What our users says about us:The best selfie editor on the App Store Danielle, five star reviewerI used to feel so gross about how the phone camera made me look. But with Face Perfect my skin and teeth looks perfect, my face looks slimmer and my eyes and mouth bigger. I LOVE THIS APP JoinKaren, five star reviewerThis app has NO ADS Some of our Features:PERFECT SMILES Widen or refine your smile Whiten and brighten your teethBEAUTIFUL SKIN Smooth and rejuvenate your skin Remove temporary imperfections like pimples and blemishesPENETRATING EYES Emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze RESHAPE FACIAL STRUCTURE Refine jaw lines Refine the width of your face Heighten cheek bones and eye brows Reshape your nosePHOTO ENHANCEMENTS Focus the photo on you, by defocusing or blurring the background just like professional camerasPlease write to us at [email protected] We love you and want to make sure youre doing OK :)

Face Perfect - tune and edit, set your selfie free alternatives

MIKU - Photo editing by professionals

MIKU is a photo retouching application like no other. With MIKU you ask for whatever you want, anything A REAL HUMAN will do the job for you in less than 2 hours (actually the average response time is 30 minutes) Just download MIKU today and try it for free. Hear what our customers have to say:Miku was a life changer for me, my photos have never looked so goodI dont have to mess around trying to make all these changes myself, and the results are so much better than anything I could have doneJust great

Face Edit - Selfie Editor, Retouch, & Tune

Face Edit provides powerful image retouching tools with a simple to use interface. Remove blemishes, enhance skin, whiten teeth, and more. BLEMISH Perfectly heal blemishes & imperfections SMOOTH Improve skin appearance Enhance texture & reduce shine WHITEN Whiten teeth Enhance your smile POP Improve eye appearance Add contrast and detail to face

Face Retouch - Free Photo Portrait Retouching

Have your portraits retouched in seconds Let Face Retouch do its magic and remove the imperfections in your portraits. Download now, its free with no in-app purchases - FEATURES -Easy to use This app does most of the magic automatically. Quickly preview the retouched and original photos to observe the quality of the retouching process.- SUPPORT -Were always interested in your feedback Send us an email at [email protected] and get in touch.

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Depth Effect: Portrait Mode Photo Blur Editor

Create professional looking portraits with any iPhone. Simple, powerful depth of field editing. Download Depth Effect today

  • rating 4.18841
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Portrait: Depth Mode Effect Photo Editor

Create depth effect photos with Portrait. Quick and easy to use. Share your portraits on Instagram.

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