgets, weekly menus, to-do lists, personal journal used as a personal journal for traveling, archiving photos, keeping track of doctors appointments, compiling and organizing sermons, gardening logs and more use to keep track of purchases, attaching screenshots of ordered items, including invoice/order forms, receipts and any emails referring to the order use to increase productivity by organizing and keeping track of all the different areas of your life e.g. work, kids, your own business, remodelling activities, event planing and more use in documenting events that you want to recall at a later dateWed love to hear from you, let us know what you think Support: http://support.dailynotes.bizFacebook: @DailyNotesAppBlog: http://blog.dailynotes.bizWebsite:

  • rating 4.27273
  • size 66.0 MB
  • version 8.9.2


Explore, discover and interact with places, things, events and people around you. With the TwigMe engagement platform, users can explore and interact with businesses, service providers and products, in real time, securely, and at your convenience. A single server-configured app, infinite uses.- Find information on and interact with businesses and service providers, securely, in real time, and while controlling what information you share about yourself.- Explore and interact with products to trace origins, authenticate, access information on usage, warranties, service requirements etc.- Discover cool things to do, people to meet up with, deals and offers on products and services of interest to you, in your vicinity.- Interact with people you know, may want to know, who share common interests, or are linked to places and events that you may be linked to.- Search for products, businesses and services matching your requirements- Manage information on products you buy/rent/use, your interactions with businesses and service providers, your appointments, reminders, events, transactions - all in one simple, unified solution.- And a whole lot moreWith sleek and intuitive interactivity options including configurable forms, dynamic calendars, responsive events, notifications, reminders, chats, forums etc, no business is beyond the reach of TwigMe users.

  • size 70.0 MB
  • version 3.1.1

Checkmark 2

Checkmark is back with an all-new design and great new features, including Lists, Location Groups, One-tap Rescheduling, a Today widget, and much more Checkmark is definitely worth a look Macworld (Staff Pick)Get your life in order with Checkmark 2 TIMEOne of the most sleek and powerful to-do apps Cult of MacCheckmark is a brilliant to-do app LifehackerAn excellently built app L.A. TimesAn impressive to-do app The GuardianLooks fantastic and does the job perfectly. Beautiful PixelsAn incredibly solid app AppAdviceCheckmark 2 is a pleasure to use TUAWMy favorite location-based reminders app Shawn Blanc- - - - WHATS NEW IN CHECKMARK 2 - - - - All-new Lists feature great for projects (school or work) or for simple lists (movies and food) Location Groups create reminders for multiple locations at once, like for multiple grocery stores One-tap rescheduling (easily push a due date ahead by minutes, hours, or days in one tap) Recurring reminders are now customizable Date-specific location-based reminders New alert options - pick your favorite sound iCloud support (data backed up in the cloud)- - - - LISTS FOR WORK OR PLEASURE - - - -Powerful enough to manage projects, but perfect for everyday things, too. Super quick-entry: just type and hit return to continuously add tasks Use Headers to organize your list by category great for managing projects or for complex shopping and packing lists Drag-and-drop to prioritize and reorder your list- - - - - LOCATION-BASED REMINDERS - - - - - Create location-based reminders in only 3 taps Add your favourite locations from a map, your contact list, or your current location Group multiple locations together like 3 different grocery stores, and your reminder will go off if you arrive at any of the locations Add a timer to location-based reminders, so the alert goes off when youre ready like 15 minutes after you arrive home Setup date-specific location-based reminders like: Remind me to take out the trash when I get home from work on Thursday View a list of all your tasks, sorted by distance Customize your location screen any way you like - - - - - - - TIME-BASED REMINDERS - - - - - - - Faster and easier than using a calendar Create date and time-based reminders in seconds A handy new Today widget lets you see any reminders due today, right from your Lock Screen One-tap rescheduling makes it easy to move that reminder ahead by a few minutes, hours, or days Setup recurring reminders for things you need to do daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom Easily identify overdue tasks in the new Overdue section See whats coming up today, tomorrow, and in the next 7 days with a quick glance44f9ea149e

  • size 20.4 MB
  • version 2.5