Flappy 2048 Extreme!

The mechanics of the popular games Flappy Bird and 2048 collide in this twisted mash-up Try to fly into the matching tile. Can you stay focused? Good luck

Flappy 2048 Extreme alternatives

2048 Backwards

Do you like playing addictive puzzle game, you are in right place. Hope you will have fun .2048 backwards is a number puzzle game, with new colorful, eye soothing design, enjoy the game one swipe at a time. Keep merging to generate tile 1

  • rating 4.22222
  • size 24.9 MB

Impact Ball

You were given 8 fingers, now its time to use them. Avoid the red spikes Be careful not to explode, or youll have to start again.FEATURES:- Gorgeous and simple graphics - Handcrafted (SUPER HARD) levels - Frustratingly fast enemies - A charming soundtrack Designed for clever and skilled human brains. How far will you go?Impact Ball is addictive, gorgeous entertainment.

  • rating 3.42857
  • size 28.8 MB

2048 Super Plus

2048 Super Plus is an upgraded version of the current popular games of 2048. Now you can play 31 different games (3 classic mode, 14 super mode, 14 variations mode). + Time Rush: Challenge more scores and greater numbers in limited time. Super Mode: + Normal: When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

  • rating 4.8
  • size 39.4 MB

More alternatives

Flappy Learning

The mechanics of the popular game Flappy Bird collide in this brain teaser Try to fly into the matching/correct tile. Two game Modes 1. Just how well do you really know your powers of knowledge?Good luck and have fun We at Artoon Solutions would like to express our gratitude to all of our fans and supporters If you like our game, please, rate it in the App Store Thank you Follow us on:Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artoonsolutions Twitter: https://twitter.com/artoonsolutions

  • size 23.0 MB
  • version 1.1

Flappy 2048 - Flap your wings and Jump through the Tiles to reach 2048 Tile!

What would Happen if Flappy Bird merged with 2048? Here is your answer Flappy 2048, Flap your wings and Jump through the Tiles and try to reach the 2048 Tile, the ultimate mix of flappy birds and 2048 number puzzle game Happy or Floppy 2048 is a Simple, Addictive, Amazing , Free and Enjoyable Arcade game How to Play: - Tap to flap the wings of Tiles to fly. Good Luck :)

  • size 7.0 MB
  • version 1.3


A game that seems familiar and yet it isnt. This is a mashup of Asteroids-like gameplay and Flappy Bird-like flight mechanics. Mash it up Download and play these games too:> AMU - LL> AMU - B> AMU - DTS

  • size 16.8 MB
  • version 1.1

Flappy 2048 tile

Flappy 2048 tile,three in one of the most popular games Simply tap the screen and make the tile flappy. Hit the same number of tile and it will make double of its number size. Come and play Flappy 2048 tile

  • size 2.6 MB
  • version 1.0.0

Minimal 2048

Simple, easy and clean design of the new game with popular mechanics will bring true aesthetic delight to players with high expection. All people make mistakes. Your task is to get 2048 tile Good luck

  • size 51.1 MB
  • version 1.2

Tap Tap Bird - flappy your wings!

Tap Tap Bird is a classic flappy bird games, Tap to flap the wings to fly, how fast you finger, how far you can fly How to play:- Tap to fly- Avid Pipe- Try to reach as good as you can get record

  • size 71.4 MB
  • version 1.1

Flappy Returns as Ninja

Your favorite bird Flappy is back He was training all this time to become a shadow warrior. Meet Flappy Bird Ninja in this original remake of Flappy bird as a Shinobi warrior Ninja. Good luck

  • size 10.7 MB
  • version 1.0

Metro 2048

2048 - this workout for your brain. You need to to move all tiles in this puzzle . Your task is to get 2048 tile Good luck

  • size 51.1 MB
  • version 1.1

Chicken Wings - Easter Edition - chop chicken in the kitchen sky

Become the Chi-Wi Champion of the world Fly through the kitchen sky on your flip-flapping plane, chopping as many chicken into chicken wings as you can. Watch out for objects hanging above you and gigantic ketchup bottles blocking your way. Good luck If you thought flappy bird was a cool game, you will find that Chicken Wings is even cooler.

  • size 18.5 MB
  • version 2.20

Flappy 2048 Tile

- Flap your way to greatness as you gather multiples of 2 - Based on the mega-popular titles: Flappy Bird and 2048- Very smooth and light game play

  • size 11.2 MB
  • version 1.1

2048 - Unique Fever

2048 - Unique Fever is here How fast can you reach 2048 tile? Download and test for yourself now An easy to play, but hard to master game where you need to join the numbers to get the 2048 tile. The challenge is how fast you can get to the 2048 tile, and achieve a high score Features:* Incredibly fun and addictive gameplay* Hours of endless entertainment * GameCenter LeaderboardIf you like tile puzzles, math games, candy crush, mahjong, flappy game or dont step on white tiles, then you shouldnt miss out this 2048 - Unique Fever too

  • size 58.7 MB
  • version 1.0.1

Flappy Pole

Drawing inspiration from the former most addicting game on the App Store, Flappy Bird Comes a fun, twisted version where a flying pole finally gets its chance to play In this game, you will dodge stacks of birds in this test of increasing reactions. The tides have turned Play Flappy Pole for free Brought to you by Mihappi Games

  • rating 5.0
  • size 10.6 MB
  • version 1.0

1024 2048

The 1024 2048 app is a logical swipe game where you need to join numbers to get 1024 tile, then 2048 tile and so on. HOW TO PLAY:Swipe (Up, Down, Left or Right) to move all the tiles. Good luck and enjoy playing this cool game

  • rating 4.59999
  • size 16.4 MB
  • version 1.0

Blocky 2048

You played through the pain of Flappy Bird. You jammed your brain up with 2048.What happens when Flappy and 2048 merge? You get the most torturous combination, BLOCKY 2048 Jump through the obstacles, while trying to combine blocks to reach the magical number of 2048

  • rating 4.72727
  • size 17.6 MB
  • version 1

2048 School Smasher - No More Crazy Flappies

A Brilliant TWIST in popular 2048 puzzle game and Flappy Flying game Hey Do you love the numbers? Can you reach or not?Come try right now Super easy to play this fun flappy puzzle game; need just tapping Enjoy crazy tapping on your device to match 2048 Match the number from which you have started. TOO MUCH ADDICTIVE

  • rating 5.0
  • size 20.7 MB
  • version 1.0

Tappy Pipes

Tired of flapping flappy bird through the pipes?In Tappy Pipes you move the pipes instead Press youre finger on the pipes to move them up or down to allow flappy bird to pass through. Tap the pipes into coins for extra points There are three different preset game modes and, unlike any games of this kind, a forth option which allows you to completely customize the game play. Be sure to try out the custom mode

  • size 33.8 MB
  • version 1.0

Flappy Multiplayer

How flappy are you? An amazing catchy multiplayer game ,which tells you how flappy are you . *Flappy bird (Landing or die)This is the Very exciting and funny flappy bird mini-games you have to tap your flappy bird to fly and with timings and tilt control you have to land them on the bouncing sledge more safe landings means more pointsDistinct Features: - Multiplayer mode - Compete with top flappy players - Multiple game-plays - One touch controls - Fun for everyone

  • size 28.1 MB
  • version 1.3