Flashnote Derby is a fun way for kids to learn and practice reading music notes. Each race is a timed test in which the student identifies different notes in order to urge their horse on towards the finish line. Download Flashnote Derby and get on the road to music reading mastery today

Flashnote Derby- Musical Note Flashcards! alternatives

Piano Dust Buster by JoyTunes

TOP 10 Music App in over 80 countries, over 40 million songs played Use your own acoustic piano, or an on-screen virtual one, to play your favorite songs whether its pop songs like Taylor Swifts Trouble or Classical like Vivaldis Spring. Dust off your piano with the Award Winning Piano Dust Buster music game Activated by an acoustic piano/keyboard, or by touch. JoyTunes.com/piano Privacy policy: http://www.joytunes.com/privacy.php Terms of use: http://www.joytunes.com/terms.php Follow us: Twitter: @joytunescom Facebook: /joytuneshttp://www.joytunes.com/ipad-support.php

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  • size 107 MB

Quick Maths - Arithmetic & Times Table Game

Quick Math is perfect for students to improve their all round mathematics ability - Apps In Education Kids and adults cant put it down Practice your mathematics while racing the clock in this innovative iPad app. Featuring advanced handwriting recognition and a beautiful interface, Quick Math will take your general arithmetic skills to the next level. CURRICULUM SPECIFICS- USA - Grades 1 to 5- Canada - Grades 1 to 6- UK - Years 2 to 5 (Late Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2)- Australia - Years 2 to 6 (Late Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 & 3 of new syllabus)HWR is supplied by MyScript from Vision Objects.

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Motion Math: Hungry Fish

Hungry Fish had me hookeda fantastic math game - The iPhone MomFeed your fish and play with numbers Practice mental addition and subtraction with Motion Math: Hungry Fish, a delightful learning game thats fun for children and grownups. (Hey Teachers You can get all the levels of this game, plus student progress data, by signing up for an account at motionmathgames.com. Recommended Ages: 4-7, 8-10, 11-12, parents Categories: Games, Math, Addition, Subtraction, Counting, Early Learning, Numbers, Special Needs

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