Flowpaper is an amazing physics-based art app that is capable of creating gorgeous works of art -app SafariFlowpaper is an interactive drawing tool that lets you make beautiful flowing paintings using your finger tip. Perfect for making a personal background for your device or for sharing with a friend. Make sure that Flowpaper is enabled under Settings App > Privacy > Photos

Flowpaper alternatives

VLC Remote

VLC Remote lets you remotely control your VLC Media Player on your Mac or PC. -AppCrunchAs far as Im concerned, this is a necessary download Works great, setup was super easy and I use this every day. HobbyistSoftware.com

  • size 32.3 MB

iFunFace Pro - Create Funny HD Videos From Photos, Fun Face

Wa Kingyo - Goldfish Pond

Try the FREE version Wa Kingyo LE. Upgrade Sale 50% Off Goldfishes drawn on the Japanese style of painting swim elegantly. News & Support:@m_hakozaki on Twitter

  • size 56.4 MB


Card2Phone is the best magic app on the market and lets you do visual magic anywhere Amazing app for any magician - David BlaineBought it the second I saw it - Chris Kenner, Magic Consultant for David Copperfield 60 different currencies 52 playing card faces More than 30 playing card back designs Everyday objects for creative minds (Pro only*)All questions can be sent to [email protected]* Pro is available as an in-app purchase and includes more than 30 extra objects.

  • size 68.9 MB