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SamCard Pro-business card scanner&reader&visiting

Supported language: English. [Product Description]Snap a photo of the business card with iPhone camera and all the information (Name, Job Title, Company, Department, Tel. ) Follow us on Twitter: isamcardFollow us on Facebook: isamcardWatch us on Youtube:

  • rating 4.6875
  • size 14.1 MB


Quadro is a smart controller for your MAC and WINDOWS computer, a sort of external Apple Touch Bar. Create touchable shortcuts to accomplish any digital task, launch every application and all of their actions, automate them, perform online researches, manage your communications and much more, just like you have always dreamed of with a single tap (just like with the new TouchBar )Its purpose is to simplify and empower computing tasks, streamline your workflow to help you stay focused and be more productive, while making you feel like a sci-fi spaceship captain - not too shabby, uh?Whether you need turbo for your professional workflow or a smoother, more efficient computing experience, you just found the right tool for the job. Features: Control your favorite apps thanks to 100+ built-in interface presets Connect via Wi-Fi or USB Add or remove functions from your personal interfaces Customise how actions look background (with colors, gradients or custom images) size (7 dimensions) icon (use symbols or artworks, 1600+ included) Create new interfaces from scratch for native and web applications Add multiple screens to a single interface to keep your tasks organized Easily create macro sequences and automate your workflow Type from your device to your computer with Keyboard Glide and select text with the Smart Arrows Launch nested actions in a snap with fluid gestures Immediately recall your most used applications thanks to the Favorites section Automatic connection to known computers Share and install interfaces with a simple link Long-press an action to get information about it Connect multiple devices to a single computer (Star Trek mode) Automatically assign icons to new actions Global gestures for the most common commands (copy, paste, undo, redo and more) Custom-designed UI sounds Energy saving mode Auto-recall of interfaces for software in focus Compose your actions choosing among 10 action categories Application (invoke menu actions (OsX only), launch shortcuts, launch iOs actions) Contacts (send messages, emails, calls) Text (create snippets, modify strings) Files (work with files) Media (control audio/video playback) Web (launch pages or perform searches) System (sleep mode, display luminosity, empty trash) Windows (move application windows around) Flow control ScriptingAdditional details: Secure 256bit aes encryption Available on iOs 8 and latter Compatible with both Mac & Windows PCs Back-up of user generated contents

  • size 168 MB

MeisterTask (Task Management)

Named one of the best apps of 2015 by the AppStore, MeisterTask is a beautiful and intuitive task manager for teams. Access tasks from your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, or work directly in your web browser. )- Automate your workflow with Section Actions- Activity stream in projects and tasks- Commenting and liking on tasks- Upload attachments directly from Dropbox, Camera, Photo Library or iCloud- Add checklists, descriptions, due dates and tags to your tasks- Watch tasks to follow your team members progress- Time tracking with editable time slips

  • rating 4.63999
  • size 135 MB


The Next Web 25 + Timepage Timepage ZDNetMoleskine Timepage AppAdvice Timepage GizmodoTIMEPAGE Timepage Timepage TIMEPAGE Moleskine Apple Watch Complication Glance Timepage Uber Timepage 2 6 iOS iPhone Monks George Timepage iPhone iCloudGoogle CalendarOutlookExchangeFacebookYahoo CalDAV iPad iPhone Spotlight 24 Timepage Moleskine > > Timepage Timepage Timepage TimepageGPS

  • rating 4.38806

Level Free

App for measuring the slope of a surface. Features:- calibration function- mode for measuring of surface slope in 2 directions- display of measured slope in both degree and percentage- hold functionPlease note you have to calibrate the tool first for reliable results.

  • rating 2.07407

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Document Manager ( Download, View, Share Files and Attachments )

SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE FOR TODAY $1.99Document Manager is all-in-one document management solution for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can download documents from anywhere, store all your documents at one place and share or print documents easily and hassle-free. * Access Dropbox, GoogleDocs And Other StoragesDocument Manager allows you to download and upload files from Dropbox, GoogleDocs and other services.

