What is the Flashcode application?Flashcode by Mobiletag is an application that allows you to read 2D barcodes (QR, Datamatrix) and 1D barcodes (on products), in a smart manner, so you access quickly and easily to different types of multimedia contents: videos, photos, music or internet portal, etc, What is a Flashcode?A Flashcode is a two-dimensional barcode (2D barcode) which can contain: - A mobile internet address allowing to be directed instantly to the desired content, - Contacts details, that you can save in your mobile by a simple click - Or even a phone number which can be dialed automatically. The service that simplifies your access: Flashcode makes your life easier. No need to remember or enter a web address or to write, letter by letter, contacts detailsA direct access to your contents :Scan the Flashcode in order to access, without further manipulation, to the content that you chose Flashcode by Mobiletag is the daily interaction, from your mobile with:- Print media: scan a code printed in a magazine in order to get access to video content, interactive pages with related subject, or a movie trailer - Bus shelter : by scanning a code printed on a bus shelter, you could know, for example, the waiting time for the next bus or you might download the map of the area.- Television: a new way, quicker and easier to participate to a TV program for which the viewers opinion is sought (Imagine yourself trying to vote for your favorite candidate by scanning the code on your screen).

Flashcode QR & Barcode Scanner alternatives

Currency! Free

Currency Free is a handy converter giving you a complete overview of the current exchange rate for every world currency, the top 10 Cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin and 4 precious metals. Conversion between multiple currencies is quick and easy thanks to a simple and user-friendly design. Convert while traveling and in roaming- Exchange rate updates every 5 minutes- Easy navigation with simple UI- Regular updates and features addedWe support: - Over 180 national currencies- Top 10 Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC), LiteCoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), PeerCoin (PPC), MasterCoin (MSC), NXT, NameCoin (NMC), QuarkCoin (QRK), WorldCoin (WDC), MegaCoin (MEC), AuroraCoin (AUR), DogeCoin (DOGE), Feathercoin (FTC), Primecoin (XPM)

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SFR & Moi

Grez vos comptes mobiles et fixes SFR et ceux de vos proches depuis votre smartphone et tablette en toute simplicit.- Suivez la consommation dtaille de lensemble de vos lignes mobiles et fixes SFR, y compris depuis ltranger- Consultez vos dernires factures- Grez votre offre et vos options- Pilotez directement tous vos avantages SFR FAMiLY - Suivez vos commandes mobile et box de bout en bout - Vrifiez ltat de votre box 24h/24, et trouvez la solution pour la dpanner- Suivez la rsolution de vos incidents concernant votre box- Trouvez vos rponses sur le fixe/mobile grce lassistanceTlchargement et usage gratuit en France mtropolitaine (hors cot de connexion internet mobile selon loffre SFR souscrite).Application accessible aux clients SFR disposant dune offre mobile, tablette & cl ou ADSL/THD/Fibre.

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onoff App - Call, SMS, Numbers

onoff is the most advanced communication, texting and calling app in the world and the only application that gives you the possibility to efficiently manage all the different aspects of your life. The First multiple accounts Social App Create and communicate through different profiles ( Business, Personal, Friends ) according to who you are talking to. Follow us:Twitter: @onoffFacebook: onoff AppInstagram: onoff App

SeLoger - achat, location

Les fonctionnalits phares : Les notifications pushs et emails vous alertent en temps rel des nouvelles annonces correspondant votre recherche immobilire. Mettez en favoris vos recherches, annonces et agences coups de coeur. Suivez toute lactualit de SeLoger et du march immobilier sur : Facebook www.facebook.com/seloger Twitter www.twitter.com/seloger G+ http://google.com/+seloger Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/seloger Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/selogerNhsitez pas nous faire part de vos feedbacks [email protected]

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