Fax App is a app which turns your device into a professional fax machineyou can send fax quickly with your iphone or iPodJust pick document or write any text or captured image and send with one clickCover page is free Features Rich Text Editor iCloud Document Drive Supported Multiple Cloud Drive Download Fast, simple and easy Simple User Interface View your sent fax Lock app with passcode Scan documents with mobile camera, add text and send to any fax machine Fax Status with detail Supported cloud drive GDrive Dropbox OneDrive Webdav FTP Mydisk SugarsyncNote : To Send Fax You Must Purchase credits. Cover Page Is Free 1 Credit is required to send 1 Page fax

Fax App : Quick Create and Send Fax From Iphone alternatives

JotNot Fax from iPhone

JotNot Fax makes it easy, convenient, and cheap to send faxes. Save time and money with JotNot by skipping the fax store. If you have any issues or suggestions please email us at [email protected] (you can even do it from within the app) and we will get back to you shortly.

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Fax Plus- Send fax from iPhone or iPad

Fax Plus turns your iPhone or iPad into a fax machine for documents, photos, receipts and other files. With Fax Plus, you can fax them anywhere. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please email us at:[email protected]

  • size 19.8 MB

FAX.PLUS - Receive & Send Fax

With FAX.PLUS, send and receive faxes easily and quickly on your smartphone Drop your fax machine and access your faxes anywhere, anytime and from any device (computer, smartphone and tablet). Just download our free application or use our website at https://www.fax.plus to start sending and receiving faxes. Our customer support team will be pleased to help you

  • size 44.1 MB

Quick Fax - send fax from iPhone

Its important to fax, use Quick Fax Quick Fax is an all new fax app for all kinds of iOS users. No high drive fixing, no super installation, and no extensive forms Just select the document and select the number you want to fax it to and Ta-Da its done. Quick Fax Web:- You can login to Quick Fax Web and send fax from your computer.- You need to use Quick Fax iPhone app to login to web.- Open http://qfweb.livebirdapps.com on your computer browser.- To login: Open QuickFax App: Go to Side Menu -> QuickFax Web -> Scan CodeIf you have any problem or suggestions please send a mail to [email protected]

  • size 42.2 MB

FAX from iPhone - Easy Fax App

First fax is always Free Download Easy Fax and turn your iPhone or iPad into full-featured and powerful fax machine in a second. Save time and money with Easy Fax by skipping old school fax machine or fax office. These terms can be found from the app settings menu

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  • size 18.2 MB