  • size 6.8 MB
  • version 1.4

ShareNow by Keyfree

ShareNow is an easy to use app that allows car owners to share digital keys with other drivers, eliminating the need for an in-person handoff. Popular in traditional and p2p car rental, ShareNow facilitates a seamless and hassle-free rental experience between owner and renter. Contact us at [email protected]

  • size 16.7 MB
  • version

Nima - Magical Twitter Threads

The best app for creating seamless Twitter threads Nima is for the power user who enjoys telling their story without limitations. Whether its an experience you had or an opinion you wanted to share with your audience, creating a Twitter thread has never been easier. Simply input your text in one place and Nima will automatically convert it into multiple threaded tweets

  • size 37.1 MB
  • version 1.4


Save time spent on meetings, foster open communication and boost collaboration. Chanty helps small teams become more productive by featuring instant messages with an unlimited searchable history, robust file sharing and bringing all your notifications into a single place. Your reasons to start using Chanty:- Unlimited message history- Unlimited conversations (Public and Private)- Unlimited One-to-one conversations- Instant search for locating messages, files and other content- Seamless file sharing- Powerful notifications- 24/7 User support- Cute emojisFeel free to follow us on Twitter @Chanty.

  • size 11.9 MB
  • version 0.0.7


ONE APP TO KEEP THEM ALLKeep all your documents in one place and share them from within the app. Whats more interesting ? WE COULD CUSTOMIZE THE APP FOR YOUR NEEDS.

  • size 11.1 MB
  • version 3.4

Blabbr Messenger

Blabbr is a simple way to connect and chat with friends. Its an easy and seamless signup with a friendly interface for users. With an easy search feature, there is no hassle to search and chat with old and new friends- Upload pics in conversations to share moments with friends.- Signup in less than a minute for freeStart chatting now on Blabbr


5th Kind is an asset management platform that allows you to securely share, review, approve, distribute and archive any type of digital file. The Apple TV app allows you to securely stream your most sensitive images, videos and documents with a seamless user experience. For more information contact: [email protected]

  • size 16.0 MB
  • version 1.4

Dell EMC Forum India 2017

Dell EMC Forum India 2017 App is all about enhancing the event with a mobile platform that amplifies audience engagement and improves overall event experience. The Event App provides a single interface for attendees to learn, connect, interact, network and share giving a complete control over the event experience, while creating a rich conduit for information that helps you optimize events. Avoid registration queues and enjoy seamless check-in through the app share your activities and pictures on the activity stream Share your feedback in a hassle-free and paper less manner

  • size 24.2 MB
  • version 2.0

Contap App

NETWORKERS, YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, FREELANCERS- THIS IS YOUR APP EASIEST WAY TO SWAP SOCIALS & CONTACT INFO ALL YOUR DIGITAL RELATIONSHIPS IN ONE PLACE CONNECT IN PERSON- CUSTOMIZE WHAT YOU SHARE Contap gives you the power to choose which social media platforms and contact information (cell, email, websites, and documents via Dropbox) you share with your friends, then view it all in one convenient place. If you use, simply tap the icon while sharing, and whatevers shared with you will automatically be used to create a new account for you - No more data entry Full integration with your, easily send your new Contaps to your CRM with just the tap of a button.- Share your Contap information with someone even if they dont have the app with our One-Way Share - Full integration with your Dropbox, makes for easy document sharing of resumes, contracts, product lists, etc - Take Quick-Notes on Contaps through their profile, never forget an important detail again - Quickly View or take action on your favorite Social Media Platforms (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, WhatsApp).- Quickly Switch between your social platforms with the new Quick-Switch Feature - Group Share feature allows you to pre-select socials and Contap information to share with people. Invite your friends to Contap too for the easiest viewing and sharing experience - We also clean up duplicate contact entries and merge them into one contact for you With so many ways to connect and share with friends, colleagues, and people around town, were convinced youll love your Contap experience Download today

  • size 40.8 MB
  • version 1.2.3

Office Suite - Documents, Spreadsheets, PDF and File Management

A Complete Productivity Suite Designed for iPhone and iPadFive popular apps in a single suite:DOCUMENT WRITER : Create & Edit Rich Text Documents, Spreadsheets, Hand-written documents and DrawingsSCANNER : Turn your iPhone or iPad into a portable document scanner. Convert Office documents to PDFPDF SIGN & SEND : Allows you to sign your documents on your iPhone or iPad and share it with anyone through email or fax. DOCUMENT MANAGER : Allows you to manage your files and documents on your iPhone or iPad easily and hassle-free.

  • size 67.2 MB