The city is on the emergency alert, some buildings are reported are on blaze, the 911 rescue fire department has informed the brave firefighters heroes to rescue citizens and extinguish the flames. This is your chance to become an amazing and legendary modern firefighter and a 911 rescue hero truck driver who saves lives of city people from furious flames, warning sirens and alarms are hooting and the brave fireman city hero and fire fighters at the brigade engine station are ready to rescue and preparing the blaze emergency truck simulator loaded with water cannons, hose and super jetpack to blow out the flames at the location of disaster to save injured residents and individuals stuck in the burning city buildings, call ambulance carrying doctors, nurses and paramedics to save lives and historic landmarks from lethal fire out in the town. Transport your firemen battalion team and police squad at the location before time runs out.

FireFighter 911 Rescue Hero 3D alternatives

Offroad Garbage Truck Simulator: Recycle City Mess

Trash bins, Recycle bins are full of rubbish and waste material, after the long weekend. There is no place left in the garbage bins to place more trash. Stunning trash truck dumping animations

  • rating 4.95238
  • size 158 MB

Car Racer - Lamborghini edition

Test drive 3 Lamborghini in high speed high way racing. Change camera to sit behind the wheel. Choose from :Lamborghini GallardoLamborghini ReventonLamborghini Aventador

  • rating 4.625
  • size 239 MB