Finn in 1989 is a text-based adventure, soaked in 80s nostalgia. A young boy discovers hes lost in time with only his backpack and his walkie-talkie. If youre a fan of Stranger Things, Ready Player One, Back to the Future, Dune, or ever stayed up late playing your Nintendo, youll fall in love with this piece of nostalgic interactive fiction.

Finn in 1989 - Choice of a Lifeline - Episode One alternatives


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  • rating 4.4

Little Luca

The stars are missing Little Luca needs your help to collect them and restore the night sky. Luca had a dream once - that the stars in the sky suddenly fell. Amazing music with 5 different tracks (+ a hidden bonus track) Compare scores with the Game Center enabled leaderboards Buy now and get free updates with more levels, music and worlds Game Center achievements Credits:Design & Art: Bjrn WissingDesign & Code: Rikard WissingAudio: Staffan NilssonReviews:Little Luca is a charming, innovative and downright beautiful game nay, piece of art that no iOS user should be without.- Karl Burnett, Touch ArcadeLittle Luca review: It may be little, but its a lot of fun.- Marc Kusnierz, Pixelated SausageLittle Luca is a physics puzzler that takes a lot of simple elements and makes a wonderful game with a surprising amount of depth.- Carter Dotson, 148AppsAn innovative new physics-based puzzler that will keep you entertained for hours.- Christine Chan, AppAdviceThis is the perfect example of how simplicity can turn into addictiveness when it is well-implemented.- Emmanuel Lund, AppsZoomThe playful, catchy, and ultimately atmospheric sounds emanating from this title are an absolute standout.- Greg Srisavasdi, Arcade SushiLittle Luca is a game that youre not going to want to miss out on.- Christian Leed, IGM Mobile

  • rating 3.71429
  • size 27.8 MB

FlyGuy by TVM

The Guy Father of indie gaming is now available on iOS. This classic game is not a game, it is an experience. Navigate FlyGuy through the sky in a whimsical daydream that will surprise and delight players of all ages.

  • rating 5.0
  • size 22.8 MB

Journey of 1000 Stars

.~Busy your thumbs, clear your mind,And journey to the West..~Journey of 1000 Stars is essential arcade zen. * The current human record is 99 stars, however testing by artificial intelligence has verified that 1000 stars can be collected reliably by a player of sufficient skill.Journey of 1000 StarsBrought to you by:Farbs (Card Hunter, Captain Forever, ROM CHECK FAIL)Finji (Canabalt, Overland, Hundreds)Music:Big Giant Circles (Threes , Puzzlejuice, Mass Effect 2)Disasterpeace (Fez, Mini Metro, Hyper Light Drifter)Flashygoodness (Beans Quest, Bean Dreams)Art:John Martz (A Cat Named Tim and Other Stories)Heather Penn (Overland)Quotes:I want to know more.- Matt Hall, Hipster Whale (Crossy Road)Super Cloudy Bouncer II 2016 Hyper++ Tournament Edition: This Time Its Personal- Carter Dotson, Touch Arcadeor the bleep-happy rainbow explosion of Cumulo Nimblers, these are games which feel like theyre designed for an audience of one, but which through their sheer force of personality connect with many more people than that.- Paul Calaghan, RealTime ArtsCUMULO NiMBLERS is the sorta game i would like to PLAYTHEPOOOUTTA So cool, so adoptable, so Zen?- eric Hews, person who uses PinterestCumulo-Nimblers is seriously addictive and its theme music will burrow into your brain - Toronto International Film Festival NexusI defy you to play Cumulo Nimblers & not feel the waves of joy emanating from the screen. INSTANT HAPPY.- @chris_tbev

  • rating 4.58333
  • size 30.0 MB


WinKings is 2D platformer game which throws you in fantasy Vikings era. Different and unique worlds, characters, enemies and weapons makes gameplay even engaging. 4 Epic Viking character Up to 10 different weapons Pistols,Riffle, Shotgun, Machine gun, Rocket launcher, Grenade, Flamethrower, Axe, Katana, Longsword, Sword 6 different worlds with 120+ levels Easy, Normal, Hard and Viking game difficulties Epic boss fights

  • rating 4.8
  • size 275 MB