No need to drive for hours to the countryside or trek through muddy pastures to experience the sounds of the farm - with this app you can gain access to high quality farm animal sounds at your fingertips Life on the farm comes with a wild symphony of unique noises The soundtrack begins at sunrise with the loud, predictable cock-a-doodle-do of the rooster. You can bet no one needs an alarm clock living on the farm Shortly after the rooster, the cows begin mooing, a sure sign that they are ready to be milked As the sun warms the country air, the chickens cluck softly, searching the grass for corn and seeds to eat. Out in the pasture, horses neigh as they trot around the field and a flock of sheep call out in harmony: baaa Even the cattle dogs and barn cats add their barks and meows to the joyous cacophony Kids and babies will love the fun and strange animal noises found on the farm Watch their delight as they discover the unique hee-haw sound of a donkey or the deep moo of the cow Enjoy amazing farm sounds today

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Cat Sounds & Tail Talk

Your cat will love this app Drive your kitty wild with sounds that cats love like meows, birds, mouse, chipmunk, insects and more Ever wonder what your cat is trying to tell you? Hear what different cat meowing sounds mean and learn what your cat is telling you with its tail Also see how the domestic cat meow stacks up with big cat ROARS Download the best cat soundboard game app now Cat noises and sound effects include:Cat Calls and Meows- angry- fearful- kitten- purring- trillingBig Cat Roars- bobcat- cougar- leopard- lion- snow leopard- tigerSounds Cats Love - birds- chicken- chipmunk- cricket- fly- mouseAlso includes a cat translator that provides the meanings of different tail positions. Meow Purr.

  • size 43.4 MB

Farm Sounds For Kids

Animal sounds - Images, Noises

This app for children allows them to discover more than 200 animal sounds and photos Easy to use, especially designed for toddlers and kids, this amazing game keeps children amuse at home or can save your life in the car or the waiting room To play with family, babysitter, grandpa and grandma, at preschool or at bedtime. Dont wait any longer, come up and listen a rhino, a seal or a donkey, and dont miss the famous cow MOOOOOOOO. Kids/

  • size 106 MB

Old MacDonald Had a Farm Sing and Play

Come and play with Old MacDonald and his fabulous animals brought to life with stunning 3D animation WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYINGTickle a pig. Command a duck pond submarine. KEY FEATURES Each animal offers 10 interactive spots for kids to discover Gold stars for finding interactive spots Sneak peak of each animals environment Parental control on purchasing No in-app advertising Customised for ages 5 and under Controls for levels of music and sound effects in the game Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touchMinimum Requirements: iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4th Generation, iPad 2, iOS 7GET OLD MACDONALD SING & PLAY FREE NOW

  • size 149 MB

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