Featured in Fire Chief Magazine as well as IFSTA Speaking with Fire. Top App in Category. Calculation tools for determining: * Discharge pressure for firefighting pumps * Foam application rates and amounts * Critical application rate/flow estimation * Pressure and flow rates for smooth bore nozzlesFire Pump Discharge Pressure Calculator: * Handles multiple attack and supply line setup * Calculates friction loss formulaically * Determines proper pump pressure and estimated reachFoam Application Calculator: * Enter area and depth of spill, along with concentration and type of foam being used * Calculates amount of concentrate and water neededCritical Application Rate Calculator: * Determines minimum flow rate to extinguish fire in < 10 seconds * Enter area and percent involved * Commonly involved structures with automatic size estimatorSmooth Bore Tip Calculator: * Enter nozzle tip size and either pressure or flow rate * Calculator solves for pressure or flow[Metric, Imperial Gallon and US Units included]Intended for training purposes only.

Firefighter Calculator alternatives

Flag Day - Get Alerts on US Half & Full Staff Days

Never forget to raise the American flag at full or half staff using the Flag Day Application Receive alerts to remind you to raise the flag for all American National Flag Days. Alerts are sent a day before and on the morning you should raise the flag. User can also decide to receive notifications for half staff days only, full staff days only or both.- Instructions on how to properly handle the flag based on the flag code - Instructions on how to fold the flag with step by step graphics and visual animation.- Instructions on how to salute the flag- Pledge of Allegiances text

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Fire Flow / Pump Pressure Calculator

This fire application calculates both estimated needed fire flow required to extinguish a structure fire as well as calculate pump discharge pressures for various hand-lines and master streams in both standard and metric terms. The application is designed by driver / operators to be used during emergency response or pre-planning to apply calculations to help control the fire ground incident when it occurs. These calculations should simply be used as another tool in the toolbox.

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Echo Responder - Plan, Communicate, Respond

Give your first responders the tools they need to plan, communicate and respond more effectively. Echo Responder is a mobile-first solution designed to help Firefighters and EMTs stay connected with their department. Disclaimer:Continued use of the location sharing GPS feature running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

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Fire Truck Hoselines

The ultimate pre planning tool for every fire apparatus driver / operator. This app is the pump operators edge. Brought to you by the maker of Flashover HydraulicsEnjoy

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Friction Loss Calc

This simple iPhone / iPod Touch app calculates friction loss based on the coefficient for hoses of diameter 3/4 to 6, hose length, gallons per minute, and optionally, number of appliances. An estimated PSI of 5.0 per appliance is used in calculations. By acquiring this product, you agree to assume all responsibility for determining the products suitability for any use, and assume all liability for any possible damages consequential to use of this product in lieu of other methods of making these calculations.

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